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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

As the M23 nears defeat, more questions than answers

The new round of fighting between Congolese government forces and the M23 rebels is reaching a dramatic climax. With the Congolese army having swept through all of the major towns that the M23 held––Kibumba, Rumangabo, Rutshuru, Kiwanja, and since this afternoon Bunagana––the  M23 may be nearing its end. This would be historic––it would be the first time the Congolese government had defeated a major rebellion, and it would be the first time since 1996 that an armed group allied to Rwanda is not present in the eastern Congo. It is, however, too soon, to declare an end to the M23, as the rebels reportedly still occupy the hills along the Rwandan border between Runyoni and Tshanzu.

How did we get here? 

The fighting began last Friday morning on the southern frontline, in the area of Kibumba. The resumption of hostilities was not surprising, given that the peace talks in Kampala had fallen apart several days prior. The following day, the Congolese army began a simultaneous offensive on the M23's northern flank, as well, where the army had been massing troops and weapons for several months. Progress was quick––by Saturday, the army had taken control of Kibumba and on Sunday Kiwanja was under their control. By Sunday, the army advanced to Rumangabo, the M23's military base, and Rutshuru, the territorial capital. Today, they took back Bunagana on the Ugandan border, where the M23's political leaders had been staying. After heavy bombardment, Congolese troops were already reported to have scaled the Mbuzi hill and were trying to close in on Runyoni and Tshanzu. 

Africa Defence Review has a summary of the fighting, with a helpful map:

The fighting was heaviest around Kibumba, where the M23 put up a fight and both sides lost troops. Elsewhere, there seems to have been little resistance by the thinly-stretched M23––reports put their total fighting force between 800-1,500 troops. By Tuesday, there were rumors that their military commanders had fled to neighboring Uganda or Rwanda, although none of these could be verified.

But why did this round of fighting turn out so differently than previous ones? How could the Congolese army, usually better known for its indiscipline and racketeering than its military prowess, knock the M23 out so quickly?

Three factors were key, but which was paramount is different to discern for now. There is no doubt that the FARDC is performing much better now than in 2012. Its command structure has been changed and streamlined, beginning with the appointment of General Lucien Bahuma as regional commander in June 2012, and of General François Olenga as land forces commander in December 2012. These commanders have paid more attention to making sure logistics were in place and salaries paid on time, boosting soldiers' morale and enabling the newly-trained commando battalions to do their job. Then, in January 2013, over a hundred officers––many of them from the Kivus––were invited to Kinshasa under the pretext of a seminar on army reform (they are mostly still in Kinshasa today). This simplified the military hierarchy in North Kivu, which had become clogged up with competing chains of command, a coterie of high-ranking officers embezzling funds and issuing contradictory orders. 

The second factor was the United Nations. Observers on the front lines reported that the Congolese soldiers were being issued military rations by the UN, and that UN officers were jointly planning operations with the Congolese army. UN attack helicopters have been providing support, although the bulk of the fighting has been carried out by the FARDC. 

But it may be the third factor that was the determining one––the absence of support from Rwanda. According to several reports from the frontlines, despite indications of some cross-border support in the Kibumba area, the M23 was largely left to its own devices. "The Rwandans just wouldn't pick up their phone calls," one source close to the M23 leadership told me. This is a drastic change from August, when many sources––the UN, Human Rights Watch, and foreign diplomats––all reported hefty support coming across the border. The fact that the M23 did not put up much of a fight in Kiwanja and Rumangabo was another indication that they knew they stood no chance against the superior firepower of the UN and the FARDC. According to several diplomats, the US Secretary of State John Kerry as well as a senior British diplomat called President Paul Kagame last Friday to impress how important it was for Rwanda to sit this out. While similar pressure has been applied before––President Obama called his Rwandan counterpart with a similar message last December––this time it may have just been the final straw for the Rwandan leaders. 

The coming days will be interesting. If the M23 is defeated, the Rwandan, and possibly the Ugandan governments will have to decide whether they will arrest the fleeing leaders or give them amnesty. The Congolese army will be under scrutiny to see how they manage their victory––any revenge attacks or targeting of suspected M23 collaborators could spoil the mood, and many will wait to see if they proceed to target the FDLR as promised. Finally, the impact of a victory on the larger peace process in the region would be powerful. President Kabila, who signed the Framework Agreement last February largely due to pressure from the M23, could shake off some of the pressure on him to carry out national reforms and would be buoyed by the popularity such a victory would certainly bring. 

