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Saturday, February 9, 2013

US bounty could foment M23 splits

The US government recently placed a bounty on the head of General Bosco Ntaganda, an influential figure within the M23, potentially deepening splits within the young rebellion. 

The statement by the White House to renew the Reward for Justice program, made on January 15, flew under the radar. In the statement, President Obama did not mention any individuals, but said "This includes individuals such as Joseph Kony and other leaders of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), as well as certain commanders of M23 and the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR)." According to officials in the State Department, this includes a $5 million reward for Bosco Ntaganda, FDLR commander Sylvestre Mudacumura, and the three top LRA commanders. 

There have long been splits within the M23, between the pro-Bosco wing, led by "General" Baudouin Ngaruye, and the pro-Nkunda wing, led by "General" Sultani Makenga, respectively called the Kimbelembele and the Kifuafua. The reward on Bosco's head could intensify this discord, although the fact that the Congolese army considers both Makenga and Bosco as war criminals could forge cohesion, especially if fighting kicks off again. 


Unknown said...

jason theres somethin you dont knw or understand coz m23 will never split as you wish .tutsi ppls will never fight each other they might have differences but will alwayz fight they enemies together.

Unknown said...

Jason thanks for this document i will look into it in details and give my comment later i think very soon


Paul Ronan said...

Jason - has the State Dept. officially announced Bosco's name has been added to RFJ list? Even though the law Obama signed in mid-January made him and the top three LRA commanders eligible for RFJ program, State Dept. has to officially request a person be added to the list, and then Congress gets a period of time (two weeks I think) to react before they are officially added. I haven't heard of them completing this process for LRA commanders or any other eligible persons yet.

poemul said...

This gesture: offering bounty to capture General Bosco is another smoke screen in the pursuit of peace in Congo, we all know that Kampala and Kigali who continue to receive America's support are the ones to blame because there are plenty of General Boscos waiting in line to replace him, it's not JUST about M23 leaders, it's about the support they have been receiving from Kampala and Kigali and by proxy from United States.

Umoja kwetu said...
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Umoja kwetu said...

The split of m23 are Jason and co (Hege, Plamadiala , Breackman...) wishes and others fake solutions that come from them and are not looking on the roots pblm... they keep lying that this conflict is for the control of minerals..which is not any case as "expert of the Congo " why he doesn't want to provide information on others miliitas like mai-mai kifua fua, nyatura, rai-mutomboki, the fldr, and co...what about crime, rape, exactions committed by the FARDC and government of DRC and the said militias.Silence radio sinon complice.i think this blog should change the name like " The Blog against tutsi Congolese" and not divert people by fake name lake Congo siasa. If you look very well this blog is nowadays focused only on m23 (but trying to tarnish the rebellion), and three years ago it was focused on cndp with the same mission. No really information about siasa (politics) in Congo.

Sarah Pray said...

Hey Jason - it's not a bounty. The rewards program is for information that leads to a transfer, arrest or conviction. Although I love Bon Jovi, it's not "wanted dead or alive"...

congo man said...

@poemul .I can't agree with you more .the arest of BOSCO,MAKENGA ,MUDAKUMURA etc .is not going to make any difference on the ground .PAUL KAGAME ,YOWERI MUSEVENI and JAMES KABAREBE are the one wrecking havoc in that region .as long as those ruthless bloody dictators are around there will be no peace in east and Central Africa. The DRC has to get It's house in order and militarily confront this bloody killers once and for all if peace has to return to this region.

congo man said...

BOSCO NTAGANDA and LAURENT NKUNDA are both enjoying their blood money in KIGALI under the protection of PAUL KAGAME .instead of this fake bounty ,president OBAMA should'v just place a call to PAUL KAGAME and ask him to arest not just BOSCO but also NKUNDA,MAKENGA,MUTEBUSI and all the war criminals that he is harboring in Rwanda. Like the European did in SERBIA, I think the United States etc..shall also include the arest and hand over of war Criminals as a condition for continued aid to the RWANDAN dictatorship.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Its really pathetic that most people on this blog think that change in Uganda and Rwanda will bring prosperity to DRC. You're wrong as long as you waste your Precious energy on other countries yours will keep burning just like the author of this article wishes. Good luck getting peace.

Robert Lowery said...

I for one think that obummer should just stop being the police of the whole world. If the people want peace then the people should do it. We have our own problems here... Like 4 more month before we can never pay off our our debt. But that's just me!

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hey Jason i study this article and i think this is very meaningful article i understand something that m23 will never split as you wish.
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