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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kabila's choice: reforms or survival?

Following the national concertations in Kinshasa in early October, President Kabila gave a speech in which he announced, in the interest of national unity, the formation of a "government of national cohesion." Now, a month later, there are signs that Kabila will move soon to set up this government. When he does so, he will have a difficult choice: keep the current prime minister and maintain course on state reforms; or bring in someone who can help him rally the political elite around him.

Prime Minister Matata Ponyo, who has been in office since April 2012, has been able to make modest progress on improving governance, especially with regards to the economy and state finances. He is particularly popular with the donor community, who think that he has been able to name some competent technocrats to various ministries and has inspired a new élan in government. Many soldiers and state officials are now paid directly through bank accounts and through mobile cash transfers; ministers are more transparent in their interactions with journalists; and inflation has remained negligible. (Although the cours des comptes recently released a damning audit of state finances.) If Kabila wants someone who can keep up this progress, then Matata and his team might be the best bet.

But is this Kabila's priority? The president is about the plunge into a difficult period in the run-up to the end of his term in 2016. Due to constitutional term limits, he will then have to hand over the reins to someone else or change the constitutional term limits––which is explicitly forbidden by Article 220 of the 2006 constitution. A third option is also increasingly being floated: just deferring elections, much like Gbagbo did in the Ivory Coast, for several years, using the national census and funding problems as a pretext.

As the president enters into this turbulence, it may be more important to have a prime minister who can rally the fractious political elite around him, so they can back whatever delays or legal changes he wants to push through. The current prime minister is a competent technocrat, but (in part, precisely because he comes from a technical background) he does not have much of a political base or the ability to mobilize key power-brokers. What's more, he has angered many bigwigs by clamping down on some of the corruption rackets they were running, and by insisting that heads of political parties are now allowed to participate in the government themselves. In other words, he has made a lot of enemies who are now clamoring for his departure, and the president may be looking for a different skill set in his next PM.


Dave Tshim said...

Less than a month since President Kabila gave his speech in response to recommendations made by the concertateurs nationales, it is just both too soon and too short to make any sound speculation on what the roadmap to 2016 presidential elections may or may not look like, not least for a country whose leadership ever changed the Constitution in the same year the general elections were scheduled.

Lichocho said...

Correct insight.
In the inerest of kabila himself and the runing of the country, Matata still stand a better chance.
This technocrate has made impact in implamenting some keys reforms in finance and economy.

congo man said...

President Kabila needs to think very carefully before he makes his decision. Getting read someone like Matata will back fire no matter what. Matata has brought hope to the Congolese people and I think his popularity if pulled can reach 95%.he has also managed to reduce the mistrust that existed between the DRC and the so called International community and managed to raise investors confidence .This man is what the country need if we want to move ahead .my advice to to try Russia' s VLADIMIR PUTIN system (back of and let MOISE KATUMBI and MATATA PONYO ) run the show for 10 years. then come back if you want. Mr president you're still very young .ten years from now you will still be young and strong. You have a loyol army that will ensure your security and that of your young family. That's my advice mister president and I hope you take your time and think about it.

Bayeke said...

1500 soldiers with Makenga have surrendered in Uganda. 1500 ???? is this a joke.
Integrate them into the FRDC and disperse them all over Congo as far away as possible from the border with Rwanda.
Send them to Kabeya kamwanga, Nyunzu, Mwene ditu, Dilolo, Kipushi etc… and see if Kagame’s continuing Machiavellian machinations to destabilize the DRC will succeed.
The tenacity of a megalomaniac???

congo man said...

Most people would like to see many of those so called dinosaurs (thieves) who spent years emptying state coffers, get arrested and most of their assets frozen .the last thing we (the people) want is to see those thieves back in power. Impunity must stop if we want to build a strong nation. If president kabila want to loose all the popularity that he is getting from the military victory. He can go ahead ,with that suicidal plan of bringing back the corrupt old dinosaurs and help lunch Congo's spring or take my advice and retire a la VLADIMIR PUTIN and become a hero. If that's not possible, the people will forgive him for amending the constitution if that's the only way to let MATATA keep his reforms going for the next 6 years.

congo man said...