For the moment, however, we should wait to see what the coming days bring.

There was a typo in the original post. It is the FARDC that is doing the bulk of the fighting.


H Stewart said...

" If the M23 is defeated, the Rwandan, and possibly the Ugandan governments will have to decide whether they will arrest the fleeing leaders or give them amnesty."

It is interesting that New Vision ( Uganda ) was reporting last night the surrender of Bisiimwa to Ugandan Security a story that has been taken down and replaced with a report that he is in Uganda attending the peace talks and that a helicopter had been sent to meet him at the border, one that is curiously absent in the picture accompanying the report. I posted the report last night to Facebook along with the comment that M7 might be weighing his options. It would seem he has.

Iain Stewart shared a link.
19 hours ago

M23 rebel leader surrenders to Ugandan security
Congolese M23 rebel leader Bertrand Bisiimwa has surrendered to Ugandan security.

dimandja said...

"This would be historic––it would be the first time the Congolese government had defeated a major rebellion, and it would be the first time since 1996 that an armed group allied to Rwanda is not present in the eastern Congo."

Actually, no, this statement is wrong on two counts.

1. The Congolese army has put down much bigger rebellions in the past. Remember the Simbas? Or even the mercenaries of Bob Denard, Jean Schramme & Co? Secessions of Katanga and Kasai? In fact, it can be argued that the only time the Congolese army had been defeated was when Kabila overthrew Mobutu. And the Rwanda army which helped Kabila has occupied Congo ever since.

2. M23 is by no means the only group allied to Rwanda still operating in Congo. There are dozens of those. M23 only happens to be the most highly visible today. Kagame and his cronies will sacrifice one group, but then prop up the next one from the many DRC-based warring factions they already support or that they can easily co-opt. Many Mai-Mai groups were (or are) openly allied with Rwanda. Even rival factions of FDLR have been known to cooperate with Rwanda.

In any case, these negative forces split and merge so often that their agendas and alliances are hard to follow.

nathanielpowell said...

Re: Dimandja's comments.

While many armed groups/uprisings have been defeated in Congo, these have almost always occurred with substantial foreign assistance:

The Katangan and Kasai secessions were put down with (mostly) foreign troops. The Simba revolt(s) was ended through a combination of factionalism within the rebellion(s), foreign mercenaries, and a fortuitous Belgian jump on Stanleyville. The 1966 Katangan Gendarme revolt in Stanleyville was put down with mercenaries. The 1977 and 1978 Katangan Gendarme invasions of Shaba almost overthrew Mobutu, and were only defeated by Moroccan forces in 1977, with French support, and by French forces in 1978. It's true that in the 1970s and 1980s there were a number of very small village or community-level uprisings that ended in massacres, but I'd hardly consider that an indication of army effectiveness.
The AFDL overthrew Mobutu (obviously with foreign support), but was unable to win the following war, which only "ended" after bloody stalemate and international pressure. Obviously the FARDC has not been able to subdue the Kivus. Their victory (however final or provisional it may be) over M23 would likely not have happened without substantial foreign support in the form of the FIB.

On that score, the Congolese army has been "defeated" on numerous occasions, most recently being last year of course. In fact, the only example I can think of where the Congolese army defeated an enemy with its own resources was in 1967 versus the mercenary uprising (and even that is pushing it a bit).

In my mind, this history says quite a bit about the nature of the post-colonial Congolese state, its unhealthy relationship to various iterations of the "international community," and suggests the relevance of Clausewitz old dictum, "In war, the result is never final."

r0bster said...

Anybody know if it is possible to travel in the East now? Was thinking of going from Bunia down to Bukavu

Bayeke said...

Un vrai faux débat.
Armies win wars with contributions of some kinds from their allies.

dimandja said...


Thanks for your comments. Although you are correct to say that the Congolese army has used mercenaries and allies to win their wars, this is no different than, say, the US army never winning a war without the use of the same.

I agree with Bayeke, there's hardly any army in recent memory that won a war without the use of mercenaries and allies. And that includes the mighty army of the USA. It doesn't mean that US couldn't win a war all alone, but we'll never know, would we?

Also, last year, the Congolese army performed poorly against M23, Rwanda and Uganda. This year, they took back the lost ground. Yes, the FIB helped, but the Congolese reorganized and fought the bulk of the war. Give them credit for that. The same way you would give credit to the allies in WW2.

congo man said...

