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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This is how trouble starts: Alleged killings spark anger

I was visiting an ex-CNDP senior officer this evening when he received news that four Tutsi ex-CNDP soldiers, include a major and a captain, had been tortured and summarily executed in Burhinyi, South Kivu. A group of friends had already gathered in his house and were bemoaning the deaths, exchanging stories they had already received, via text message and phone calls, of how they had been tortured before they were executed. Some relatives of the victims who were there said they hadn't even been able to get the bodies.

The details are still murky, and we should be careful to reserve judgment. The South Kivu command has reportedly confirmed that four soldiers were killed yesterday. The commander of the regiment that arrested them says that they were shot when they tried to escape, after they had been arrested for desertion; the news the ex-CNDP officer was receiving obviously contradicted this - he said they had been arrested in civilian clothes, with signed authorizations for leave, then tortured, killed and thrown in a mass grave.

The officer I was visiting called a fellow ex-CNDP colonel, telling him in Kinyarwanda that he too would defect if the Congolese army didn't react and bring these "beasts" to justice. "Should we just wait here until they kill all of us?" He asked. Others in the room were already saying that the bodyguards of another ex-CNDP officer who had defected were already being targeted - "they are next." The ex-CNDP colonel tried to convince him that this was exactly how the M23 wanted him to react, but my host, who had spent much of the evening criticizing Bosco Ntaganda, didn't buy it. He said he would wait to see the government's reaction, but didn't have much hope.

Throughout the CNDP history, it has been incidents like this that snowball into outright violence.


Anonymous said...

when will this stop? Africans killing fellow Africans!

congo man said...

Most ex-CNDP are Rwandan soldiers ,they all needs to be kicked out of that Country. There is no one in the RPF speaking CHILUBA,KIKONGO ,SWAHILI or LINGALA and if those people can't even communicate in one of the four major Languages spoken in Congo .then they'r not Congolese but RWANDAN who infiltrated the FARDC .CNDP,RCD,and now M23 are just names that Rwandan soldiers and war criminals uses inside the DRC.

Unknown said...

This is outrageous.How do you expect these young soldiers to accept any movement out of their native regions where they can at least defend themselves? General Patrick Masunzu showed until now unwavering allegiance to President Kabila. Masunzu convinced many Tutsi officers not to join M23. Is this the price to be paid?
For those who think that Congolese Tutsis have no right to live within DR Congo borders, then let them leave. Together with their LAND.

congo man said...

Yes general MASUNZU stoped KAGAME from exploiting his NYAMULENGE peoples for his evil campaign against the Congolese people. We all remember how all war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Rwandan soldiers in 1996 and 1998 during their first and second invasion of CONGO where blamed on the NYAMULENGES .now PAUL KAGAME is again treating his third invasion of Eastern DRC as a mutiny by some 300 angry officers and he is now trying to use the NYABWISHA and other Kinyarwanda speaking refugees from Ruchuru a scapegoat .It's time for leaders from this communities to also follow the example of Gen.MASUNZU and to also stand up to PAUL KAGAME and his invading war criminals (M23)who are rapping their daughters,abducting their sons,displacing their families ...

Unknown said...

Before we get the whole truth, let’s just say that these officers were trying to defect to their criminal friends of M23, and thus join in the ongoing ethnic cleansing of all Congolese who are not Tutsis in Rutshuru, through massive killings and rapes (As revealed one more time by the last HRW report). If so then the FARDC might have luckily prevented more atrocities against innocent Congolese.

@ Congoman
You are so right. When there is trouble in Bas-Congo, Katanga or Equateur “dignitaries” from these communities denounce anyone behind it and stand by the Republic. Check how so many Kasai-Lubas have denounced Col. Tshibangu or even Lumbala. In Ituri, Community members and Parliamentarians have just denounced and called on all militias including Cobra to lay down their weapons.

But why are the Tutsi community in Congo “silent” about this 15 year-old destabilization of Congo by Kagame? What real dividends have they (ordinary Congolese Tutsis not the elite) earned from this? Are not ordinary Tutsis also displaced and dying from the deeds of their Kagame militias (RCD-CNDP-M23)? Are not their relatives languishing in refugee camps in Rwanda with no assistance from their cousins? Is this silence complicit?

Maybe it is time for Congolese to be “real”, stop all “niceties” and cut our losses.

Unknown said...

To you who use xxx Congo xxx pseudo names, do you think this makes you more Congolese than the summarily executed 4 soldiers?
And why the heck do you like to confuse anyone by bringing in Kagame, Rwanda and all those usual childish and tiresome rhetoric? If the government in Kinshasa does nothing and quickly to address that situation, then no one else should be blamed for the consequences.

Anonymous said...

so, the 50 Tutsi ex-CNDP killed, after being deplyed away from the east, integration deal gone bad, a mutiny ensued. now instead of uniting to fight M23 and defeat them, they are killing tutsi soldiers amongst them...and people are still questioning why M23 was formed? this is how M23 came about, and do you expect tutsi soldiers who stuck with FRADC to stay loyal?

blaise said...

It have been a while since we heard from our man in Goma, Churuchuru(sorry if I butchered the name) or our eloquent storyteller from Bukavu(Minova's story).Maybe those on the ground can tell us what they feel about the whole story.
Since I'm not near my poor compatriots,I will have to give my assertion based on scarce information "THAT WAS STUPID and RECKLESS".
- In a military vantage point: you bring more suspicion in a already divided army.You potentially open another front.
-In a political vantage point : you are giving ammmo to your enemies to confirm their narrative hence gather more supports.
-In a human point of view : you present yourself as a monster who doesn't respect human life.
It's sad to see that people are hatching up rhetoric without the means to back it up.If one truly believe that we should keep this course of action, the person should leave the comfort of his/her house abroad and go stand for his/her cause. That what young somalis,born and raised in the USA did. They went and fight for Al Shabab. So let's not just talk the talk but walk the walk too if we believe all those stupidities.
As true it's wrong for the M23 to assassinate,mutilate and forcefully recruit ppl, or for the government of Rwanda and Uganda to give their supports to those negatives forces, it should be also wrong for our government not to tackle any acts that may jeopardize the fragile stability in South Kivu.
That's really insane to applaud such madness.
The only way we will win peace in the Country is by having right and justice on our side.

Unknown said...

Amazing!!! We never read the same “outrage” when non-Tutsi Congolese civilians are ethnically cleansed by M23 and co. in the Kivus DAILY. Instead we will be subjected to the tired platitudes of “DRC government blah blah blah”. You said nothing about the last HRW report. Oh sorry, I know what you would say: lies.

My statement is conditional: “Before we get the whole truth…”. So if it turns out that the officers were assassinated in cold blood, it would be just as reprehensible. We equally want to see a “universal moral stand” by all, not just when your kin are involved. If anything, FOR ONCE PEOPLE FEEL THE PAIN THAT OTHER CONGOLESE FEEL.

Besides, pardon me if I forget the names, few months back, 3 or 4 CongoleseTutsi officers were murdered by fellow Tutsis because they refused to join M23 and stood with the Congolese Nation: why was there no outrage, or they betrayed the cause? In Ituri, a general was neutralized for fomenting another destabilization, no outrage!

Now, how much more should Congo do to convince Congolese Tutsis that this self-flagellation has gone for too long. We should all oppose the enemies of Congo and rather build our nation? The top policeman in Congo is Tutsi. The top moneyman (fisc: DGRAD) is Tutsi. JK is now accused of “treason” and has mortgaged his legitimacy before Congolese people for reassuring Congolese Tutsis by all means.

As for the rest, it won’t be responded to. It is rather personal.

Bismark said...

@ Blaise

As usual, you hit the nail on its head. As far as I am concerned, the end of mediocrity and incompetence at the highest level of the DRC government is the only way forward for the DRC.

@ Muanacongo

You have asked a serious question about the silence of the Tutsi community vis a vis the
tragedy in the East. Why is the Tutsi community not standing up for the DRC and being vocal about it if the DRC is their country too, after all, it is their cousins next door in complicity the incompetent and bumbling JK leadership who are responsible for the tragedy in the East.


blaise said...

thx,sometimes I wonder if ppl have a short memory or can't do the math:applying same formulas produce same results,no magic involve,cold reality.

congo man said...

