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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The politics of the intervention brigade, from Pretoria to Kigali

The intervention brigade is on its way, and it has inspired Cassandras and Pollyannas alike. 

Most of the talk has focused on the military efficacy of the brigade, which will consist of 3,069 troops from southern African countries and will be led by a Tanzanian general. This focus is not surprising, given the robust mandate the Security Council provided in Resolution 2098 to "carry out targeted offensive neutralize [armed] groups."

The brigade is expected to deploy by June or July (around the same time as drones), with its base in Sake and operations probably beginning in the following months. But, despite the aggressive media campaign waged by M23 against the brigade, its political importance is likely to be as hefty as its (few) helicopter gunships and armed personnel carriers. As one Rwandan official put it to me: "Imagine the M23 kill ten South Africans. It doesn't matter whether we support the M23 or not, Zuma will blame us."The brigade forms a sort of political firewall––if the M23 puts it to shame, it will draw in some of the most powerful countries in the region into the conflict. 

This points to a larger dynamic: the regionalization of the conflict. Back in 1998-2003 the Congolese war drew in eight countries and effectively split the region between the enemies (Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi) and allies (Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe) of Kinshasa––we are obviously not back to that sort of escalation, but the intervention brigade makes this conflict more regional than at any point in the past decade. 

The big, muscular newcomer to the Kinshasa camp is South Africa. Two reasons can be made out: First, relations between Pretoria and Kigali have soured since the assassination attempts against General Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa in the middle of the FIFA World Cup in 2010, the country's most important international event in a generation. Secondly, the ANC government has become increasingly financially invested in the Congo––the energy-strapped country is particular intent on cornering access to Inga Dam hydroelectric projects (and Zuma is alleged to have personal interests in the oil sector in the Congo). Just last month, both countries put fina touches to a draft agreement that would give South Africa around 2,600 megawatts of power from the Inga II dam, around 6% of that country's current power supply. At full capacity, Grand Inga could produce up to 39,000 megawatts.  

South African involvement was particularly on show during the 2011 elections, which took place just weeks after a Kabila granted the South African government a contract for Inga III . Zuma was then one of the first presidents to congratulate Kabila for his victory, despite rampant irregularities. Then, when Uganda began facilitating peace talks with the M23 as chair of the ICGLR, South Africa and Angola (which has also just signed a lucrative offshore oil deal with Kinshasa), worried about Uganda and Rwanda's influence in the ICGLR, offered to send troops to Kinshasa's aid through SADC. Kabila reportedly believes that the brigade will help bring an end to the nettlesome M23 rebellion. 

Tanzania is more of a cipher––relations between Kikwete and Kagame have been strained in the past, but the country where Joseph Kabila grew up has been much less politically and economically involved in the Congo than South Africa. 

The arrival of the brigade will therefore introduce new political as well as military dynamics to the conflict. The M23 may well try to use another military offensive, either before or after the brigade's arrival, to gain political leverage. But while it is unclear whether the brigade will be able to live up to its ambitious military mandate, it comes with hefty political clout to back it up. 


Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping the South Africans cause less controversy in DRC than they did in the CAR!

congo man said...

I don't think SOUTH AFRICA will ever allow the repeat of BANGUI . also the alleged involvement of the DARFUR based Rwandan soldiers in that attack on South African peace keepers has just taken this situation to another level . also the endless FATWAS that the m23 has been issuing against the South African military ,has turned this to a domestic issue for President ZUMA and the ANC. That massacre of 13 south African soldiers in the CAR.has just motivated the South Africans to make GOMA a success .is the UN peacekeeping mission willing to take another humiliation by the Rwandan regime ?I don't know.but even though I don't trust MONUSCO ,this time they sim to be willing to put an end to this the ball is in Rwanda's camp. It's in Rwandas interest to just pull out his troupes,let his m23 fade away ,establish a good relationship with SADC and the DRC,or shoot themselves in the foot by reinforcing the m23 and pickup a losing battle with this coalition of the all ruthless dictator, I know PAUL KAGAME is going to commit a fatal mistake by picking up a fight with this coalition.

blaise said...

Interesting subject, so many parameters to consider, so many questions:Did Rwanda learned its lessons and will stay clear from ingerence?Will the GoDrc keep its side of the Addis' big bargain?Will the south Africans present during Goma fall fight this time?Will other militias disbanded when the Brigade will be operational?
I disagree about this statement "Angola (which has also just signed a lucrative offshore oil deal with Kinshasa)"
From my understanding, Angola didn't happily sign this offshore accord which will oblige it to share the revenue of the oil exploited in those blocks.It was their richest gisement and they exploited themselves.
I gather that's one of the reason they are not committed any troop to the BRI.
Another aspect to take into consideration,talking about the BRI efficiency is that when fighting an insurgency,one need boots on the ground to secure those territories you conquest. We are going back to the same problem about Fardc capacity building. As long as the chain of command is not structured in a way that plans are made and executed as intended, we will just shift a problem for another one.
It's interesting to note that:
- Uganda, 10 times smaller than Congo,had a military budget of 275 millions of dollars with 46,800 regular troops with a median wage of 1,028 dollars.(given they are part of the Amisson)
- Rwanda, 89 times smaller than Congo, had a military budget of 71,2 millions of dollars,with a median wage of 80 dollars.
-Congo, in contrast, just spent 163 millions in its military, with a median wage of 65 dollars.
I don't see how we will make it if we don't spent wisely at least 5 times more than Uganda,which is allegedly our staunch enemy.
Angola had a 3 BILLIONS in it's military and most East African Country are outspending us in their military,that's telling.

blaise said...