For over a decade now the supposed mighty US army and their NETO allies have been bugged down in Afghanistan unable to defeat the Taliban or secure any territory outside of KABUL. In fact KABUL still partially controled by the talibans .I don't care what cynics say. This offensive was 98% conducted by the FARFC. Kabila knew the weakness of the RDF wich is nothing but a tribal militia , but he underestimated the damege that those integrations (infiltration) with CNDP, RCD... (RDF spies) did to the FRDC both in terms of military intelligence being transferred to the enemy and troops moral being completely previous offensives our soldiers knew that many of their commanders where working for the enemy and many of their supposed comrades where just enemy combatants in disguise. Now with all those spies gone or contained , the disciplined , better trained and equipped FARDC are ready to confront the RDF at any time .The message to KAGAME and his supporters is BRING IT ON.

congo man said...

10/30/2013 shall marks a very important date in the Congo and like June 30th.this date shall be selebrated as a holiday. 10/30/2013 (victory day) marks the end to the 2 decades failed attempt to BALKANIZE the DRC and the birth of the new Congo.a African giant that together with SOUTH AFRICA and NIGERIA is going to lead The African Renaissance. This date also marks the end to PAUL KAGAME's military adventures in the Region and also a star of a new chapter in the region's history. This date also marks the day when Congolese people of all ethnic groups(HUNDE , NANDE, TUTSIS, HUTUS, LEGA...) came together in proving wrong PAUL KAGAME his backers and all those who for the last 2 decades spread lies by portraying what was a foreign and barbaric military invasion as a civil war or ethnic uprising. For 2 decades PAUL KAGAME and his various terrorist groups terrorized those communities (killed, raped , displaced and destroyed millions of people)but portrayed themselves as protectors of those same victims of their Barbaric crimes. This time all those communities came together from RUCHURU, MASISI, MUTAHO, KIBATI, GOMA, RUMANGABO, BUNAGANA...And from all ethnic groups (TUTSIS, NYANGA, NYABWISHA,NANDE, HUNDE, HUTUS...) all welcomed the FARDC as their true hiroes and liberators, and protectors and rejected PAUL KAGAME and his terrorists. We all withessed this historic day where the attempt foreign BALKANIZATION of the DRC was put to rest.

Anonymous said...

it speaks volumes about the level of collective trauma of years of colonialism, dictatorship, rebellions, and invasions that so many congolese sincerely believe their is some expressed policy out there to “balkanize” (whatever the hell that is) their country.

and mind you i’m a neurotic new york jew who lost family in buchenwald and the yom kippur war in 73’ so i know a little something about being part of a community with a collective sense of grievance. yet, in spite of nearly 2,000 years of state-sanctioned violence, intimidation, pogroms and an industrial scale attempt at wholesale extermination jews have NEVER constructed an identity around our oppression. and, unlike the congolese, israel is SURROUNDED by enemies who have ACTIVELY sought to invade, break up, push out to the sea our homeland and who have financially supported groups bent on doing all this by proxy (PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, etc).

it is just so baffling to read some of the comments here. as if beating some rag tag militia somehow validates congolese national pride and vigor.

really? i mean, fucking really? the sum and total of what is possible from the congolese is beating rwanda and/or its “proxies” on the battlefield? that’s it????!!

wow. just…

anyway, thank you, mssr stearns, for an objective and reasonable overview of the events of late. i have three questions:

- i’m still concerned about refugees, any news about the effort to resettle folks and funding?

- in your view, why did rwanda blink? fib? south africa?

- kinshasa is clearly committed to victory on the battlefield but do you have any clear indications they are committed to real SSR? any indication they see the connection between a strong state and army? any at all?



congo man said...

It looks like PAUL KAGAME's entire clan is now relocating to New York and are now starting to take the Jewish identify. Is that going to save his now weakened tyrannical dictatorship? I don't think so.

dimandja said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
congo man said...

It looks like our Jewish friend from New York , mr Levin .has not gotten any sleep for the last 5 nights. The m23 nightmares that he's having are now giving him anger problems.

Unknown said...

Strange, is it not Congoman?

In the last thread at OCTOBER 28, 2013 AT 4:53 PM
this idiot of Levin-le-jew (Jose) said he was Congolese (he wrote: we silent congolese patriots
), now he is a jew concerned about the return of Tutsi “refugees”. What a mutant?