@Giza Roberto
This is do you expect these young soldiers to accept any movement out of their native region where they can at least defend themselves?
-80% of soldiers who integrated the FRDC from the CNDP including BOSCO NTAGANDA are native RWANDESE(Rwandan soldiers)disguised as Congolese tutsis.

All natives Congolese from EASTERN CONGO (KIVU,KATANGA,MANIEMA,...)speak fluent SWAHILI regardless of their ethnicity.all KiVu born Rwandophones speaks fluent Swahili. But most soldiers who integrated the FARDC as former CNDP only spoke KINYARWANDA and many couldn't understand Swahili like 98% of their fellow RWANDESE .and this is the reason why they Insist to be deployed close to the RWANDAN boarders and they object to any deployment away from this region .
-The other Reason is that they continue to receive their salaries from the RWANDA ARMY even after integrating the FARDC ,and all their families are in Rwanda but not in the KIVUs.
-in any Army including the FPR ,if any soldier refuses to obey orders from his commander ,he shall be prosecuted.this shall also be the case with the Congolese army.
-the Rwandophones are les than 1% of the KIVUs population yet they represent 80% of KiVus in the central government .this is unacceptable and it has to end no mater what .
-Reform of the FARDC shall start with the removal of all the so Called Former CNDP ....and the army shall Embarq on a massive nationwide recruitment .all Congolese soldiers shall accept deployment from and to any region of the Country regardless of their ethnicity.

tresor said...

@ Congo man, I agree with you , the first step will be to identify who is a real congolese tutsi and who is not. indeed the are many Rwandans mascarrading as congolese and this is one of the major challenges as far as security is concern

Redecórate con Lola Godoy said...

WOW, me gusta mucho tu blog.

Rich said...

congo man -

Well said. What about having a quota on top of merit, competency and criminal record/reference check before joining the army and more importantly before being nominated to higher grades or functions within the army.

There are far too many Colonels and Majors coming from one specific "ethnic group" within the FARDC. That is unacceptable and must end.


Unknown said...

The problem is people just throw around slogans and self-evident phrases. But when confronted with “facts”, they run for the hills or resort to insults.

Here are the facts:

(1)About the excuses by CNDP-M23 to not be redeployed elsewhere. As we speak, ex-RCD and Banyemulenge are in the police and army in other provinces. Has top cop Bisengimana ever been disobeyed? More important: in April or so, +- 1000 ex-CNDP soldiers were redeployed to Kasai-Occ. Have they been killed yet or even discriminated against? Tutsis are safer anywhere in Congo, don’t project the Kagame-Rwanda’s worldview of “hatred” on Congo.

(2)People talk of “Army Reform” in the abstract. What it means in practice also, is first the end of impunity (You try to spy for or defect to the enemy, you are “dealt with”). Second, it also means building a really national army that transcends tribes and where no tribe is preponderant. You can’t have a community that is -1% of the Congolese population who want to be +10% of the army. Much like in Kagame’s Rwanda where Hutus are sub-humans.

Unknown said...

Ok; well noted.
In essence what you guys are saying is that you commend these killings because" There are far too many Colonels and Majors coming from one specific "ethnic group" ----So the killings are not just an isolated incident.
Just make sure you take all responsibilities at your own shoulders, and blame no one else when the same soldiers decide to exercise their universal right to self defense.
As an African and a humanist they have my moral support.

Is this correct: UN-SG meeting a delegation of M23 political wing this month? Or this is just a government propaganda in anticipation of what is the obvious way forward(political negotiations).

Unknown said...

To put some perspective in the debate, from information I received, This group of four including a Major has deserted and was trying to reach M23 line wearing plain clothes.

They were spotted and stopped at a check point, where the major fired his hand gun trying to escape. The soldiers at the check point returned fire and Killed the group.

So this is far from the story of torture and co.

My personal opinion in all of this, is that this madness has been happening for too long. I read the HRW report and one line struck me, it was from one member of the tutsi community who was resisting from Rwanda call of sedition, he said that they have the impression that Rwanda is putting a knife under their throat.

In this stupid war that has turned into a butchery there is no winner. And at the end of the day everyone : Tutsi, hutu, congolese are obliged to endure pain because of the utter madness of Kagame and his Tutsi supremacist group.

While Rwanda secret service agent operating under different names and pseudo are pumping propaganda on forum and twitters for making their cause look bright, there are million dying, scattered in the bush with broken lives because of them.

Kagame the hitler of the great lakes has to be stopped. A verity and reconciliation comittee has to be set up so that we go through all this madness for acknowledging our deaths from all sides and start mourning and work for durable peace.

THe hatred cycle has to be broken and impunity is not tolerable any more

blaise said...

@ Toko,
At least that approach makes more sense. It doesn't cost anything to be transparent about those kind of things. At the end of day, the government is making us believe one thing while doing another. People should not be like used condoms : been disposed after usage.It's time to stop those games and work toward winning the peace.

Rich said...

gisa rebero -

Ref # "In essence what you guys are saying is that you commend these killings because" There are far too many Colonels and Majors coming from one specific "ethnic group" ----So the killings are not just an isolated incident..."

Just to add that as long as we are dealing with your skewed view of the situation in the DRC, I'm more than happy to be indicted by You Sir/Madame.

How about that?


Eole said...

The killings of these soldiers should be condemned in the strongest words. A detailed account of the story should be made available and those who killed them should be prosecuted and justice done.
Nevertheless, this should be done not only for these tutsi soldiers but for all our brave congolese soldiers who have died in similar conditions.
People forget that CNDP and M23 kill and rape on the daily basis.
We should also remember that CNDP, M23 and Rwanda are deliberately providing creating new proxy militia for killing congolese officers and civilians.
I would have loved to hear the same uproar when Colonels Chuma Balumisa and Pili-Pili were recently murdered in Walikale by a pro-M23 militia led by Cheka.
It makes me laugh when I hear that tutsi soldiers are murdered when out of Kivu. Who is High Commander in Occidental Kasai? General Obeid. Who isthe most influential general in Kinshasa? Kijege. And the most powerful policeman? General Bisengimana. Have you noticed that both were tutsi?
In conclusion, the death of a handful of tutsi soldiers should not overshadow the whole tragedy Rwanda, M23 and CNDP has put Congo in, with the steady help of President Kabila's leadership or lack thereof.

Unknown said...

fighting unrelenting is so much easier than to stop and accept that one has been wrong and face its own image in the mirror....

All this madness is becoming more and more senseless to me ....

In the other hand you have to be two to make peace....

Unknown said...

At least Jason agrees that troubles in the Kivus are caused by simple allegations not facts necessarilly. Do you also agree that GoE and HRW allegations can cause trouble in Kivus? Or you presume that any allegation coming from GoE and NGOs have to be taken as facts and any allegation from someone else other than NGOs and GoE cannot be facts?

Unknown said...

I am profoundly dumb struck by the fact that Jason Stearns would usher in this controversial piece about the suffering of the Ex CNDP senior officers and junior officers something that any blogger here is bound to despise and certainly disappoint HRW’s Anneke van Woudenberg.

This piece coming at a time when Jason’s long-time Jason's pal Steven Hege is in boiling waters due to his biased report and the very likely hood that he might end up like other GoE heads Matt Bryden who headed an unprofessional, incompetent report on Eritrea and is no longer on the GoE committee and Nor is the UN's "expert" in Ertirea finances, Ghassan Schibley of the United States. They were sacked by the way.
Things in this area of the world keep moving at a fast and who you thought was on your
Side is now telling a different point of view as never heard before.

For some reason the bloggers main answer to the prevailing catastrophe in their country is who’s Congolese and who isn’t? a valid question in my opinion had it not been for the fact that the Congo is a perfect picture of a failed state after Somalia.

