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Lokuta eyaka na ascenseur, kasi vérité eyei na escalier mpe ekomi. Lies come up in the elevator; the truth takes the stairs but gets here eventually. - Koffi Olomide

Ésthetique eboma vélo. Aesthetics will kill a bicycle. - Felix Wazekwa

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kash on the Congo

Kash Thembo is hands down the best Congolese caricaturist. He has just released a new book, which you can order here:

The book has texts by Pascal Kambale, a veteran Congolese human rights activist and co-founder of AZADHO, and an introduction by Professor Yoka Lye, a prominent Congolese satirist.

To whet your appetite, here are a few recent Kash drawings.


Anonymous said...

The front and back covers of Kash's new book at

I think this book is going to go even faster than his "Congo, Vingt ans de caricatures".

Rich said...

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich, thanks for the link...looks like a lot of the drawings were taken from the BD section of Cedric Kalonji's Congoblog...I miss that blog.

Jason, I sent an order for the book to the email you suggested. Here's the reply I received:

« 20ans de Razzia, Déluge et Chaos», le nouvel album Kash qui est un recueil de 20ans de transition congolaise en dessin de presse sera disponible dé le 15 février 2011. Il sera disponible sur Amazon, prime minister et dans d’autres points de vente. Désolé pour le désagrément.

Jason Stearns said...

Thanks for the info.

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