Hence the tragedy with these people. One day they are Congolese, the next they are Rwandan, then Congolese again!

So it is up to Congolese and DRCgov now. No more niceties! Since Kagame tried and failed his “social engineering” by transplanting his “surplus” into Rutshuru and Masisi. “Reverse social engineering” of our own is needed (details offline). Further, DRCgov should engage in what I would call “geopolitical engineering” to sever link to toxic Kagame-Rwanda completely: put drones up in the skies, push DRC’s exit points to EastAfrica farther from Rwanda, and above all shut the bloody Congo-Rwanda border and erect an impenetrable fence along it.

That is the only guaranty for peace and prosperity for our people as long as Kagame junta is in power! Follow Angola and Tanzania no-nonsense approach, if they didn’t act promptly, there was going to be M23 rebellion made in Tanzania!


congo man said...

I can't agree with you more. But I think regime change in Kigali will be easier and quicker than anything else. Over 85% I repeat it again 85% of RWANDESE want this tyrannical ruthless dictatorial regime gone. If PAUL KAGAME does not change his way .The only remaining option is to confront and destroy his tribal militia inside Rwanda. a friendly regime is now what is needed if we want to bring lasting peace and prosperity to all our people. It's now time for the people of Rwanda to be liberated from this tyrannical dictatorship.

congo man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dark Eldar said...

Now that M23 is history, we shall see what other excuses you Congolese come up with to under-develop yourselves!!! I bet 6 months from now we shall still be on this forum entertaining this obsession with Kagame & Rwanda being the cause of all Congolese problems!!

Meanwhile - news of the death of M23 may be greatly exaggerated! I remember another rebel outfit that was pushed into the Virunga mountains in ignoble defeat back in 1990 - having lost almost 1/4 of their command! We all know what eventually happened.

@Messrs Congo man & MuanaCongo - & all the rest of the Anti-Tusti coallition, don't forget how we flew 600 boys to Kitona in the summer of '98 & took the Inga Dam! Had it not been for Angolan armor, we would still be sitting in Kinshasa :)

congo man said...

@dark Eldar
Yes I remember .we Congolese still remember what happened in the late nineties. That's the reason why our brave man and woman of the FARDC are determined to teach PAUL KAGAME'S last major terrorist movement(the notorious M23/RDF terrorists) a lesson that we will never ever again alow PAUL KAGAME to repeat his adventures or export terror outside of RWANDA. never ever again .that was 1998 this is 2013.never ever again.

congo man said...

The ticking time bomb that's Rwanda is now ticking very fast . it's just a matter of time before it explodes. Big change is coming soon.

Unknown said...


When this nightmare ends hopefully, Congolese people will always be grateful to YOU for your leadership. Since your assumption of office you made Syria and Congo priorities at UNSC . Just as we will be as grateful to a great American Roger Meece, Mr Martin Kobler “The Kaiser” or le gaulois UN Herve Ladsous for UNSC resolution 2098.

But now int’l Kagame backers are up in arms, bitter, very bitter at the prospect of M23 disappearing. They are now exerting undue pressure on DRCgov, FARDC and MONUSCO to stop fighting M23

Sir, as an American war Hero, you know more than I would that wars always end with talks. But this one is not over yet. M23 criminals are still raping, killing, terrorizing civilians from the hills near Bunagana. Like in Afganistan or Mali, let FARDC assisted by FIB finish the job then the rest can follow. Let the perpetrators of genocide of non-Tutsi populations dumped in mass graves from Kibumba to Bunagana face JUSTICE please.

Sir, Congolese people in the Kivus are humans too, JUSTICE, JUSTICE, JUSTICE!

@ Dark Eldar

Yes I remember how your RDF 600 troops including Makenga and led by Kabarebe BOMBED civilian infrastructure INGA. Thousands of babies and mothers died in Matadi, Kin and L’shi. Be proud of that war crime!

But importantly, know that I and most Congolese have nothing at all against Tutsi people. But we want to “eat alive” Kagame , Kabarebe and all those who have brought so much suffering to our people. Have you and your kind ever contemplated the alternative to Kagamist policies? Which is peace and prosperity for all communities in the Great Lakes region.

I repeat, self-deception will “finish” you. You are small yet you think you are big. You live of the whole world “handouts” yet you claim to be an economic powerhouse. But I think from now on you will stop thinking that you own war exclusively, or that you are bulletproof! I think final tears are still ahead for you!


congo man said...