In the 50’s and 60’s Rwanda took away the nationality of some of its citizens, but that was to be re-instated in a bloody way.
In Burundi, a few were privileged and once again peace came at a cost long decades of ethnic politics and inequlaity.
In South Africa, they thought they could forever deny the blacks their rights but things changed eventually, bloodily then with pressure and embargo.
In Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Sudan etc all these countries realised at some point that their minority or majority where to be recognised and as such the aim was achieved by way of force or negotiations.
Bloggers are kidding themselves if they think that the world is queuing up to take up Congolese nationality. There is currently no pride in being Congolese unless you’re Congolese.

Accept your kin and kith, your sisters and brethren and listen to their plight or simply continue to be the butt of jokes of Africa. Or put a label on them and blame everyone else.

I can't think of a country that has ever got out it's problems by the 2 above means employed by 80% of the bloggers on this site.

Congo will be the first and I watch with utmost interest, I wish you all the best luck.

congo man said...

The so Called CNDP are war criminals and invaders who have committed all kinds of war crimes and crimes against humanity inside the KIVU. during their occupation of BUKAVU,thousands of peoples where executed,thousands of women where raped and they committed all kinds of terror despicable and barbaric crimes against the congolese peoples until they where driven out .RWANDA's invasion and occupation of Eastern Congo under pretext like RCD,CNDP ,M23...have resulted in the death of over 5 millions Congolese peoples,the x CNDP who have defective the Congolese army and form the so Called M23 are now engaging in massive rapes,mutilations ,abductions of Children and all kinds of barbaric crimes against civilians .I applaud the brave Congolese soldiers who have arrested and stopped this 4 terrorists from joining their fellow terrorists (m23) because stopping this 4 terrorists have not only saved the lives of maybe thousands ,but it has also demonstrated that impunity will no longer be tolerated.

@mwana Congo
I strongly agree with you,we are at war and any one who tries to spy for the enemy or defect to the enemy side shall be dealt with .
2 years ago I visited PANZI hospital and i so the horrible damages that groups like the CNDP have done to their victims.and 3days later a friend that I met in DUBAI ,his girl friend and her 2 kids where executited on a CNDP check point and their new Toyota land cruiser stolen by this same group. Maybe some of our brothers who have never set a foot in this region ,shall take a trip to that part of our Country and see for themselves the damage that KAGAME and his terrorists have caused to the Congolese peoples before they start showing sympathy to this terrorists.I don't see what is outrageous or senseless with killing a terrorist who is cached wile attempting to join his fellow terrorists
I am not going to waste my time debating or analyzing the death of 4 terrorists whose terrorist groups(CNDP,M23) have killed millions of peoples.all I know is that PAUL KAGAME and his terrorists have to be stopped no matter the cost.we have lost over 5 millions peoples,and billions of dollars have been plundered out of our country by KAGAME under the guise of RCD,CNDP and now M23.

blaise said...

@ Congoman,
If you were in Panzi 2 years ago, that means whoever killed your friends was a Fardc,right?(integration 2009)
The problem is less about those individuals who were killed than the consequences this act will have on ex-cndp inside the Fardc.
You have to realize that what you hope the government will do at what the government will actually do is two different things.
This all situation was poorly managed from start.The key word in "an unit of the armed forces" is "unit".You cannot fight an enemy with people you mistrust.But the Fardc are just doing that.Beside,don't forget that some elements of the republican guards are not only trigger happy but has a beef toward any one they perceive as a threat.
Whatever options the government will decide to take,it has to be done in a proper and logicalway. I just see two outcomes:
- If the GoDRC chose war,it has to take concrete steps to have everybody on the same page: state clearly the status of the ex cndp and their kin and kith,facilitate unity among Congolese,organize resistance, put more boots on the ground and occupy all the territories left to mai mai,coordinate advance of troops from beni,kindu and goma until there is no space to run,organize the war effort so everybody is contributing(open road in forest,organize defensive positions,etc),Pay and feed soldiers. I hope u got the idea.
- If it chose negotiation,make clear that authors of crimes had to be prosecute,establish objective criteria for promotion in the army,create alternative carrier than military,define a clear plan of action and stick with it, and whatever else that will be for everybody interest.
Our biggest problem is that the government is flip flopping.
I believe it will be better for us to discuss what we can do to help instead of wasting time on wishful thinking.

Unknown said...

Pumping more lies and absurdities of the sort " 5 millions dead" sometimes the figure is put at 8 millions meaning that at that pace we will get to 20 millions by 2016 , "billions of dollars plundered " by so and so, HRW will continue to publish damning and politically motivated reports on monthly basis, Monusco will confirm them and BBC will go ahead and publish leaks from GoE. All these won't positively impact the situation on the ground. Actually they will make things worse, and combating forces will be driven to their extreme.
M23 has grown stronger than ever, politically and militarily. They continue to garner rallies internally and externally, from Congolese of all ethnic background. Within the international community many voices are calling for political settlements to include M23; Didier Reynders, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, is more and more isolated on his one sided views. He is preaching every where he goes " sanctions against Rwanda " and " no negotiations with M23". He has de facto substituted the Congolese foreign minister. It has emerged that Reynders' brother,who is an architect, is negotiating deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars with Kinshasa. Yeah, that is right. What if the architect was Kabarebe's brother? This would make head lines, and would appear in the upcoming annex of Steve Hege's GoE.
As if Rwanda is the only one taping into those vast unexploited resources next door.
I read that sad story of a young street vendor who killed himself yesterday because he was deprived of all his merchandises by Police in Kinshasa. Many Kinois refer to the deceased as their " Mohammed Bouazizi" in reference to the precursor of Tunisian revolution.

It reminds me this extract from Gen Kabarebe interview with C. Blaeckman " ..Si à Kinshasa ou au Kasaï les gens ont faim et se révoltent, en quoi le Rwanda est il responsable de cette situation ? Où est le lien…
I won't be surprised to learn at a later stage and from a very reliable source that Tutsis paid the street vendor to kill himself so that Kinshasa is plunged into chaos. Our brothers have become paranoid and they see the "evil hand" every where.

blaise said...

@ Gisa,
Did it ever occurred to you that the M23 that you support is not only manipulating facts but is putting the whole kinyarwanda speakers in danger?
Here some facts:
- the Cndp never disarm,check your rebuttal for more
- while the rang and file may not have been paid,their commanders had generous emoluments and commands(that why Rich was talking about all those majors and colonel in a small area)
- it was establish that the actual leadership of the M23 was engaged in mineral smuggling,bank robbery and more importantly they were stealing money from their soldiers like everybody else.
Here some interesting read about their "exploit" in Beni:
Instead of supporting your cousins by spreading their propaganda, you should devote your energy by trying to figure out what the better path for peace.Those people they are allying with are even crazier.What do you know abt Lafontaine?

congo man said...

@Giza Roberto
That's not a secret ,everyone already knows that the RWANDAN government is not just ARMING and FINANCING rebels groups (m23),and also harboring wanted war criminals like BISCO NTAGANDA...but they're also working with some opposition groups in Kinshasa and elsewhere in the Country to create more caos and instability in an attempt to divert attention away from the EASTERN CONGO ,and to further destabilize the DRC. This is the reason why more pressure has to be put on PAUL KAGAME and his generals ,the BRITISH government should rethink their aid restoration to the KAGAME dictatorship,and the UNITED NATIONS shall also put more sanctions on RWANDA in order to stop PAUL KAGAME and his junta from continuing to destabilize the DR. CONGO.

congo man said...

I think the ICC shall also continue to put pressure on the RWANDAN government to deliver BOSCO NTAGANDA and other wanted war criminals that they'r harboring .

Unknown said...

in your list of wishes, what should the Congolese and their government do?
It is always sad to learn about loss of an innocent life. That being said, let's talk about facts:
1. Most victims in that website were killed in Beni-Lubero,Butembo and Goma. Are these territories under M23 control? The answer is NO.

2.Majority of the victims(70.3%) were killed between April 2009 and April 2012. M23 or CNDP(as a separate military entity)did not exist at that time.

3.Most of the accounts show that FARDC are responsible for the killings.

Virunga Mountains said...