I love this one :"We cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein"

Dark Eldar said...

This one doesn't need a fortune teller! South Africa aleady contributes 1,214 troops to MONUSCO in addition to helicopters & engineering units. South Africa has also trained (FARDC) troops. In Feb. 2011. they formally handed over 2 Rapid Reaction Force Battalions (42 & 43)to Brig Gen Mbuayana, Director of Logistics of the FARDC. One year before that, a light infantry battalion trained by the US & overseen by Africom through its Special Operations Command component was established.

But still FARDC & MONUSCO have failed to contain M23 & other rebel groups! A betting man would not put much hope in the new intervention brigade.

blaise said...

Another alternative thinking about the BRI here

Unknown said...

Thanks Jason as ever for the insight.

For the records, it should be clarified that the “peace building UN brigade in DRC” is not the creation of UN, South Africa or even DRC. This was a suggestion by ICGL exraord. summit by Presidents Kagame, Museveni and JK. The UNSC later appropriated it and sanctioned it with a resolution.

Look, this UN brigade in DRC is an existential litmus test for the UN that will define its very future. It is about not only the prestige and authority of the UN itself, and but really the authority of its prominent members like the USA, France, UK… FAILING is not allowed here!

More importantly, NOW is no more time for yet another sophisticated armchair speculation on the Kivus tragedy WHILE kids continue to be killed and women raped. Today that there is a “three-pronged solution” that all (including UN,AU,ICGL, Rwanda, Uganda and DRC) have agreed upon : (a) Disarm all militias in Kivus, assist DRC in reforming especially its army and prevent the external interference by Rwanda and Uganda into DRC internal affairs. So the ONE AND ONLY QUESTION now is: how do we materialize this solution and save lives? Here is my 1 cent worth non-expert take:

(1) Rwanda claimed ready to “cooperate” in the AddisAbaba agreement. Now is time to prove it. JK has let RPF troops track their adversaries inside DRC on countless occasions, now Kagame should be asked to let FARDC and UN brigade track the “negative forces” from Rwandan side of the border.

(2) Recent facts (not theories) show that however powerful they first seem (refer to more powerful than M23, the Taliban in Kandahar, AlShabaab in Somalia or Maghreb Alkaida in Mali) no militias withstand a “concerted and decisive action” from the IC. A wish would be that our French friends lease to FARDC those “devilishly precise choppers” and our American friends those “nasty drones” of theirs!

(3) The DRCgov should stop being naïve. They should know that the “UN brigade” comes to support them and not to do their job! Right now Kagame is busy arming his M23 militia, what are they doing on their side? Busy drinking lotoko (Congolese local wine) with their makango (concubines)?

(4) The real solution remains the “sealing of that toxic DRC-Rwanda border of death”. DRCgov should no longer be fooled by those stupidities like “projets integrateurs” and the like. Let Rwanda get foreign aid or foreign debt (euro-bonds) and create another exotic nano-resort state like Cyprus (the bubble always bursts). It is none of our business. DRC needs to join Angola, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya or SouthAfrica to create a different Africa.


Kongo in NYC said...


There you go again, brother. What is it about this damn wall you like so much? I mean, on one hand you want to ensure our people thrive economically which, as you surely know, means a thriving East Congo. Yet, on the other hand, you want to make resurrecting an economy in the East that much harder by erecting an artifice along its borders?

You can't have it both ways, Muana.

And since you keep bringing it up, can you enlighten us about previous attempts at using a wall to safeguard the security of those who erected it?

Troy's Walls? Sure, it withstood a 10 year siege by the Greeks but it took one clever idea built with mere wood (with catastrophic danger hidden in that wood) to breach them.

Hadrian's Wall? Please. Germanic barbarians overran it and built their castles with the debris.

Chinese Wall? Likely the most wasteful engineering "feat" ever imagined. Lovely to look it but it didn't stop rivals to the Ming and Song Dynasty and most certainly didn't hold back Genghis Khan, the Western powers, or Japan.

Berlin Wall? You might have an argument here given it stood for so long, kept Soviet arms out of the heart of Western Europe, and stood for so much- mostly shame.

Israel's wall? Good lord where do we even begin. Hamas is STILL able to lobby missiles from Gaza to hit Israeli settlements, Israel continues to arrest potential terrorist after terrorist who pose as workers trying to get to work and at this point it feels like peacemaking in this long running conflict is basically prisoner exchanges instead of, you know, talking about who gets Jerusalem as a capital.

That ridiculous wall going up in San Diego? Well, if its working so damn well why are Americans going through yet another divisive immigration debate?

Look, let's trust this new process with the Brigade. And, more importantly, let's try to remember that at some point we Congolese will need to make peace with Rwandans and Ugandans since the fastest growing part of Africa, for alteast the next decade, is in the East.

In short, we need to start imagining a world without Kagame, and Museveni, and JK. And, to a considerable degree, the "regionalization" of this new Framework is meant to hasten it.