@Dark Elder
Stop fooling yourself my friend. It was never about the T or the H (tustsi or hutus)it was all about the C , G ... (coltan, cassiterite, Gold...) that's all that Bil Clinton , Tony Blair and all those who helped fuel this carnage cared about in 1994, 1998 and 2013. They only used you to loot for them but stupid you did not plan about your future or future of your children and generations to come. Among the over 500 ethnic groups that makes up our region's population there's no special one and no group shall never ever again ask for special treatment. Even Those 2 bloody recists who helped start and fueled this carnage(BILL CLINTON and TONY BLAIR ) new that .They know we're all Africans and they did not care about how many of us died or continue to die. all they care about is what is beneath the KIVU's ground (GOLD, COLTAN, CASSITERITE etc.) and how to get their bloody hands on it. Now that we've secured our territory and kick PAUL KAGAME's thieves and terrorists out.all those bloody recists who fooled you are going to turn their backs on you and one after the other are going to walk away from stupid you. You had 2 decades to think but stupid you couldn't think. Now it's time for you to start thinking of how to repair all the damages that you have caused and plan about a better future like your Burundian neighbors and brothers. That's the only choice for you.if not you are doomed.

dimandja said...

So, Jason Stearns, according to you, none of the following armed groups in Congo have absolutetly nothing to do with Rwanda and Uganda murderous involvement in DR Congo?

Raïa Mutomboki, Forces de défense congolaise (FDC-Luanda)
Nduma défense du Congo (NDC)
Force œcuménique pour la libération du Congo (FOLC)
Mouvement congolais pour le changement (MCC)
Alliance pour la libération de l’Est du Congo (ALEC)
Forces de résistance patriotiques en Ituri (FRPI)
Coalition des groupes armés de l’Ituri (COGAI)
Mouvement de résistance populaire du Congo (MRPC)

Unknown said...


To Congo man and Mwanacongo,

Your patriotism is vibrant, and, quite frankly, provocative! By and large, Congo needs a new way of collective thinking instead of attacking one another from abroad (mostly Europe). It is time to regain national pride, a sense of security, and, ultimately, a long lasting peace. All Congolese have the duty to be vigilant by calling out those "double faces" who claim to be Congolese by day and Rwandans at night. The FARDC’svictory, let no one tell you it wasn't, over Rwandan Army allies is a symbol of regained sovereignty that all Congolese MUST protect.

Poor Dark Eldar (the lone arrogant Tutsi) who still thinks that 2 decades of war and misery haven't taught Congolese any lesson. I tell you what Dark (Molili, usiku, obscurite...), your dark days have come to an end. You better start managing you house (Rwanda) before its former occupiers (Hutu) come back from the fields (domination). Seriously, just organize transparent elections and let the world see the outcome. You know that you can't, isn't?

And to you the New Yorker Jew, JUST STOP IT. Ever, never compare the despicable events in 1994 to Nazi's Holocaust. You comparison of the Jewish State Israel to Rwanda lacks contextual meaning. Israel is surrounded by states and factions that loudly have declared that they want to wipe it out. As a matter of survival, Israel has the right to defend it-self against any aggression including preemptive precautions to prevent any missile that could be directed to it soil. As of Rwanda, NO country has alleged to strike Rwanda. On contrary, Rwanda is the largest country that exports war in a neighboring country, Congo by directly or indirectly taking part of killing Congolese. Israel doesn’t sponsor militias in neighboring countries to justify the holocaust that happened to them in Europe. Never. By the way, a vigorous and scholarly debate should be allowed to take place to find out what happened to almost a million people including Tutsis and Hutus alike, so that the world can get a sense of how to prevent such atrocity from happening anywhere on the planet in lieu of labeling whoever question the outcome of 1994 (scholars, human rights activists, and all people of good intentions) as genocide deniers. After the Numberg trials, derived from the WW2, the world learned lessons of how to prevent Holocaust, but 2 decades later, we still don’t understand what happened in Rwanda in 1994. The Arusha Tribunal is inadequate mostly because Rwanda refuses to effectively collaborate with it. It about time, whether you like it or not, that the truth that is coming by stairs arrives to encounter lies that preceded by elevator.

My message to KAGAME is simple: Sir, leave Congo alone and mind your businesses.

Dark Eldar said...