Point of information: A finger has always been pointed at FARDAC committing crimes against Congolese on numerous occasions. However, we forget one thing, it was the FARDAC(Amani leo, Matako leo, Waizi leo, Rwanda leo,etc) under Bosco Ntaganda and his terrorists that had been recycled into the Congolese Army, commiting horrendous crimes. How comes we never heard of the same horrendous crimes in other parts of Congo that the wannabe Congolese(matako leo) fear to be deployed,of-course abuses have also been committed in those parts by the real FARDAC, but not on the same scale.

Now, coming back to the subject: I think we should commend those that killed the traitors-a traitor hiding behind our uniform deserves to be treated as such. Job well done!

As I said before in previous comments, true Congolese Tutsi, will never betray their country Congo. Any Congolese Tutsi that betrays our country and sells it to Rwanda, Uganda, etc. deserves to be shot at first sight.
The Law for traitors did not start in Congo-even Rwanda kills its traitors abroad.
That's why folks like Deodone Rebero, oops, Gisa Rebero has lost his commonsense as Criminal Kagame is watching all his moves.

To Kagame's Intore(Intore is the contemporary Interahamwe)recent your collective has been accusing congolese of always playing the victim. Now, why are you moaning when we put traitors 6ft under??
I think you should be busy collecting Agachiro(kagame's Pocket money) and leave congolese alone!


Unknown said...

Fardc, government armed forces, committed and are committing atrocities everywhere in DR Congo.

Was General Ntaganda deployed where thousands of Bundu dia kongo were killed in 2008? The answer is no. These killings are the work of the presidential guard, and elite elements within the police.

Kabila got information from his buddies within Monusco and HRW, that two human rights activists have gathered sufficient evidence of those killings to drag him and his chief of police before ICC. Those two were murdered, and their murders is still covered up by the state.

Are the "traitors" responsible for the atrocities committed as for now in Luku,Mupompa in Kabeya Kamuanga(more than 1500 Km from Kivu)? The answer is no; FARDC are responsible.

The latest for the AgDF is that we have gathered Us$30 millions. If we have to leave Congolese alone, they have to leave us alone first.

Virunga Mountains said...

Its interesting how Rwanda believes in reports written about others and not them!!

Hahaha Rebero, you seem to love warlords:Colonel John Tshibangu is a criminal. He now calls himself a General, with a force of only eighteen soldiers-less than a platoon??
Rebero you make me laugh,you should start reading your favorite book of Franz Fanon, maybe you'll wake up from Kagame's hypnosis!!


Unknown said...

What we discuss in here has nothing laughable at all. It is about losses of human lives and survival of nations .
Let's argue with facts.

Virunga Mountains said...

You blatantly dissed facts about Criminal Bosco Ntaganda's recycled FARDAC atrocities and arrogantly ran to Kasai Oriental to cover-up the facts.
Now, you're arrogantly telling me not to laugh about it, and believe your narrative??


Unknown said...

@ Gisa Rebero

Laughing does help to handle the frustration that your Kagamist propaganda is.

Yes, leave Congolese people alone and we will resolve our problems including any concerns from the Congolese Tutsi community. Because No one denies Congolese Tutsis citizenship. No one opposes the return of Congolese Tutsis refugees (But NOT Rwandan ones). For Congolese, FDLR are just as criminal. NOW, tell me what other reason M23 are fighting for? Simple, Kagame wants to use Congolese Tutsi community as an “eternal sacrificial lamb” for his junta’s survival and criminal looting of Congolese blood minerals.

Question: Rwanda is such an economic success and you have the Agachiro Fund money, but why are Congolese Tutsi refugees(women, kids and elderly) languishing in refugee camps with no help from fellow Tutsis in Rwanda? While your kids go to school, Congolese Tutsis’ kids are turned into “professional child soldiers” with no future.

You guys are such cannibals!

Please dont dodge, answer my questions.

blaise said...

@ Gisa
you are misinformed,that's understandable.In 2009,thanks to those accords,the cndp which was confined in the north kivu, was redeploy from Beni to pass Minova(South Kivu).
Guess who was commander of the Bravo company?Sultani Makenga. There was an out cry from the population and they have to move it.
You right about denouncing Fardc atrocities but be honest also to denounce the barbarism committed by the RDF in Kisangani,the murders in Makobola, the machetes killings in Tingi tingi.
Nobody cares abt Rwanda beside Rwandans. 70 % of your exports are with Congo,it's not the way around.Nobody is envying you guys at all. Good luck with the Agaciro,that's a good idea.

blaise said...

beside,let's be logic, since the Fardc are committing those atrociousness, why those stupid people are running toward them?Maybe Gisa knows the situation better then those idiots on the ground.
Basically, everybody is lying, no hint of truth at all.
Believe it or not,those alliance will end up like those before them:we kill together than we kill each other.That the way it always been.

blaise said...

Good read
Des témoignages accablants: le Nord Kivu vit dans la terreur

Unknown said...

@muana congo
Kinyarwanda speaking citizen of the great lakes region can decide to become Rwandan nationals; it is their constitutional right. Congolese refugees who are sheltered in camps have declined to take up Rwandan nationality; for them it will be a short cut to their uprooting long desired by rivals in Congo. If you are in Kinshasa, you can talk to former senator Enoch Ruberangabo, who is a very close ally to Kabila; one of his charges against Rwanda government is that they have facilitated the uprooting of hundred of thousands of Congolese tutsi by accepting them as Rwandan citizen once they choose so. The camps where Congolese refugees live are administered by UNHCR.

Unknown said...

The information I gave on September 15, 2012 1:45 AM was from the link you sent. So if I am misinformed, you may be the source of the misinformation.
About Rwanda and Rwandans, it is true that nobody care about them, and Rwandans know that.Reasons why they know they are the master of their destiny. The same should apply to you Congolese. The source of all your curses is that you believe that the whole world envy your Congo, therefore everyone should care about you. Many countries in Africa have matching natural resources, but they are making it on their own and without that collective paranoia. Look at countries like Ghana(gold, timber, industrial diamonds, bauxite, manganese, fish, rubber, hydropower, petroleum, silver, salt, limestone), Tanzania( natural gas,tin, phosphates, iron ore, coal, diamonds, gemstones, gold, natural gas, nickel), Botswana, Nigeria.
What is your source for the 70% export with Congo?

blaise said...

What I meant is that you apparently didn't read closely that link,it's stated among other things that the killing tripled in 2010,if you had double cross references you would have found out that the surge coincide with the deployment of company bravo,unit made essentially with ex cndp soldiers and commanded by the actual M23 supremo Sultani Makenga.
What I'm trying to make you realize that there is no angel or demon here,it's all about having people to use others means than taking arms specially since it wasn't warranted.
Let's me ask you:
- your country invaded the DRC in 1996, with the guise of finishing off the FAR and co,for a whole year,gnrl Kabarere was chief of staff of the Fac,why the job wasn't done then?
-your country supported a rebellion in 1998,just a year after dismantling the Faz and arming their ethnic cousins,for 5 years,they occupied the Kivus and Maniema,why the Fdlr are still a force to be reckon with.
-your country supported yet another rebellion in 2001,again in ethnic based,for 8 years they were in control of 1/3 of kivus,why the Fdlr are still active?
-there was an initiative by San Egidio in 2006 if I'm not wrong,and Fdlr started to disarm, some were even regroup in a center,guess who attacked the center and kill unarmed people?
The bottom line is it so hard to understand our "collective paranoia"?With a neighbor like this,which country can progress?

As for the export to Congo, here the link from your own government, don't take my worlds for it

Unknown said...

Officials from both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo may be playing a game. They have the power and answers that could end the war but that might not help them get what they want.

blaise said...

@ Jacob
I entirely agree with you.Both gov and their allies are looking out for their own interests, familial and/or economic.
@ Others,
macro economics data doesn't tell the whole story about a country.If you stand at Simbasikita every morning and evening, you will see a human mass of people going or coming from work,working miles and miles.Is that the image of people who don't want to work? How about those artisan diggers?That's the toughest work one can do.
When criticizing ppl resilience, one has to have a broader view of the situation.

congo man said...