Unknown said...

@Kongo in NYC

I presumed that a “fence” between DRC and Rwanda would be warmly welcomed by worldwide anti-Congo brigade / Kagame supporters (whatever guises they take on). As that would “physically” prevent those imaginary billion-strong FDLR “genocidaires” to cross into Rwanda to kill Tutsis!

Look, the problem with DRCgov has been to have sat idle and quit on their bums, and being taken down beaten tracks. See how once they grafted a “single narrative” naming the aggressor and a forceful diplomatic effort, there have been a move, albeit tentative . Likewise, DRCgov should stop operating within externally defined parameters and theories. They should do what is practically obvious. How can the same people who cheer on Kagame and blame the Congolese dead, turn around and devise a “framework” for peace.

You talk of the “AddisAbaba agreement framework”. Can you tell me what that famous short and vague agreement hastily concocted by some UN bureaucrats in NY is all about? I sympathise with the respected Mrs Mary Robinson but I just can’t see what her role is! Or more important, “framework” is a generic term, just tell me what it means practically in this case. I have my own suspicion as to what they mean since they can’t spell it publically. As long as they can only hide behind vacuous phrases like “political solutions”,”root causes”, “underlying problems”, “framework”, it is fine with Congolese!

I have no problem with Kagame as a person, but Kagame as an ideology of death and destruction. People talk of building confidence or trust between DRC and Rwanda. How if Kagame and his kin are imbued with this racial ideologies where for Rwandan Tutsis to “feel good” non-Tutsi Congolese in the Kivus must be decimated? JK will leave power in 2016.Congo, Uganda or Angola are bound to be democratic. But in Rwanda, if by chance Kagame leaves in 2017, Mushikwabo or Kaberebe or some Hutu puppet will replace him.

To end, with today’s technologies erecting a fence between DRC and Rwanda is the only solution to the violence against Congolese people in the Kivus. Whatever our opinion on Israel-Palestine conflict, it is honest to acknowledge that though the fences can not prevent missiles lauches by Hamas or Hezbollah, “trespassing” has been “effectively “ reduce. But what I am proposing is a “demilitarized fenced zone” along DRC-Rwanda border “a la Korean peninsula” . Let Kagame live “insulated” in his “mille collines Kingdom” like Kim and let Congolese live in a “democratizing open society” like South Korea. JK should be charged with “treason” if he doesn’t erect this fence to save Congolese lives!


Unknown said...

@Kongo in NYC

Talking about East Africa region or economic activity in Africa generally…, it is wise to take IMF-sponsored sound bites with pinches of salt, they are always political. The real “structural change” in Africa happens in countries that are changing the “very colonial structure” of their economies whereby Africans take ownership. The IMF and friends don’t like it. They want us Africans to be for ever observers in our own countries and live of foreign aid, foreign aid, or even foreign investors.

Have you heard of Nigeria taking over South Africa as the biggest African economy in 2020 thanks to their policies of “ingenisation of their economy” (oil bill), today Nigerian conglomerates make Africa proud (Seplat,Oando, Dangote Group, Tigo, countless banks) are now part of the exclusively Western oil business (building oil refineries), telecoms, banking throughout Africa.

Have you heard of Angola virtually bailing out Portugal. With a debut $5 bil sovereign fund (equity not debt). Today Sonangol is a world oil major to be reckoned with. They are on their way to becoming a truly middle income country in fact not by IMF or own-kitchen statistics. As our sometime naughty little-sister, nevertheless we can solve our huge-instant-cash oil disputes peacefully, for now. They are investing heavily in DRC in property and industries (NovaCinagola bayout of CINAT(cement)).

The “black economic empowerment” policy in SouthAfrica has allowed some serious billionaires there, who today are helping to rebuild Congo. Too many to mention!

More importantly, have you heard of DR Congo, the indomitable? I read that Rwanda's tax revenues have been going up 20% per annum, fantastic! In comparison, in 2012 the DRC registered year-on-year a “5000%”. No its not a typo error, “5000%” (to $4.4 billions) growth rate of its custom duties alone ( COME IT IS NOT NEW in the int'l? Which other country in HISTORY has done IT, and a country at war against all?
The instauration of VAT there has surprised even its inceptors as this is projected to bring in +-$20bil. Forget mining and oil royalties for now! Look, this is Congo, we have done it before after 1960. Leave us alone and you will see how this inventive African (Congolese) people will stun the world in no time!

The point is African real rise will come NOT from “foreign patronage” BUT from “local African capitalists” as it happens in Nigeria, Angola, SouthAfrica and the Congo!
Maybe Congo’s rise will come from Congolese women who break ground like the first African minister in conservative Italy Cecile Kyenge ( or the first African minister in blond-blue-eyed of them all Sweden,Nyamko Sabuni ( . Look, we are Congolese all we need is peace and you will be amazed!


congo man said...