One of the unfortunate causes of Congo's problems is their reliance on other people to liberate them or fight their wars!! You invited Kagame & Kabarebe to liberate you from Mobutu! Even the little freedom you enjoy now is the sacrifice of Rwandese blood! You appointed Kabarebe as your Army Commander - Who on earth appoints a foreigner to lead their army?

But all that aside- lets make a prediction right now! Exactly one year from now - there will be no peace in the Kivus & Kabila will no longer be in power. That is unless the Congolese stop blaming everybody else for their problems & sit down on the round-table as Congolese!! Blair, Clinton, Kagame, my foot...why can't you take charge of your own destiny?? You think we - your neighbours - are out to exploit your minerals? For heaven's sake, we can't exploit our own natural resources - how are we going to exploit someone else's?? Man up & stop celebrating because South Africans & Tanzanians, & Equadorians have helped you overpower a ragtag militia!

Unknown said...

@ Dark Molili,
You are wasting your time on giving Congolese lessons. You are done. Completely! Yet, you continue to be arrogant! Anyway, as they say in Kiswahili: "Sikiyo la kufa halisikii mbu" (a dying ear does not hear a mosquito). You and your clan are in denial of Congolese awakening. We are moving FORWARD. Bye miserable neighbor.

dimandja said...

@Dark Idiot

For a Rwandan, you sure have a pathological obsession with Congo and Congolese.

You need that condition looked at.

dimandja said...

@Dark Thingy

The FARDC have ruined the little business arrangement of M23, and all M23 foreign leaders have fled back to their countries of Rwanda and Uganda with whatever loot they could carry, leaving behind the poor children who fought and died for them. Very classy.

I hope you tag along with Makenga, Nkunda, Bisimwa, and find useful employment as their gardener or something in Rwanda. Bu-by Dark! Don't come back to Congo.

needtogetdrunk said...

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We will need to build a temporary bridge in the Pacific Island “Step It Up” method. A floating bridge of plank, barrel, binding and ballist will suffice cheaply and quickly. The location due to geographical necessity is the southern tip of Idjwi and the northern most point on the Rwanda side of the border.
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needtogetdrunk said...

In order to get civilians (including refugees) out of harm’s way We need to build a Life bridge to Isle Idjwi. It will serve as a strategic funnel to advert those at risk from the looming conflict.
We will need to build a temporary bridge in the Pacific Island “Step It Up” method. A floating bridge of plank, barrel, binding and ballist will suffice cheaply and quickly. The location due to geographical necessity is the southern tip of Idjwi and the northern most point on the Rwanda side of the border.
With the implementation of the Life bridge we could realistically double the population of Idjwi, currently about 200,000 inhabitants. We will need to build structures and utilize trailors. Big Houses where we can conduct skools and all manner of activity.
The cost is estimated between 1 to 5 hundred thousand U.S. and I estimate that we will need ten times this for initial provisions. We will need to buy the Good seed. If soil is deficient we will have to enhance it with top soil and fertilizer. There are quite a few pineapple plantations already so some of the soil has to at least be good for some crops.

Unknown said...

You are really drunk! What are you talking about? Is this another floodgate to import Rwandan-Tutsi in Congo? Go away, idiot. As they say, "Fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice shame on me". We can't be fooled twice. Never!

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Bayeke said...

Watch out for a false flag operation quite soon from Kagame: A terror attack in Rwanda by fake FDLR.

dimandja said...

Shouldn't Rwanda be holding peace talks with the FDLR just about now?

What's Kagame thinking? That DR Congo should hold peace talks with the FDLR on his behalf?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I never thought I would be one of those people who screams "let them all leave and never comeback to our country!" and I don't want to be one of those people. I grew up with "Rwandan" neighbours, I put Rwandan in quotes because to us they were Rwandans as I am Luba/Musakata is more of an ethnicity than a nationality. We were friends, we were close, we played together, they babysat me... I feel torn because I always go by peaceful & logical solutions but what will we do now? Should all Rwandans leave our country? Rwanda is an overpopulated country and these wars has helped them get rid of a significant population and their (bigger) neighbouring countries have taken them in as refugees, sometimes granting them nationality. Our country is immense, we have enough for everyone in there but I'm afraid the wound is too deep, millions dead, I honestly wouldn't want to see a single one of them in the Congo anymore, no matter the innocent intention. How does everybody else feel about this? I'm just so torn... said...

last year of course. In fact, the only example I can think of where the Congolese army defeated an enemy with its own resources was in 1967 versus the mercenary uprising (and even that is pushing it a bit price action

Unknown said...

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