@ jacob Foko
I agree with Giza Roberto ,when he said that many Congolese are supporting the M23 sims like many of us ( Congolese ) can't see things beyond KABILA ,BEMBA,CHICHI don't have to go far to see this .just read comments of some of us on this blog .many sim to have now turn their hatred of Jk to the hatred of the Country.many who thinks that the suffering of the people of KiVu is their only bridge to the palais presidentiel can't entertain the fact that the world is now listing to the crying of those Children .and pressure is now on PAUL KAGAME to stop his evil involvement in eastern Congo.
By saying that officials from both side are just playing games,are you trying to ask the word to leave Rwanda alone ,Continue to ignore the plight of the Congolese people ,let Rwanda continue on its plan annexation of Eastern Congo,or those Friendly Country who are now prepared to send their troupes no to do so because It's all a game between Congo and RWANDA?or do you also want charges against general ETUMBA and others along side NTAGANDA or what ? Now whose interest is this going to serve ?no wonder KABARERE and MUSHIKIWABO are now getting all their ammunitions from the stupid Congolese opposition .they have run out of excuses.and the FDRL lies are no longer working now they are using our own words against us. Just read what KAGAME and co have been saying lately you will understand what I am talking about.

blaise said...

We can choose between either daydreaming or face the hard cold reality.
This is what Congolese are saying loud and clear:
"La Grande Bretagne vient de dégeler une partie de son aide financière au Rwanda, estimant que cet appui budgétaire est destiné à la population pauvre et ne doit pas être considéré comme un signe de son indifférence rapport à la guerre dans l’Est de la RDC. Selon vous:

- La RDC doit davantage compter sur elle-même pour résoudre le problème de l’insécurité dans l’est (73%, 909 Votes)
La décision de la Grande Bretagne risque d’encourager le Rwanda dans son soutien présumé au M23 (22%, 272 Votes)
La décision de la Grande Bretagne est compréhensible puisqu’elle a des visées humanitaires (5%, 65 Votes)

Votes au total: 1 246

This is what people from Maniema are responding about the enrollment in the army:
2,16% enrolled

Isn't clear enough?

For those who believe the government is serious about ending this war,I will personally make it possible for them to leave their secure location and go fight in Goma to show their patriotism.

Unknown said...


I agree with you there are no angels and demons when we talk of the various military protagonists in Congo.
The point I am making is the subject of Jason's blog" This is how trouble starts: Alleged killings spark anger".
People do not just wake up in a morning and start fighting, as it always portrayed in the media.
Every where in the world, and throughout history, militia groups start as part of local self-defense mechanism where state authority fails to protect its citizens. Congo is not an exception.
What is not acceptable is that a military commander or a politician becomes a criminal and a dossier is handed over to ICC once he is no longer serving Kabila's interests.
When Makenga and Ntaganda were working with Kabila, they were angels; now they have become demons.
What about that other General John Numbi?As for now he is well protected and no one is talking about his alleged crimes against humanity he committed in 2008 under the order of pres Kabila. If it happens that, for any reason,he joins his Katangese militia, only then he will be referred to ICC. Kabila, and his supporters in the IC, have constantly used the ICC to threaten regime's opponents. Remember what Ocampo told opposition politicians back in November and December 2011 when they called for street protests?
What happened to JP Bemba when he proved that he could challenge Kabila's popularity out of the Kivus?
I think Pres Museveni has a point here:

FDLR are still a threat, not only to Rwanda but also to Congolese citizen; FDLR has merged with many local militia ands successive governments in Kinshasa have armed them when ever they felt they need them.
If Kinshasa does not support and arm FDLR, they can prove it by handing over Mudacumura(self-proclaimed General) to Rwanda. If they think he won't get fair trial, let them at leastconfine the FDLR commander out of the Kivus. That will be a good start.
As I said in my previous posts, the winners as far as this crisis in North Kivu is concerned are:
1. Kabila and his inner circle: The war ravages are covering up the lack of socioeconomic and political accountability expected from any government.

2. The former colonial masters: They have seen their geopolitical influence in the region reduced for the past 15 years; now they are making a come back.

3. Various militia operating in the eastern congo.

N.B: The figures you gave are for the cross border trade. That doesn't reflect the whole export data. Rwanda's biggest export partner is Europe.

blaise said...

@ Gisa,
you are right about the figures,I should have been more specific. Nevertheless, table 8 on page 16 of your link show that DRC was the first export partner of Rwanda(18,8%)on the fourth quarter in 2011 and 3rd exporter in general(table 22 p 30).Those figures still showed the importance of peace for an healthy economy.
Back to the point you are making,I don't buy the excuse that it is a self defense movement,for three reasons:
- if it was to protect the Tutsi and Hutu population that was a bad move since they left the Masisi unprotected,and all those area where kinyarwanda speaking people are concentrated(like Walikale,Goma or Bukavu,etc).
- if it was for wages,how come they are all the sudden better equipped,paid and fed than the regular army?
- if it was to establish democracy,weren't they not part of the Presidential Majority?Didn't they forced people to vote for their candidate?

I personally think it's a problem of vantage point. You should check out the movie (,really instructive.
I think the better way to protect a group is to collaborate with others and raise the profile of the province.There was other mechanism they could have trigger beside taking arms.It was in their accord.
What the rest of us condemn Rwanda for is the way they portray the M23 as a self defense force with legitimate grievances but when one say "why don't u take back Fdlr since it's the way to go", it's a refusal.We should not have different standards with militias otherwise those different Mai mai militias will say they have a legitimate right to defend themselves 2. That what is creating chaos now.Everybody is trying to have a piece of Kivus like the Cndp did.

Unknown said...

Hi all,

Just to mark a truce and look at the real unstoppable eternal Congo:

(1) These American adventurers will for the first time ever face the greatest rapids in the world at Grand Inga . (

(2) A new monkey species is discovered in Congo, adding to many other hundred animal that are only found in Congo like Bonobos, Virunga Gorrila or okapis.(

3) Here this White-Congolese Dakar motorcyclist will for the first time ride from Moanda (extreme West of Congo) to Kasumbalese (extreme South-East of Congo). (
Sorry, what these White-Congolese are saying in Lingala is just that they want to do this to prove that despite all the tribulations Congo remain the most beautiful place on earth, invite others to come and enjoy Congo.

4) Cameroon’s Icon of world music (Michael Jackson or Rihanna have played his music) commemorate the 30 years since death of his mentor Grand Kalle or the father of modern Congolese and African music(Ask Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela, they lived in Kinshasa in the 1970s). (

Unknown said...


I like the AgDF in Rwanda (anything that is initiated to develop Africa, I like). But just to remark that thanks to the JK (plz political differences should not count here) slogans and his call upon all Congolese to participate in the renaissance of Congo, so many Congolese inside and outside are rebuilding Congo. Just check out these 5 samples:

(1)NBA form great Mutombo Dikembe $multimillion modern hospital (

(2)Congolese int’l supermodel Noella Musunka is building $multimillion schools and changing lives of young Congolese girls(

(3)European soccer star Shabani Nonda builds a 5-star $multimillion in Kinshasa ( Another great Claude Makelele and innumerable Amerca and Europe based stars are busy doing the same.

(4)The biggest music star in Africa in the last 2 decades, Koffi Olomide builds a $multimillion hotel jewel (

(5)Belgium-educated movie-maker Munga leaves Belgium and returns back to settle in Congo ,and with South African Steve Markovitz create a movie production company SUKA! in Congo for the revival of Congolese and African cinema. His latest movie VIVA RIVA is an African-first and a runaway success around the world. ( or (,

I can go on and on. The point is that without any "noise", more than elsewhere Congolese have been doing the AgDF thing already. Even better, they don’t put their personal millions in funds, they effectively change Congo. And we are just too many around the world. Be patient, Congolese believe in Congo more than you will imagine. We will stun the world.

Unknown said...