No .some of those terrorists need to stay in Uganda where they came from and the rest can go back to Rwanda and rejoin their Families. MAKENGA and the rest of their leadership must be transfered not to the So called ICC but to MAKALA , get locked in and the keys shall be thrown far away in the PACIFIC OCEAN.

Unknown said...

So, the criminal Makenga flees to Rwanda with remaining 150 M23 troops with a huge arsenal. He is too much of “hot potato” for daddy Kagame. Kagame spills him out and calls big bro Museveni. Suddenly, Makenga shows up in Uganda with a swollen +- 2000 “nearly unarmed” army, most of whom are jobless youngsters and economic fugitives from TZ.

Good news for all is that as Min. Mende emphasizes, there will be a “Kampala Declaration” to acknowledge the end of rebellion by M23 and not any “Kampala Agreement” with this “negative force”. Here Min. Tshibanda reveals what this “Declaration” looks like: (

Now “Big mouth” Museveni has no choice but to hand over all the “Congolese” criminals so they face JUSTICE!

As for majority of these +-2000 “wannabe Congolese”, well, few tests of “Congolite” will determine who is Congolese and who is not so they can be integrated into society not the army. One is to cross-examine their biography; another is their “Kivutian Kiswahili knowledge and accent”. Just as American (even inside US itself), English (even inside England itself), Irish, Scottish, East-West-African “Englishes” are different, Kivutian Kiswahili is distinct from Uganda’s, TZ’s even from Katanga’s inside Congo. Does Rwanda speak Kiswahili? The point is: Congo shall no longer be a dumping site of “unwanted citizens” from Kagame-Rwanda!


As for this reading of JK’s mind or rather honestly the speculations about his intentions , I wish I also had the crystal ball. I fully agree with Congoman on that wise advice to JK about President Putin (respect of electoral cycle).

Also, I am always amazed how people generally misunderstand Congo’s particular political dynamics and realities. Look, as a huge country like USA or Russia, politics or popularity in Congo are a “local affair”. Importantly and sad for me, with no “major middle class” like in the USA, electoral choices are not yet issued-based but a matter of parochialism, identity and money. The strategist/banker late Katumba was the only one to understood that unlike most of the Kin’s superficial analysts and professors!
Offline, I have my own suggestion of a strategy and a favorable potential “winning team” to succeed JK. So Rais please call, and only pay when it works.LOL!


Bayeke said...

@congo man.
I agree.
I should have said "IF [VERY BIG IF] THEY ARE TO BE INTEGRATED THEY SHOULD BE DISPERSED..." Taking into account possible international pressures on DRC.

Unknown said...

Matata should be kept and should remain in charge of finances. It is time for more professionalism and a concerted and focused fight again incompetence and corruption. Have Matata pick the best based on their qualifications.

Unknown said...

@congo man: Dontt put Makenga in Makala, he will escape, he should be transferred to ICC as his buddy Ntanganda, Nkunda and Mutebesi should follow too. Do not put them in Makala as they will escape as did Kabila presumed killer associate.

Anonymous said...


Actually, I think the reason electoral politics panders to the lowest common denominator in the DRC isn't because your average Congolese doesn't have a degree from a state university, works in a business, lives in a suburb w/ 2.5 kids, two cars, and now has a interracial gay couple living next door.

We have the pandering because of a particularly cynical political class that has absolutely nothing but contempt for the Congolese who they claim to serve. Is it so hard to present a platform of ideas about how they might, I dunno, end school fees so that near 8 million Congolese children who currently don't attend school can? Is it such a stretch to present some ideas about how they might increase a farm family's income by, I dunno, signing a trade deal with the USA or Kenya?

I guess it must be real damn hard to campaign on ideas cuz God knows we got exactly ZERO of that in 2011, right?

Please. The issue really isn't the economic or educational attainment of the Congolese.

