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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some mining news

Just a mention:
  • There are now some news reports that the export ban of minerals will be lifted by October 15;
  • Eleven African countries have now adopted the certification system of minerals proposed by the International Conference for the Great Lakes - they are supposed to implement the system within the next year. This is good news, although the system relies on each country carrying out the certification themselves - in the Congo, this will be the ministry of mines and ITRI, a tin industry body. They have several pilot projects just starting up, but they are relatively few and to my knowledge just indicate the origin of the minerals, not whether military are present in the mine or along the trade routes.
  • The OECG conference on drafting guidelines for companies involved in the Congo minerals trade just finished in Nairobi. Let's see what they came up with.


Unknown said...

freezing the mining in congo could be a key fact on government taking control of rebel occupied territories.this will not affect community security,health, education or economy. i know DRC and it complex siasa after working there for a number of years

Unknown said...

Hi Jason,
I just read your comment to AP on the arrest of Lt. Col.Mayele, who led the mass rapes in walikale:

"But Jason Stearns, former analyst for the International Crisis Group and an expert on Congo, said "a sea-change of behavior" will happen only when commanders take responsibility for the behavior of their soldiers.He said several commanders whose men committed the rapes in Walikale have close ties to officers in the Congolese military and that such alliances allow perpetrators to continue operating. "

Do you think it is a little strange? what is the main factor behind the hand over?


Unknown said...

OECG should read OECD

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