Congolese rwandophones preferred Kabila over Tshisekedi, because the later openly promised their expulsion once elected. Frankly speaking , most rwandophones felt betrayed by a man they supported to the point where" they forced people to vote for their candidate" as you mentioned. The point I am making is that politicians must stop using this community as scapegoat. From Mobutu to Kabila father and son, they all played the rwandophhone card whenever they faced internal discontents.
And yes, I believe M23 is fighting to protect the rights of the rwandophones. I have formed my opinion based on what I am reading from Congolese officials and newspapers. Just read comments from congolese here on this blog.
You also said "With a neighbor like this,which country can progress?". Let me first remind you that Rwanda has 4 neighboring countries.We leave in peace with all but Congo.
Tanzania and Uganda are making great economic progresses, and both have sufficient natural resources to be envied; and they have Kinyarwanda speaking communities leaving there.
Rwanda has played significant role in pacifying Burundi.

This is in contrast with "le belliqueux"( the warlike),resources hungry Rwanda protracted in the media.
By the way, can you tell me one single economic interest Rwanda has made or is projecting to make out of M23 rebellion? On the contrary Rwanda has suffered significant damages.
Also, what is your take on those who are seeing the hands of the Belgians into this whole thing, trying to make their come back after more than 15 years ?

blaise said...

@ Gisa,
I stated:"With a neighbor like this,which country can progress?" in a particular context of proven repetitive meddling in Congolese affairs. I equally point out the short coming of my government. My point is those continuous headaches from the East has been taking the steam out of real reforms.I personally had my reserve with the 1996 invasion and I strongly condemn the 1998 repeat.Imagine if you guys had two genocides two years apart,think about the traumas,the anger,etc.
I think Pres Kagame once said that people have families in Congo and he doesn't have control on that. So,that one aspect to consider when talking abt Rwanda helping M23.The narrative is that moving the cndp out of the kivu will expose Rwanda to a revive Fdlr,that why Rwanda intervene. What I believe is that it's plausible that some high ranking commanders in the RDF gave a hand to the M23.
Belgians?they never left and had a mute influence even under Mobutu,we had that "contentieux" about UMHK and Gecamines. Beside I think they are 2nd contributor in budget of GoDRC and GoR.Idk,I try to stick with facts and interpreting actions.
I believe Rwandans should preach the same evangile they teach home:"protect all communities not only the one you belong to". I still don't believe 200,000 will run from their home for no reasons. Why it didn't happen under the AFDL march?People are voting with their feet.Even rwandophones from Kiwanja ran at one point because they were fearing the M23 will kill them and blame it on Fardc.Those militias are cynic,they are not defending anyone but themselves.We should all read between everybody lies to find the truth.

Unknown said...

@Gisa ,

Some time you have to step back and really look at what you defend and why you defend it.

You are defending M23 which when it was called CNDP has killed, pillaged and murdered in Kivu. Now that they are called M23 they are killing, pillaging, murdering and enrolling childrens.

So for you M23 is protecting tutsi interest? Really? By killing, murdering and destroying Tutsi's interest are preserved.

M23 in not preserving Rwandophone interest because hutu's interest are not preserved by M23.

Really like your "constitutional right of Kynyarwanda speaker" really? That is why you dont help your tutsi brothers. The only way to help them is killing in Congo, but when they are in your walls, they dont deserve help because "camp are adminstered by HCR".....

If you are clever and want to prepare a better life for your kids, think of making peace. Dont be fooled by the current strenght of M23, it is a stillborn movement.

Your Tutsis supremacist friends have killed too much. it is more than time to look for forgiveness and build a better future or face your terrible faith.

You know better than anyone that the most density populated country of Africa, Rwanda , is a ticking bomb.

Unknown said...

Because the enemy has tried and failed to portray Congolese as “blaming others or doing nothing”, check out again how individual Congolese and Congophiles are participating in Congo's development. Here is another 5 samples:

(1) Here, Canada-resident Congolese Doctor Bonaventure Serushago Bazire donates 2 ambulances and 2 anti-arson trucks to his beloved North –Kivu province.(

(2) Here, Moise Katumbi has built a “modern” soccer stadium for his TP Mazembe team. It has shopping centres and all other amenities. They have 2 jets for the team. A FIRST IN THE ALL OF AFRICA. (

(3) Here, an entrepreneur Serge Kasanda adds to the ever-sprawling Kinshasa’s skyline with this beauty for corporate offices. (

(4) Here, Professor Lumanu builds this polytechnic university in Mbuji-Mayi in his beloved Kasai-Oriental province. (

(5) Here, this Congophile entrepreneur Robert Choudury
builds an entire ultramodern city in the Congo-river (

I can go on with more. Bottom line is: Plz Kagame leave Congolese alone, we are determined to rebuild Congo without foreign aid or patronage. Don't hold Congolese Tutsis your hostages, they have to be integrated in the Congolese family and take part in the ineluctable renaissance of their country Congo.

P.S.: Cameroon's music icon referred to here (September 17, 2012 6:46 AM ) is Manu Dibango of course.

Bismark said...

@ Muana Congo

…..But just to remark that thanks to the JK (plz political differences should not count here) slogans and his call upon all Congolese to participate in the renaissance of Congo, so many Congolese inside and outside are rebuilding Congo….

I will take an exception to your political statement even though you say that political differences should not count here. The Congolese who is investing in his country does so because he believes in his country and loves his country, it is an act of faith. It is not thanks of some empty JK slogans; on the contrary, he does this in spite of JK’s lousy and destructive governance.

The DRC citizen who invests in the DRC does so in spite of a terrible business environment as reported in the last report on “doing business” and other related reports where the DRC is not in an enviable position in terms of a place where to do business due to the corruption and the mismanagement of JK and his cronies.

Actually the few examples of the rebuilding by Congolese citizens that you are talking about are being done in spite of JK. It is simply a testimony to the Congolese tenacity, resilience and spirit.

A lot of DRC citizens (outside and inside) believe that no matter what, they are not going to let their country go down the drain because of some corrupt


Unknown said...


I personally respect your thought-provoking analyses on DRC politics and I am not here to defend JK if Congolese people on this forum criticize his governance. Certainty is that JK, ET, Kagame, you and me are gonna die in the next +- 70 years(generous). What will be of future generations? The legacy of my generation ought to be better than my fathers’ who betrayed Lumumba’s generation.

So whatever we do, we should not throw the baby, the basin and the bathing water like many staunch anti-JK do. JK is not Congo. Personally I think things should/can not be “either-or”, “Black-or-White”. All is grey. I “like and dislike” aspects of JK’s governance.

I agree with you that Congolese are rebuilding Congo despite the deficient infrastructure or corruption. I was in 3 Congolese cities in December, I was so positively inspired by how our people are picking themselves up, dusting off and busy rebuilding our country(outsiders would never understand that). I they can do this in hard times, what will they be capable of accomplishing then when the environment will be full and more conducive?

That is why all Congolese should stand against people like Kagame who are trying to hold us back!

Bismark said...

@ Muana Congo

Be assured that the respect is mutual; you are amongst the people whose positions on DRC issues I appreciate on this blog. We will all be gone in some near or distant future and you are right, the legacy of this generation should be better than that of its fathers.

Part of this legacy should be not to ever again accept as a nation to be ruled by mediocrity, lies and a “Conglomerat d’Aventuriers” per Mzee. The next generation must ask and receive from its leaders nothing but excellence.

The Congolese has survived Leopold II and the “colons”, L’aigle de Kawele and he will survive JK’s duplicity. There is no Congolese in his right mind today that is supporting Kagame unless he or she is part of the “clique” that is profiting from the madness created by Kagame and his accomplices in the DRC.

JK is not Congo, I will give you that but as the head of state for the past 12 years, he is responsible for a lot of the mess in the DRC and we should be honest enough and call him out regardless of political differences.
It is about the future of the nation.

Things are not always “black or white” I am OK with that but Black is Black and white is white. A Bonobo is a Bonobo and a Chimpanzee is a Chimpanzee. This is to say that as we are all pointing to Kagame and the Tutsi elite in Rwanda as the main culprits who are responsible for the mess in the East of the DRC, it is equally important to call out the responsible parties within the DRC who have been collaborating with them for the sole purpose of staying in power.