@ Congolese and Kongolese
I agreed with our friend Kizza when he called some of his Rwandes brothers to come out of the closests and stop posting as Kongolese and Congolese etc. But i also understand the frustration and desperation that is now leading some of our Congolese brothers to put their last hope on terrorists groupes like the m23. After 32 years of getting free rides and blank checks from the state I know it's not easy to get back in line with everyone else.this has led some of our brothers to naively and desperately think that people like KAZARAMA,RUNIGA,BERTRAND BISIMWA,LAURENT KUNDABATWARE ,MUTEBUSI,KAGAME,and KABAREBE etc are fighting and killing those Kivutiens in order to Rebuild VERSAILLES in the JUNGLE , rise our former kings from the dead ,restore our (PARTI ETAT) and bring back ubsolute power to our NORTH WESTERN country man and woman .the bad news is that times have changed and there will never be a return to 1961 or 1965. If you are Congolese like you are claiming ,we are all in this together.even our Charming prince JP B . is now calling for the Country to unite against our Common enemy .if you are Congoles I think you understand what I am talking about .you have the wright to your dream but i don't think PAUL KAGAME and his m23 terrorists will ever help you achieve your dream .

blaise said...

Interesting development on the ground where some m23 insurgents are deserting the mouvement, prompting the group to allegedly set camp just in front of a Monusco base. Today, radio okapi is reporting that one of the S2(Intel) reintegrated the fardc. In a normal army that will be a master strike. Who better can give you the insight of an organisation than the spy master? Unfortunately, the fardc don't seem 2 put a lot of weights on intelligence. I remember we had one of the early top commander of the m23(Ringo) but it didn't make any difference when Goma fall.

Unknown said...

The intervention brigade shall be success or failure is a big question. The brigade had put its points on meeting few top individuals and taken decision to fight against the armed groups present in all of the Eastern Congo. But it is always to measure pros and cons. And the decision seems to have gone with out carrying our complete study. At present the FARDC is not deployed over 100% of the area. They are not having the responsibility and effective operational efficiency even in 2% of the eastern DRC. There is no village or provincial administration existing in almost 95% of this land. The local youth mainly formed these forces which were termed as armed groups. But large number of them are protected and fed by the people of the land itself. The pastors, rich persons and all those who can contribute are in favour of sustenance of those armed cadres. The armed cadres at large are made of young population with age from 12 years to 30 years and they all have seen the war from their childhood days. At many parts these armed cadres have been successful in moving out the foreign groups such as FDLR and M23. Most of them have expressed their desire to integrate with FARDC. But still the decision of FARDC is not yet come. At present the individuals of local armed cadres are functioning as village defence committee. They are striving hard in their capacity for the development of their land. They have been till now identified as "the sons of soil" and "the protectors of the land". It is only few hypocritic individuals who are taking benefit of such a situation. With the intervention brigade coming in and fighting against the local armed cadres, is a really big question in the process of maintenance of law and order of this province. The questions still float in the minds of people. Firstly what shall happen when the local armed groups get killed? Who shall be there for maintenance of law and order? What impact the common population will have when they see that their protectors and sons get killed by a military force which is mainly foreign? Which all armed groups are the targets of intervention brigade? Is there any administration remaining or in process of construction that shall support the eastern Congo? Shall there be chance given to them to surrender or get integrated with FARDC? Most of them had same as that of FARDC.. to fight against the foreign armed groups and protect their land... Being only in Masisi, Sake and Goma is not going to solve the problem... The life of many innocent individuals is at stake... someone responsible has to carry out his study in detail... else there shall be no difference in "Genocide" and "Controlling the situation".

blaise said...

Looks like the chinese contracts are in some trouble. I forgot to be precise last time: a chinese bank(probably State controlled) disburse the money with the 101 catch that only chinese contractors can bid to execute different projects on the ground. Maybe that explain why those projects are not going as fast as they were supposed to.

david said...

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Unknown said...

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Kongo in NYC said...

@Unknown- You raise a fine point and questions. A major weakness of the Framework, from my understanding of it at least, are benchmarks of governance for Kinshasa. Since governance is THE problem in our homeland, I’m really hoping that whoever replaces Meece starts bargaining real hard with folks in Kinshasa to get very serious about providing basic administration in North and South Kivu- consistent and regular surveys of the population (births, deaths, marriages, divorces, land transfer and sales) land, and businesses; a clear, fair, efficient and transparent tax regime; an effective police force and court system; and the provision and maintenance of public goods (roads, electricity, schools, clinics). I’m sensitive to the concerns of people who take up arms to defend the land and people against foreign groups. But, as with foreign groups, there must be ONE authority with the power of life and death over our people- the Congolese State and NOONE else.

@Blaise- While execution of both the deal and the various projects in the deal have been problematic, over all the China Deal is still a good one for our homeland. The problem, as is so often the case in the DRC, is governance. Building all those roads, railways, schools, and clinics are real investments in the country and, even with much of it being done by the Chinese, will revitalize the domestic economy. And the more experience local Congolese get in building this stuff, the more likely we will see smart and ambitious Congolese strike out as subcontractors which, over time, may end up as large building contractors like Hyundai or Samsung. Indeed, those two companies that now build roads, electricity and water systems, ports, nuclear reactors and, ofcourse, cars and cellphones, began as subcontractors to Japanese firms during Korea’s colonial period. I see similar things happening w/ the Chinese. But again, its really time for Kinshasa to start detailing how all these infrastructure projects fit into ONE MASTER PLAN based on clearer ECONOMIC GOALS. I guess I don’t feel clear how all this stuff integrates with major population centers, major farming areas, potential manufacturing centers, the Congo river trading system, and whatever comes of the Inga electricity projects into one master infrastructure backbone for the country. And I am also not clear about the plan to educate, train, retrain, and consistently pay the folks to MAINTAIN all the schools, clinics, and roads. Honestly, if I’m not clear, I’m confident not a single Congolese small farmer or trader is either. It’s alot like building public housing for the poor on the cleaner or greener outskirts of a city yet forgetting to extend transit lines, road upgrades, and sewer lines to the housing.