It's the utter selfishness, depravity, and just plain nastiness of the so-called Congolese political class.

Really, Muana. Try to have some modicum of respect for the Congolese, ok?

@Congo Man

Pull a Putin? Or you serious? Are you paying attention to how Russia, a once great power, is fairing these days? What did you think of those nearly daily protests in Red Square last year? If you truly believe the Congolese deserve to be free than you must resist any and all efforts to tamper with the very tract of their liberation- the 2005 Constitution- as deeply and as passionately as you resist Rwandan aggression.

Anything short of that and you are a hypocrite for what is the point of even having a "Democratic Republic" of Congo if it isn't "democratic" or "republican".

What is the matter with you??!


congo man said...

@mulumba and muanacongo.
I will agree with muanacongo on the location .deep in the jungle will be good.or underground in a very secured secret location...
About the ICC .I just don't believe in that kangaroo court .FATU BENSUDA and her masters shall go after real criminals (PAUL KAGAME and YOWERI MUSEVENI ) or go hang. I mean this. Africans needs to stand together in opposing that shameful imperialist kangaroo Court with a very inti African agenda. These Nazis need to leave Africans alone . mostly those two innocent Kenyan leaders , RUTO and KENYATA.they shall leave them alone and go after real criminals not only in Africa but also in Europe , all the Amercas from north to south...if they need some kind of credibility with Africans.

Kongo in NYC said...

We are with you, Mel.

It simply is not possible to have the deepest well of love, hope, and loyalty for the people of the Congo if you believe it is "ok" to weaken their rights and freedoms as provided by the Constitution. Sure, the rule of law is mostly a joke in the DRC but it is increasingly one that isn't funny anymore for our people. And the so-called Congolese who comment on this blog want to keep the joke going AND do it in Russian?

Article 220 is clear as day and should it be amended I can guarantee we will have both an internal and external crisis that will largely be of our own making.

congo man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Mel and Kongo in NYC,

To me you are just villains dressed in white suits. I don't believe you have any interest in the development of Congo. Denying Vladmir Putin's achievement in remaking Russia as a powerful nation is stupid and dishonest. Anyway, you serve your patron, Kagame, and you are ashamed that he is no longer taking your phone calls.

Muana Congo and Congo man are genuinely giving Kabila a good advice to let the DRC constitution run it course. JK will face unprecedented opposition if he tries to amend the Constitution and run again after his term. Despite few cynics, JK has brought some development to Congo. If he wants prepare a long lasting legacy, he has to play by Putin's rule. Go away after your term, prepare your succession, then return to power in a constitutional way. Seriously, Mr. Rais, JK, no one will support you if you go ahead with a coup on the DRC constitution.

Another asset that the DRC has is the honorable Matata Ponyo. I believe he is not going anywhere until he has modernized the Congolese public administration. BRAVO, Matata.

To all anonymous contributors who have no connection to Congo, STOP meddling in Congo's affairs. Your adventure has ended. It time that you SHUT UP and go home, Rwanda.

congo man said...