I was just pointing out to you that with all due respect JK’s empty slogans a la
Mobutu’s “objectif 80” are just that empty and what you are witnessing in terms of Congolese rebuilding, is Congolese themselves deciding to move forward despite the mediocre JK governance they have been subjected to for the past 12 years.


Unknown said...

@muana Congo,

I really appreciate your manner of showing to the world that Congolese are not the caricatural image that Furher Kagame and Goebel Mushikwabo love to portray. Our humane potential and our love for our cojntry is just "irrational", against all odds (internal, external)we will prevail.

Like you said Kabila is not Congo, and we should look beyond party lines. I also respect your position toward JK. I am more into Bismarck line of thought, but like you said , I will try to look at the bigger picture.

The fiasco that this war has been should seriously make us think on where we are going. I would really like our brothers to take a step back and reflect on why we have reached to this stage and what to do to never fall into this misery again.

Blaise, Bismarck, Bruno and many others congolese have insisted in : accountability , democracy, respect of population willingness, strong and organized army, empowering congoleses....

Are these bad things for our country? Should we forget that when Kagame will be tried for his crimes , we will still have a country to bring to prosperity ?

Shouldn't we start building this country now, in pushing congolese leaders to start becoming serious.

I will leave anyone with his conscious , this period should not be a time for amnesia, The same causes produce the same effects and if we don't denounce what is not working we are not helping the country, we are just helping a regime .

blaise said...

@Toko wa and @ Bismark,
you guys just nailed it here:It's always been about ACCOUNTABILITY. It's not about Kabila.Disagreeing with the president doesn't automatically make you a member of the opposition or a "Kagame agent".
If we have to point out traitors,let's start with those who were in the RCD like Lambert Mende, people who actually collaborate with the enemy. If we agree that 1996 was a necessary evil,1998 wasn't justifiable.
It's our duty as Congolese to demand a better future for our children.And the future is now,not tomorrow.
a lot of times,people forget yesterday when they talking about what is happening today.People are not condoms that one use and dispose at his guise.As far as I'm concern, the government doesn't care about his people. Can one tell me how many times you heard the president stopping by comforting the IDP?How many times did a member of government bother to go check those refugees scattered in along our borders?Did someone heard about any government efforts to gather clothes for those displaced people?Why do we care more about the lost territories and resources than the people who actually live there?
I heard that Congo is rich,can I have my check now?It's still the few who are benefiting from that. Can anyone remember Henri Mova Sakanyi celebrating his first millions shortly after Mzee made him minister?who is he now?Ambassador for the benelux.
Mobutu screwed us up and badly.We were hoping better from those who came after him.
I can't vouch for a government who is lying as an amateur. i can't vouch for a power who is oppressing his own people. I can't vouch for a junky, nobody should trust a junky.
There is logical steps to take in order to go forward. PM Matata seems to understand that but our fat cats are resisting. Anyone who have been in a leadership position knows that a leader leads,he give direction,supervise the execution and evaluate the result. He takes actions when it's necessary.He communicates clearly his plans. without ACCOUNTABILITY any plan will turn to a simple comedy.

Bismark said...

@ Blaise

... Mobutu screwed us up and badly. We were hoping better from those who came after him...

As usual, you are right. Mobutu left a road map not to follow, we were indeed expecting much more from the liberators.

@ Toko wa

... The same causes produce the same effects and if we don't denounce what is not working we are not helping the country, we are just helping a regime...

You could not be more right and on the money.


Unknown said...

Talking about this handling of this crisis in the Kivus, “Hindsight is a perfect science”, is it not? So any moderation or contextualization of things will always be perceived as apologies for JK.

It is sad that politics in Congo is a binary affair. It either you are pro-JK or anti-JK. Also, Congolese politicians are a curse for our people. Politics is never about “issues”, can anyone tell me what are the plans to solve the education, health or even the invasion war in the Kivus any Congolese politician. Check during the Nov. 2011 elections how they traded in threats(pouvoir) and insults (opposition). It is all about describing the problem (diagnosis) and not suggesting solutions (cure).

That is why I join Honorable Jaynet Kabila to envy the American election process (despite inherent flaws or folklore). Invited at President Obama’s appointment at the last DNC, she declared herself so sad to see how American people are presented with choices based on the issues they are facing unlike in Congolese.

Unknown said...

Thank God, there is a POSTIVE CONGO of creative and courageous Congolese (often younger) who are working to make Congo work against all those over told odds. 5 fascinating samples:

(1)This American-Congolese banker Kadita “A.T.” Tshibaka saw the lack of microfinance back home. So He and American partners created “Opportunity DRC” ( to help the unbanked and small businesses in Congo, much like the famous Bangladehi Nobel laureate banker Muhammad Yunus.

(2) This young Congolese Claude Ibalanky quit his job as Commercial Director at HP South Africa, and created an investment firm Mega Cycle Pty in Congo. Their portfolio of businesses is diverse and stretches from Bas-Congo to the Kivus (

(3)The young Congolese YAV brothers teamed up with other young Africans to create one of the biggest pan-African communication firms in the SADC region.( Their agency produces some of the ever popular and world-class TV shows in Congo like Miss Vodacom (
Also, they did not just bemoan the dilapidation of Sendwe Hospital in Lubumbashi, they donated equipments worth $4 millions(

(4)This young ICT illustrates the ingenuity of Congolese (

(5)This Congolese engineering company shows what Congolese can do (


tresor said...

So wonderful to hear such positive news about what young congolese are doing, especialy after all the insults that we constently endure from the Rwandan people

Rich said...

muana congo -

Thanks for that. i couldn't resist but add the following link.

It is a sad pity that some of our friends are being carried away by the plight experienced by the DRC to demean and call it all the evil names they want. If I were them, I wouldn't be that comfortable riding on the back of a wounded lion.

Here the boxer Ilunga Makabu is the perfect image of the DRC I know.


Bologna744 said...


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blaise said...

Here the testimony of crisis group

Unknown said...

ICG testimony was the complete piece worth understanding and analyzing. The others constitute what any chap around the corner can tell.
Oil is here(African Great Lakes region) and in big quantities. And it might be the reason behind all the agitations. When it is about such world strategic resources, we better be prepared. You will never know who is with who. We have seen it in the past where people from the same league(oil corporations) pull the strings from different directions.
After only 5 years of serious prospecting, Uganda has raised its proven reserves to 3.5 Billion Barrels. Comparatively, that is the third of Angola's proven reserves. Congo side(North Kivu and Province Oriental), haven't yet been explored.

Prospection is to start soon in Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa for Tanzanians);expectations are high as well as tensions.
Same in Kenya, where commercial oil quantity have been found. Coincidentally, unprecedented tensions have emerged with eastern coast openly calling for separation.
These reserves are seated underground in what is know as the African Rift valley. The wiki map is elaborate:

Another rather innocent coincidence I have just read about ,is that the owner of this blog is working for a non-profit organization called the "Rift Valley Institute".

Anonymous said...

@Gisa September 20,2012 7.46am,excellent analysis.Plenty of oil and natural,from Somaliland to Zanzibar,not to mention the race to control uranium too!

Check out an interesting video from former CIA:

check it out before youtube removes it

Anonymous said...

@Gisa almost forgot to recommend watching economic hitman:

blaise said...

@ Gisa,
About our guest,who knows?lol.For me,any information is like a fruit:you peel the skin,avoid the seeds and go for the sweet.We are all bias.
I'm happy you are making those connections.
You can find another coincidence here :
Note the proximity of the dates(insurrection and exploration).
Some people are wondering also if there is oil in the lake kivu.The probabilities are really high.
Oil discoveries have caused tensions across the globe,I don't see why it will be different in Africa.
You should watch how it will play out in Uganda with M7's succession project,the return of those veterans from Somalia and the redistribution of wealth. I get worry when they announced more oil,I read "more troubles".

Unknown said...

@ Rich

Amazing the stuff from the new WBF world champion the Congolese Ilunga Makabu!!!

People are hurt by “Congo of good news” so they multiply all sorts of silly distractions. The senseless war in the Kivus is just another hurdle that we have to go over to make Congo the paradise that it is.