This is all to say that we need a clear set of economic goals (short, mid, and long term), a set of plans to reach those goals, and then a real healthy dose of good governance to carry out the plans so that the China deal is implemented well and doesn’t become a “bridge to nowhere”.

Honestly, it really can’t be that hard to say “By X year, we will produce Y amount of copper” or “By X year, we will produce Y amounts of soy and palm oil” or even “By X year, we will produce Y tons of cotton fabric” ....and create human and physical infrastructure plans to reflect those economic goals.

blaise said...

@ Kongo in NYC
I like the idea on principle: mortgaging family jewels in order to upgrade our network.I never care about "Congo is a geological scandal" nonsense since we heard that our whole life but most of us don't benefit from those wealth.
I don't think those who signed the deal had a clear idea of what they want to achieve.
If you look at pg 15 of the document provided below, you may notice that Equateur,Bandundu and Province Orientale are vastly ignored.That brings the problem of integration.
You may also notice the road between Lushi and Bunia to be build. I will have prefer a backbone linking up mbandaka to kisangani and mbuji mayi first.
And there is this question of priorities. Was it necessary to expand bld du 30 juin and Lumumba first? and what about rehabilitating the exchanger? Was it necessary?
A lot to ask.

Unknown said...

@The brave Congolese people

As Congolese, lets be proud. We did IT! What they couldn’t ACHIEVE through the GUN they now think they can ACHIEVE it through propaganda and the so-called FRAMEWORK. “TO BE CONTINUED”! Let them use DRCgov /JK as a PROXY to fight Congolese people, as we say in Congo: Zerooo!

Anyways, in a FAIR world, Congolese people should be given a STANDING OVATION as No other people in HISTORY has achieved what Congolese have, though instead it’s the usual propaganda, uncountable reports and scorn! TENONS BON!

One, for some of us who are “proudly” born and bred in “Congo Cherie”, we are proud that our people suffering has bottomed up now. Today, its not whether “fonctionaires” can get their salaries (“bancarisation”), its rather how much the salary is! Its not whether roads will be built, its rather WHEN! Kinshasa and Lubumbashi have been “pilot models”. In Congo they say: “Chinois aza moninga na yo te”.This is the BIGGEST COMPLEMENT CHINESE can get from Africans; as its literally means: Chinese don’t come to Africa to play, they work (day and night) and whatever they pledge Chinese DELIVER. Whatever China-Congo negotiations there is, there will always be a WIN-WIN SETLLEMENT. Chinese are Africa friends.
Two. Now, the IMF and WB have FINALLY realized that Congolese people (Africans) were not those “genetically corrupted Africans” . They were not lying about those deals. To be continued!
Be proud Congolese people, be proud and fight on. The propaganda will soon reach its natural END!


Unknown said...

muanacongo: LOL!

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blaise said...

Congo is so rich that our government had allegedly just lost 1,6 billions. One got to do it,bravo, we don't need governance in Congo but enjoy staying abroad. #hypocrites

ps the link for the complete report is provide at the end of the article

Anonymous said...

I would agree with the notion that the China deal, on balance, is a net positive for the Congolese.

And I also agree it isn’t being managed too well though, in my dealings with officials as a palm orchard investor in Bas Congo, that isn’t for want of skill and dedication at the local level- the problem is in Kinshasa.

And yes, a master infrastructure backbone/plan is long overdue.

But, with reports about the plight of women and widespread and deep malnutrition in nearly every part of the Congo, I believe its probably better to focus less on “X number of soy raised” and more on assisting family farmers to raise their basic food production.

The Congolese need assistance on raising more food and more kinds of food- particularly dairy and meat protein. This would effectively mean more income from higher production which means more women and families will have the means to pursue education and skills, raise healthy babies, have greater access to healthcare and contraception, more autonomy over their lives, etc. And ofcourse, more rural income will have a multiplier effect within the entire economy given most Congolese live on a small farm.

So, to just amend your goals a bit Kongo NYC, I’d like to see things like…

By X year, we will produce Y amount of corn
By X year, we will produce Y amount of yams
By X year, we will produce Y amount of poultry and eggs
By X year, we will produce Y amounts of powdered and liquid milk

The real “geological scandal” are not the minerals deep in Congo's deep red soils.

It is its remarkable, dynamic, and welcoming people and its dazzling fertile soils.

And lastly, I am beyond thrilled South Africans and Tanzanians are getting into the fray with the “Framework”. In my view, that’s checkmate to Uganda and Rwanda and will encourage some long overdue come to Jesus moments from Kigali and Kampala.

blaise said...

you have an interesting approach here. I just see a little problem : local consumption and buying power.Our local production doesn't necessary feed locals since 1.neighbor countries(especially south of our borders) have chronic food shortage 2.good worth more at the export.
There is a lot of great ideas out there from Congolese, I believe it's all about coordination of those initiatives. I can forsee another danger looming: that we crush the export economy of the neighbors when we will be up and running.
Here is the latest project by the gov abt special economico/industrials zones.

