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Monday, September 13, 2010

Bosco suspended; CNDP to be relocated?

This just in:

Apparently, Presidents Kagame and Kabila also discussed the fate of General Bosco Ntaganda during their meetings. They decided to suspend him as the deputy commander of Amani Leo operations and informed him last week about their decision. They also recommended for the two wings of CNDP (pro-Bosco and pro-Nkunda) to reconcile their difference. The two wings then apparently met in Goma and suggested that Bosco seek asylum as there was little they could do for him.

Also controversially, the presidents discussed the redeployment of CNDP forces outside of the province, a matter that has always been fiercely resisted by the CNDP. They are afraid for their safety and that, once outside of the province, they will lose their military importance and clout. Bas-Congo was reportedly mentioned as a redeployment location.

These decisions, if implemented, would be extremely significant.


Eli Groener said...

Hello Jason,

I'm currently researching the CNDP for a graduate school seminar. I'm specifically looking for information on the group's structure, financing, training/recruitment and ideology and goals. Do you have any advice of where I should start my research?


Unknown said...

I Eli,
I strongly advice to request a visit to General Nkunda for this or go on field where you can talk to officers and some politicians (these in shadows), and not the current puppets who claims to be CNDP leaders. You will be also mislead by Mr Jason for some sensitive topics like ideology and goals.
Thank you.

Michee said...

Nkunda's supporters dont mind about violations that their leader had commited in Congo. When that will come to you, we know Rwandan history; it's everytime the same ! You will understand that congolese and other victims of a "mental disturbance" understood and all the stress they knew at that moment !


kasuku said...

There are a few basic fact about the CNDP.
When Rwanda (+ Burundi and Uganda) invaded ZAÏre in 1996, they created the AFDL to pretend there was no foreign invasion. After Rwanda took Kinshasa in 1997, with the help of the US, it was officialy Kabila who became president. In 1998, when Kabila pretended to rule, Rwanda created the RCD, in Goma, to once again hide this new invasion. Since the official end of the war, the RCD is integrated in the politrical scene, and Rwanda had to create a new movement to hide is illegal economic and military presence in North Kivu. It is the CNDP. Finance, structured, armed, from Kigali.Their aim is to consolidate the power of Kigali in "le Grand Nord" (North Kivu). The ideologie of the current regime in Kigali beeing that North Kivu is "le grand Nord " ofr Rwanda and is part of Rwanda.

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