For too long the world has been lied to by the int’l media with the anti-Congo propaganda that has distorted the real image of Congolese.

Sticking to world boxing, Congolese can be proud of these 3 young Congolese boxers. Especially check out how they proudly raise the Congolese national flag:
(1) In France, Youri Kalenga “El Toro” is a menace and an enternment (
(2) In South Africa, Zack Mwekassa “Black Worrier” is said to be the new Mike Tyson (
(3) In Germany, Danyo Ilunga is a menace (

The thing is people have no idea just how against all odds millions of Congolese are making it in business, academia, science, sport… inside Congo and around the world.

Anonymous said...

Arms dealers and 1994 Rwanda Tutsi genocide


From Mil-Tec Corporation Ltd (UK)
A UK company, Mil-Tec Corporation Ltd, was involved in arms supplies to the Hutu regime at least from June 1993 to mid-July 1994. Mil-Tec had been paid $4.8 million by the regime in return for invoices of $6.5 million for the arms sent. The manager of Mil-Tec, Anoop Vidyarthi, was described as a Kenyan Asian who owned a travel company in North London and was in business with Rakeesh Kumar Gupta. They both fled the UK shortly after the revelations.
6 June 1993 ($549,503 of ammunition from Middle East to Kigali);
17–18 April 1994 ($853,731 of ammunition from Middle East to Goma);
22–25 April 1994 ($681,200 of ammunition and grenades from Middle East to Goma);
29 April - 3 May 1994 ($942,680 of ammunition, grenades, mortars and rifles from Tirana to Goma);
9 May 1994 ($1,023,840 of rifles, ammunition, mortars and other items from Tirana to Goma);
18–20 May 1994 ($1,074,549 of rifles, ammunition, mortars, rocket propelled grenades and other items from Tirana to Goma);
13–18 July 1994 ($753,645 of ammunition and rockets from Tirana to Kinshasa).

Anonymous said...

@ virunga, if H.E President Paul Kagame was really 'Uncle Tom' as you suggest, the West would be flirting with him as they do with Congolese Government.Katanga and Kinshasa are the 'fixers' of Western dictate in the Great Lakes!

Anonymous said...

plenty of oil all over the African Great Lakes, even in tiny Burundi:

Unknown said...

A United Kingdom registered Oil Company SOCO International PLC which has been exploring for oil in the Democratic Republic of Congo has shifted its base to Uganda due to insecurity in eastern Congo, occasioned by the M23 rebellion.

Does anyone have a soft copy of this "agreement on trans-boundary resource management and regularization of the cross border trade and minerals" between DRC and Uganda, signed by Museveni and Kabila?

Anonymous said...

so,US State department delist Iranian armed terrorist group (formerly sponsored by Saddam Hussein),and it is then praised by British MPs:

US nominates new Ambassador to Burundi (who served in Irak,Afhganistan,Libya):

Interesting news...

Anonymous said...

A UK firm has expressed interest for oil exploration in Tanzania and Burundi on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

blaise said...

doubt they published that,it was a "secret agreement.",never cleared our parliament

Unknown said...

Hi all valiant Congolese people of the world,

This is no time to be bamboozled by distractions and red-hearings. We can’t be dispirited by headlines,rumors or circumstantial setbacks. WE ARE WINNING BECAUSE OUR CAUSE IS NOBLE. At least now everyone understands that the enemy behind Kagame is considerable. Kagame is just a small fry; Kagame is really a mere “gun for hire” for these int’l mining and banking vultures.
Now is the time for us individual Congolese to defend Congo in whatever capacity.

(1)Here is the last USA congress hearing on Congo ( What Bishop Ntambo is saying should be our message, apolitical and beyond party-lines. Check out our Jason Streans intervention as well.

(2) The catholic bishops went to M23-occupied Rutshuru, and told them to their face that their nth war is “”unjust,foreign and unneeded”

Tenons bon!

Anonymous said...

DR Congo blocks Soco from oil search in Virunga park:

British MP's Blog (Chairman UK All Political Party on the African Great Lakes,former Assistant to UK Defence secretary, Member of UK Parliamentary committee on Defence:
Ugandan Lake Albert oil developments yield billions

notice on both links, 'Congo-fire-sale', why use of such words....

Anonymous said...

Norway Oil boss gives tips to Tanzania:

Norwegian oil company oil and gas exploration in E.Africa:

Statoil is the operator for two large frontier offshore blocks in the East Africa region - block 2 in Tanzania and area 2&5 in Mozambique. The blocks have water depths of between 1,000 and 3,000 metres.

Anonymous said...

oil&natural gas Finds announced just off Tanzania and Mozambique are estimated to hold enough gas to supply France, Germany, Britain and Italy for at least a year - possibly much more.

Anonymous said...

The 253 trillion cubic feet that the U.S. Geological Survey now estimates may lie off Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique compares to 186 trillion cubic feet for Nigeria, Africa’s biggest energy producer.

Anonymous said...

Ophir’s partner, British gas producer BG Group, announced a major discovery off Tanzania this week. U.S. explorer Anadarko Petroleum and Italian oil group Eni announced even bigger finds off Mozambique.

Unknown said...

Hi Congosiasa community,

NOW you see what hopeless Kagamist propaganda looks like. They have NOTHING to say rather than flooding the place with insanities and trying to change the subject. LOSS!

So let’s recap again on what is rather TOPICAL: the USA senate had a hearing on the ongoing TRAGEDY in the Kivus. For the first time EVER Congolese civil society (who are not friends of JK made representations), as well as the owner of this blog Jason Stearns

HERE is the link: ( Listen to what Catholic Bishop Ntambo and Jason Stearns are saying especially.

Anonymous said...

At least one oil company is reported to have recently financed an African revolution. The French oil giant Elf-Aquitaine (in concert with the French government) was reported in the New York Times and New African (May 98, p12-13) to have funded arms purchases necessary for Sassou-Nguesso's successful overthrow of the 'legal' Lissouba government in Congo-Brazzaville in 1997

ba san said...

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Unknown said...

I couldn't find in English and french dictionaries the meaning of "kagamist".
Based on circumstances under which this newly found word is used, I can define a "kagamist" as any one who has a different view of the war in eastern Congo other than the one promoted by Kinshasa government.

@mwana mboka, sorry muana kongo,

"Listen to what Catholic Bishop Ntambo and Jason Stearns are saying especially."
1. Yes we heard them; what they said is what has been repeated for the past 15 years. Now,spare sometime and read ICG's Mark L. Schneider testimony.
It touches all aspects of the crisis, not just the usual noise about RWANDA, RWANDA, RWANDA....
On pg 2, you can read the following: "....four other key issues that remain crucial to stability in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: post-electoral dynamics; Security Sector Reform; conflict minerals and oil and natural resources; and the role of MONUSCO."

2. ICG also posted a report earlier July 2012 titled "Black Gold in the Congo: Threat to Stability or Development Opportunity? " This one is more elaborate and brings to light what are the stakes for various countries,including what you call Congo's allies.

3. Bishop Ntambo is not a catholic; he is a Methodist from Katanga. The other bishop Dieudonné Mbaya Tshiakany who went to the UN is from the "Église du Christ au Congo", an evangelical church. I just wonder where are the heavy weights of the influential Catholic church such as Cardinal Monsengwo Pasinya Laurent. Is that a disavowal from the catholic church of kabila's regime?

4. Salvation of Congo won't come from a group of people sitting in a congress 7000 miles away. This year alone three hearings on Congo happened in the congress:
Congressional Hearing - U.S. Policy Toward Post-Election D.R. Congo - Feb 2, 2012
Congressional Hearing- The Continuing Human Rights Crisis in LRA-Affected Regions - June 19, 2012
Congressional Hearing- Examining the Role of Rwanda in the DRC Insurgency - September 19, 2012
Previous years, there were on average 3 hearings on Congo before the congress. You can find out how many times DR Congo crises were tabled before the UN security council.
The point I am trying to make is that there was never a problem of IC attention on Congo. Actually there is an " over attention".

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