Unknown said...

LOL! It is funny just how worldwide Kagamists spend time fishing for the now monotonous “negativity about Congo” on the Internet. Reports, reports, reports… “Toza kuna te!”. That is baby, nurse it! What matters to us Congolese is how to “solve our many challenges”. One is glad that somehow the DRC administration has understood this and ignores you people “royally”!

What is important is not what you do or where you live. It is rather the pertinence of the “issues” that you raise and not just the “usual little boring gutter Kagamist propaganda”. You may hate the DRC, please “dear Kagamist lords or ladies” contradict the “objective facts and figures” I present about the astonishing economic resurgence of the DRC. All macroeconomic metrics are fine! I say, many years before the Kabilas came to power, “fonctionaires” (civil servants) were no longer paid: today they are being paid, albeit peanuts to just RESTART. The parastatal companies that made Congo the most important African economy minus SA in the 1970, are now being rehabilitated: Gecamines (balance sheet recapitalisation by Chinese banks), Kilomoto (reincarnation KibaliGold by RandGold), Miba (buyout by Chinainvestors), SNCC(ex-SNCZ), SCTP (ex-ONATRA)… and so on!

Look, someone who comes on this august CongoSiasa forum and stupidly claims that the Zambian bond auction was “unsuccessful”, how can I debate with a clueless and pitiful bloke like that? Somehow in your universe, in Africa, its only Rwanda that is doing well, pity! Now listen on and learn: the Zambian $750 bond issue not only was it the largest order book for sub-Saharan Africa, but also at 5.375% it was the lowest coupon, that is the most favourable price for investors. Case closed!

Keep propagandising, Congo is marching on whether you like it or not!


blaise said...

Throughout human history, I can't recall anyone being a patriot and defending his country remotely, in the comfort other people country.
A lot of people will call it cowardice.
Nevertheless, it's understandable that english being the second language for some otherwise poorly educated individual, it hard to grasp nuances in arguments and therefore come up with stupid conclusions.
It's interesting to point out that Congolese law specify that anyone who take a foreign nationality automatically lost it's citizenship hence lose any right as congolese.
I respect people like Mvemba Dizolele or Kambale Musavuli who are not contempt with their secure life but take risks for their country of origin,THATS PATRIOTISM.
If you want to give a lesson to people or feel that ALL CONGOLESE gave you the authority to decide who can talk about Congo or how one can talk about Congo, maybe you can also tell us what you did for Congo lately.
Instead of cowardly attacking people on a block, how about growing some balls and go defend your country?
That's the last time I advice you to stay clear of my comments. I respect disagreement but I don't have any patience for stupidity. Because of people like you, Congo is the laughing stock of the world. Maybe your kins are in power and enjoying those 7 % growth because for the rest of us it's hardship.
Take time in the country where you are hiding to add some education and respect for people.

blaise said...

I remember 6 years ago or so, there was a big rally in Brussel by congolese so called combattants. Over a thousand people gathered to profess their love for Congo. When a collect was organize to support the cause, only 100 dollars was raised.
So before one lectured others about Country and patriotism, maybe an hard look in the mirror should be appropriate.
I don't see the point of lauding a government actions when it's obvious there is a lot to do and facts on the ground don't show that our leaders are taking radical steps to get us where we should be. It's not because chauvinism is the norm that it's right. "Wrong is wrong even when everybody does it, right is right even when nobody does it"(Loosely from Martin Luther King jr)
Beside, who made you people judge? Nobody as to justify from your bigot self. Get your own life together first.

congo man said...

@muana Congo
Thank you brother .I can't agree with you more.

congo man said...

@ blaise
The so called combattants are a bunch of ignorant neo NAZIS wana be .brainwashed by NGBANDA and other extremists MOBUTISES losers and so called opposition figures who spent over 3 decades running that Country to the ground and don't give a shit about the fact that groupe has been hijacked by Kagame and they represent les than 0% of the congolese diaspora.

Unknown said...

Wow, now this is getting weird! Somewhat odd that at one point I am told that I am married to a “white old lady”, then I am “uneducated” and now that I must “ get my own life together”. I swear my 6 year-old daughter “reasons” far better than this. But why can’t you just challenge the “incongruence or falsehood” of any of my statements and I have than yours?

CongoSiasa exchanges have revealed to me just how “Kagame people” have a weird way of reasoning. You tried to oppose my argument about the role of infrastructure in the ongoing DRC’s economic revival, then you make song and dance about Rwanda’s euro-bond which is intended for guess what : infrastructure (airport…). It is good for Rwanda but not for Congo! Look, I don’t know what you are doing for a living (don’t want to), but judging by how you “roll”, it is clear that finance (Zambian bond imbecility), economics (cluelessness about catalytic role of infrastructure), and above all a good rational analysis are “beyond your ken”. Son, stick to your knitting!