@ MEL and Kongo in New York.
am not going to sit here debating Russia , defending or bashing Vladimir Putin or his policies. I Think this blog is colled Congo siasa (Congo politics).but if you want me to choose between the 1990s BORIS YELSTIN's"democratic" Russia ( a bankrupt County on its knees, its population suffering hunger and starvation, its once great Cities running in Ruins and m23 like terrorists and all kinds of secessionist movements , Jihadist and rebels wrecking havoc etc , to the present VLADIMIR PUTIN's "democratic " RUSSIA with a stable economy,it's once ruined cities shining with new ultra modern skyscrapers and shopping malls popping up every were like mushrooms . millions of its lifted out of poverty , The skyline of the once ruined Grozny looking I more and more like Dubai...yes I will be a fool not to choose the Vladimir Putin's Russia over all the other previous ones. End of story. Anyway, the last thing I want is to be lectured some kind of democratic lessons from a person called MEL or KONGO IN NEW YORK. two people who for years vigorously defended the ruthless, tyrannical, apartheid like dictatorial regime of PAUL KAGAME and vigorously pleaded for his m23 terrorists.I don't want any lessons from supporters of PAUL KAGAME , a tyrant who for 20 years has been oppressing his people, jailing and murdering his opponents, beheading journalists and driving the majority of the Rwandan people below the poverty line , shutting the doors of opportunities to any Rwandan who does not belong to his ethnic group and angaged in ruinous and destructive military adventures and terror campaigns in neighboring Congo that resuled in the deaths of more than 5 million peoples and displacement of millions more. Constitutions have been amended throughout history in all democratic nations, for all kinds of reasons (According rights to some oppressed groups, changing terms limits etc) I want pres.Kabila to step down after 2016 as long as we can have a person like KATUMBI or MATATA get in and continue the reforms ...if not.OYO EKOYA EYAAA.
To the so called Radical opposition ,the Lumbala and Co and all those who Wasted years singing to their radical choir , putting all their eggs in KAGAME's basket ...and refusing to learn from their mistakes...I have an advice for you .you can Take or leave it.
- The second republic is dead and will never come back.
_stop acting like a cult
_learn how to make alliances
_ try to be inclusive and moderate
_try to make inroads outside your stronghold and stop treating your leaders like some kind of masiah. Otherwise you are doomed. I gave my free advices to both president Kabila and to the opposition. They can take it or leave it.

congo man said...

Yes i agree with you.After loosing on both military and diplomatic fronts, it looks like kagamists are now trying to force us all to join their funeral procession.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
congo man said...

General Olenga has just confirmed what we've been saying. This war was between the FARDC and the RDF tribal was a real confrontation between two armies .tones of brand new RDF military equipments was abandoned by the RDF tribal militia and many RDF officers were killed in this battles.even some RDF officer who came from Darfur took part in all the battles from Kibati to Bunagana and got crushed by the FARDC. I have a question for all .if the M23 terrorists comprised of only 300 rebels and hundreds of them lost their lives , where are those 1700 terrorists that MUSEVENI is claiming to be m23 coming from? Why are we still in Kampala ? Those stupid morons need to return to KINSHASA and ask Museveni to integrate his 1700 terrorists with his UPDF .

Unknown said...

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Virunga Mountains said...

Some interesting read for Congo Man and Muana Congo:

Virunga Mountains said...

What do you guys think of Henriette Wamu Ataminia performance as a career politician?
The only two things I know about her, is her great campaign machine and regular attendance in the Senate-Unlike most senators/MPs, she rarely misses sessions. However, she tends to spend time reading newspapers and ipad during sessions.

Unknown said...

@Virunga Mountains

Hahahahaha !!! You just killed me with laughter on that Henriette Wamu thing. Why are you picking her out specifically? What has the poor lady/rich to do? You are right, elsewhere, ”great ” lawmakers are known by the LAWS they help to pass like the late Ted Kennedy (endless acts), Barney Frank (endless acts), bro Senator O (endless acts) and so on.

Believe me your question is so fundamental to the “democratisation process” in Congo. It illustrates there my point about the “localisation of politics” and the importance of a sizable “middle class” whose only “issue” in an election would be: whose candidate’s policies will best help me pay my mortgage , bond and bills! That is not the case in Congo now. The general “gullible” populace struggles just to survive. Only vain celebrity or gutter populism get you elected in parliament! Lady Henriette Wamu is a Kinoise celebrity close to local idols like Werrason. Look, with our long English, You and I will NEVER compete against her or celebrities like Zoe Kabila, Gen Amisi Tango Four, Wivine Moleka, Francis Kalombo, Zak Bababaswe, Martin Fayulu, Antoine Musanganya, Sonny Sadate… Why do you think JK always appear with “musicians” before every election!