Bring not Congolese individuals into this, defend your argument. Leave out, the Congolese young hero Kambale Musavuli. Leave out Mvemba Dizolela, though I may have my reservations about his links with int’l anti-Congo campaigners like Howard Buffet (ECI, though respect to Ben Affleck ), but as an “authentic NeKongo” Dr Mvemba is entitled to flay JK all he wants (he is always sensible).

For far too long, hiding behind vacuities like leardership or governancve, you people have been holding out to the world a “maliciously fatalistic image of Congolese people”, vilifying them and delegitimising their institutions. Kagame likes to ask on int’l media where are Congolese? Here we are!

“Congo is rising once again”, you can’t do nothing about it. We will continue to call int’l tourists and investors to come to the “real Congo”, just as I observed on int’l media the CEO of the top-world-major RandGold (KibaliGold) Mark Bristow vigorously advocating for investing in Congo (they are doing wonders in Province Orientale). Above all, we want PEACE FOR OUR PEOLE IN THE KIVUS so we can be whole again. So as anti-Congo propaganda goes on, Congolese bastards like me shall be keeping you company!

It seems you once lived in Congo so you can read this: “a propos des parchments academiques, ici c’est la pointure au dessus”.Keba!.

Thanks bro


congo man said...

I think Mvemba Dizolele is just a tribaliste who just don't care about the suffering of what he calls those people from the east .I see him as someone who just running around bashing JK and nothing else.

blaise said...

First of all, thank you for keeping the conversation civil even though you disagree with me. That's how adults interact in a civilization.
As for the so called combattants, I won't necessary share your conclusion since there is two different groups that are antagonists per nature:Udps/al and Apareco/co.
About mister Dizolele, I personally didn't hear him talking about people from the East in such derogatory way. But when it comes to Jk, I will guess that he shares my frustration of seeing the great Congo ridiculed by it's neighbors and the world while the government in place is not doing ENOUGH to restore our pride.
I followed his hearing before the senate committee and he clearly stated the problem of invasion and the failure of our government to react appropriately.
Maybe being close to the military makes us seeing things differently. The aim is not to denigrate Congo but point out where we can do better. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what other are doing to undermine our efforts but what WE ARE DOING to defeat these evils.
Let's keep it civil.

blaise said...

@so called muana congo
"Soki olingi ko solola na mutu ya liboma,longola bilamba na yo nioso".Is that sounds Congolese enough?
I don't recall talking abt a "white lady " as your spouse.Must be one of your kind who did that. I have the impression that you don't read much of what is coming out of Congo and what people are actually discussing.
1.About the Zambian bond imbecility, I believe an exegetique explanation is necessary for you to understand the nuance of the english language. Here is my statement, in response of a brilliant analysis by a clever Congolese(Kongo in Nyc):
"the bond was relatively successful,not quite like Zambia"
RELATIVELY SUCCESSFUL means it wasn't a fiasco but one cannot necessarily call it a success.
When you add that to QUITE LIKE ZAMBIA, the whole sentence read:"the Rwanda bonds wasn't a great success as it's initiators predicted, in contrast with the actual success of the Zambia bonds"
That will explain the subsequent answer from @jay papi, which just emphasized the point(success of Zambia vs lukewarm reception of Kigali).By the way, those bonds has nothing to do with an airport(read please),it's about a convention center and an electrical plant in lac kivu.
2. Kinshasa didn't issue any bond for infrastructure.(read again). I just point out that from the map I had(read the link,page 15) most of those infrastructures are concentrated around the East of the country while the center and the north are left out. Now you tell me what kind of shit is that?
3. Apparently you don't even know that the government signed a contract with chinese partners(not the state of China) which are financed by a chinese bank(Exim bank). That makes those chinese "contractors", per se individuals not state representatives.
4.You talk about arguments? Where are they? You are known for easy insults and insipidus remarks,not arguments.

blaise said...

Let's take your economic fallacy "congo is rising'. So according to you, Congo is developing because of the number of skyscrapers in Kinshasa. How about Mbandaka?Kisangani?
7% growth is great but it meaningless if the majority is still struggling. Even MP Matata recognized it.
You don't have any arguments, only non sense to cover your ignorance. Why don't you campaign for Congo like those young men in America. Are you afraid your arguments(or the lack of it) will expose who you are: an frustrated gentleman who cannot live his ideals?
There is no shortcut here, tell us, since you are the one who cares about Congo: what have you done in your capacity to help congolese?
Did you participated in the relief effort initiated by the government to help the East? Are you a paying member of the Heal Africa hospital? Did you fundraising for the Red Cross effort to Congo? Are you helping pay for the rangers in the Virunga park? Are you writing essays in your local paper to bring awareness about Congo?
If you don't do any of those, you are an usurpateur. I don't sincerely see how you are helping Congo seating in the comfort of your house, enjoying your Tequilla while people are dying in the Country where you used to be citizen.

blaise said...

Btw, I most of the time have difficulties to understand your "arguments" maybe a bullet point will help me to address your mostly undocumented opinions.

blaise said...

for your information, "Ne Kongo" is reserved to those members of the Kongo Kingdom, in this case Bas Congo. My understanding was that your illustre ancestors were most likely from the Lunda kingdom,being Congolese doesn't make you a Ne kongo.
Are you following the economic panorama in Radio Okapi? Didn't you heard that Kibati was in verge of bankruptcy? I value of the Gold is going down because Europeans countries are dumping their reserves in the market. Apparently one of us is really clueless.
Did you heard that Beni was attacked yesterday? Jk is doing a good job,isn't it?

blaise said...