Anecdote: I recently visited my maternal grandma in a village in a very rich Congolese province. I asked my cousins to give me ONE reason why they love the governor so much. They told me that the governor helps people (gives bunches of $ to individuals in PUBLIC) and he just gave JAGUAR luxury cars to provincial mayors. Then I asked my cousins to name a SINGLE thing that has changed in their “own” life including job availability, reduction in child mortality, access to education, security, business creation… They said NOTHING. They told me if I was not a cousin I would be treated as a “combatant”. Me a “combatant” ! I understood a lot!

The other reading is quite useful.


Unknown said...

Witch, bitch, DOWN with the WBICTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this WBITCH of Mary Robonson thinks she is smarter than all Congolese put together!!!

I mean, this wbitch campaigned againt action by FARDC/FIB against M23. She said M23 was invincible. Now she says that the victory by FARDC on M23 is great. Really?

Now she repeats the now “tired” verses by Kagame/Mushikiwabo that:

Like Mushikiwabo she claims that somehow there is a Tutsi problem in Congo? HOW?

She declares HER undying love for Kagame and Museveni.

She casts Congolese people as THE bad guys. WHY?

She literally calls Congolese people “thieves of Tutsi cattle” LAST PARAGRAPH

Link: (

My problem is with the DRCgov. Why are they always SILENT, NONCHALANT, LATE to react IF AT ALL.
They have made Congolese look so SMALL int’ly. They are always SO transparent, predictable, ambivalent and never maneuvering or scheming.

Kagame brings his "surplus" or refuse to take anymore "Rwandan refugees". DRC leadership says NOTHING! Uganda invents "M23 extra soldiers". They say NOTHING!

Lord! Lord! Lord!!!

People in the Kivus need an African personality like Thabo Mbeki, Benjamin Mkapa or Joachim Chisano


congo man said...

Thanks bros.For that link .that was a real description of Kagame.Makenga should have known better. But I think he was hoping to get more UPDF reinforcements at Bunagana.he must have known that the RDF so called special forces were destroyed at KIBUMBA and with all their smuggling tunnels discovered and destroyed it was very naive for him to think that anymore help from Kigali was going to save his s. Again this time the M23/RDF was infiltrated with more FARDC spies. All their intelligence was being communicated to the FARDC.and the fire power from the FARDC and allies was just too superior to anything in the RDF tribal militia's arsenal. Hey what happened to MUSHIKIWABO the queen of treats? she's been quiet lately.i was expecting her to make good on her threats.
I agree with muana congo.the irish Witch Bitch lol.must be delusional but I think the behavior of our own gov. and those stupid morans representing them in Kampala makes her think that the Congoles will be stupid enough to sign a deal that will again allow her 1700 M23/RDF spies and terrorists to iintegrate the FARDC. Every time I hear those stupid morons entertaining the idea of integrating some .I feel like flying to Kampala or kin , get an automatic and just blow their stupid brains out of their fkng heads. I don't see how can those stupid morons even entertain such foolishness.

congo man said...

Let's all agree with Robinson and Co. that the root causes have to be tackled if we want lasting peace in that region.Yes, The Root causes (PAUL KAGAME and JAMES KABAREBE) has to now become priority #1 if we want lasting peace to return to the region. Regime change in Rwanda has to become priority #1 for all those who are involved in resolving the regions problems. There's plenty of opportunities in that rich region but as long as the root causes of instability in the region (PAUL KAGAME an JAMES KABAREBE ) are still around. It will be hard to exploit those opportunities. This is the reason why the world has to help the people of Rwanda and the region free themselves from those monsters who have been oppressing them for way too long.

Unknown said...


Unbelievable, incredible, just out of this world!

“Big mouth Museveni” was supposed to be a “FACILITATOR” between Congolese people and the negative force of M23. Now his UgGov is the “obstacle” to the end of M23 violence. It is clear now that DRC people is “negotiating” ,not with M23, but with “Big mouth Museveni gov’t” and other Kagame in’t backers!!!!!

(1)There is NO mention of Kampala talks in the AddisAbaba Agreement. But people like Mary Robinson have rendered this Kampala gimmick so prominent, made it their “sole” preoccupation, their “raison de vivre”! WHY?