Btw, like i told you before, I really careless about your comments a la Imana Ingulu/Lambert Mende. I'm stimulated by intelligent arguments not soporific fantaisies. I enjoy reading Richie boy and others smartly correcting my "negativity". I don't have time for wishful thinkers unless I'm directly indicted by their malicious attacks.
PEACE. I won't entertain this idiocracy anymore. Will just apply the answer reserved to imbeciles.

Rich said...

@ Blaise; Mwana Congo; Congoma -

Please, stop wasting valuable ammo on endless blue-on-blue / friendly fire. Thank God, unlike others, you do not seek to exterminate one another with extreme violence.

Still this is not time to indulge on blue-on-blue; please!


blaise said...

you're absolutely right. My ego got the better of me here. Moving on.

Unknown said...


Thanks for your wisdom as always. I am also glad that you know too well that our niceties as Congolese have got us in this trouble. DRCgov’s indecisions and silence killed us. Now it should be “omoni ndoki belela!”. That hoodwinking “Richie boy” by “Ya Jean” and other “Congo-love-pretenders” on CongoSiasa made Kaberebe chief of staff in Congo. And millions of Congolese now perish in the Kivus. “Debout Congolais!”

(1)Argument: Jobs and prosperity don’t fall from the skies, and with post-Mobutu chaos, painful reforms had to be undertaken to stabilise macroeconomic situation FIRST (Kudos to Muzitu). After unbearable sacrifices by Congolese people, now inflation, exchange rate, foreign reserves…are controlled. Raising internal revenues is now surprisingly possible. Now is the time for micro-economy (bread and butter for our people). For this, Congo deserves “support” not “reports”!

- Gold price bleep. Look, commodities price falls/rises (fluctuations) are what makes daily markets’ operations. Nothing new. Companies like RandGold have derivative instruments (futures, options, swaps…) to hedge against risk.

(1)(Didn't you heard that KibaliGold (RandGold) was on verge of bankruptcy? ). A "wish" so that our people in P. Orientale lose livelihoods and you feel good in Kigali about your ennemy JK! Here are “current facts”: earlier than predicted KibaliGold (or Kilomoto) is to produce first ounce of gold in decades there by end of this 2013 (7 million tonnes of ore per year to produce around 600 000 ounces of gold) (
. Just this last Tuesday, RandGold rating was upped by investors and its share price traded up 1.60%(

Talking about renewed investor confidence in Congo, after NovaCinangola buyout of Cinat, here is PPC ltd (Africa’s biggest cement producer) and with China’s building one of the biggest green field plant there this year (1 million metric tons) (

If I was a former Rwandan child soldier I would stick to that and not venture into that which I don’t understand!

Look, Rich u and I don’t read about Congo on the internet and comment. We go there “routinely” and have relatives in 4 or 5 provinces. And these int’l investors who are investing $bils there against the rampant anti-Congo propanga, know better!

A non-Congolese would never get it. As I gather, Mvemba Phezo Dizolele is a “MuKongo” name like Mvemba a Nzinga (King Afonso I). So he is a NeKongo. What is difficult to understand there? A Congolese like Congolese who sees Mvemba as a tribalist understands it!


Unknown said...


its PPC and China's Sinoma who are building that gigantic cement plant in Congo.

An Internet-Congolese would never get it. As I gather, Mvemba Phezo Dizolele is a “MuKongo” name like Mvemba a Nzinga (King Afonso I). So he is a NeKongo. What is difficult to understand there? A Congolese like brother Congoman who sees Mvemba as a tribalist understands it!

Rich said...

Biso na biso toboma moto ndeko -

Soki kopotana tokoki kosal'ango ata na kiyanda tala kaka! Botimbela que badongolo miso balingaka boye ebongo bapiolola lisusu que biso bazaza toyokanaka te.

Mela mayi ya pio toleka.


blaise said...

That's so pathetic!We got a long way to go with such bigotry.

blaise said...

@ rich
Le yaya akoki ko avancer argument te sans kofinga. Biso to kola na biso bongo te.nako kipeye te.

Unknown said...


Longonia ndeko.

Awa (MAY 16, 2013 AT 10:50 AM ), Argument (1) nafingi ko nani? Bango nde bafingi ngai. Nani ango nafingi na thread oyo. Obandi nakobanda, sima kolela te! Nzinzi ya molangi, bakokoka ngai te!
Eyokani ndeko Rich. Kuna lisusu te. To leka!

Most important, to freedom to Congolese people in the Kivus!


blaise said...

The only thing that matters is WHAT ONE IS CONCRETELY DOING FOR PEOPLE FROM THE EAST DRC. Talk is cheap,action is a better ounce to judge one love for his country.Less than that is a waste of people time.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Unknown said...

you fake congo professionals wanna be make me lough I mean you sit behind the screens acting like the tru patriots of congo when its actually the opposite.plaise sounds more intellectual about congo problems so is mel the rest of you on this blog r just a can you expect miracles in your country when you elect taxi drivers to lead you..

Unknown said...

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