(2)Privately and publicly, M23 have STRESSED that they DON’T WANT TO INTEGRATE “useless” FARDC. But why is Museveni forcing them to do so?

(3)All people of “good will” on this crisis, chief of whom are the USA, emphasise the necessity not to repeat “past mistake”: IMPUNITY. That is no AMNESTY for CRIMINALS. WHY are “Big mouth Museveni” and their int’l backers want to impose IMPUNITY solutions on Congolese people?

To the DRCgov (JK, Matata, Tshibanda, Mende, Paluku…), Congolese people say: FOR ONCE KIMBANGU,LUMUMBA, LD KABILA ARE SO PROUD OF YOU IN HEAVEN. For ONCE Congo has put its foot down!

But no COMPLACENCY. Don’t rest. WAR is coming with Rwanda/Uganda. PREPARE. The enemy and their backers are so angry. Prepare for WAR!!!!!


congo man said...

President Kitwete said it clearly, If the DRC can negotiate with the m23 , Rwanda shall also star negotiating with the FDRL and Uganda shall also negotiate with the ADF .This should have been the position of the DRC government or any other government in this position .instead they're again in Kampala negotiating with a defeated terror movement. Those stupid morons in Kampala shall also say clearly that integration is a non starter. The integration issue is an insult to the Congolese people and the aim of those 1700 is to damage the FARDC's moral.the psychological efect of that idea is the worst damage you can do to the moral of the FARDC at this time, but I just don't understand why those morons in Kinshasa can't see this. This is very damaging to the moral of any soldier on this planet.not just the FARDC. This Idea shall be loudly rejected by the DRC government in order not to affect the troops moral at such a very sensitive time. But this stupid fools are loudly saying that they will entegrate some m23 terrorists with a lesser criminal record. This is insane! I just can't comprehend why can those stupid so called negotiators in KAMPALA allow such an insult to even be brought up. As long as Kabila and his team continue to act stupid. No one will ever treat us any better. Why are we in Kampala for the first place? What's wrong with this government? This is beyond stupidity. Oh we are just trying to let the m23 sing a surrender document. Surrender my $ you stupid fools.After crushing those terrorists you should have left Kampala and ask Museveni to hand over any surviving terrorist who crossed to UGANDA. negotiations should have been about Museveni handing over those terrorists so that they can face justice in Congo, but Now we're again talking integration of the surviving terrorists into the National Army ? This is insane. do this fools understand what this is doing to the FARDC wether it happens or not? Do this fools understand the meaning of psychological war?

congo man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
congo man said...

President Kabila needs to stand up like a man, brake his silence and act like a president of a nation or he now risks to face the fate of Rumania's CEAUSESCU.his reaction and that of his government and his stupid negotiators is starting to turn what is supposed to be a selebration of the FARDC 's victory into yet another stupid surrender to KAGAME and MUSEVENI. There's no need for any Congolese official to be present in Kampala right now. Singing or not singing , their presence in KAMPALA is very humiliating for the CONGOLESE NATION. enough is enough.

Virunga Mountains said...

I think we should not be blaming Rais Kabila-He has a team of good people behind him. The issue is not about signing a peace deal but a legal document that can be used against Uganda and Rwanda to hand over wanted criminals. This document should be binding even after the fall of both dictators.
What has not been reported extensively, is the number of M23 (over 3000) that have surrendered since day one-those are the ones to be integrated(not guaranteed) and not the ones across the border. Of course, the legal document will allow vetting of those individuals-ie. they'll have to prove their nationality with the help of local leaders, etc. Its a process that will take sometime and not rushed...We should not forget that some of those characters were forcefully recruited.
I'm convinced that impunity of hardcore criminals, will be dealt with regardless..

congo man said...

@virungs mountain
I understand your point but what people are ignoring is the psychological effect of integration on the FARDC.beleave me .integrating 200 of those guys can destroy the moral of 100.000 soldiers .This is how we lost all the previous battles. Soldiers couldn't fight because they knew that they were infiltrated with enemies. This idea is a non starter . Why are we treating UGANDA an aggressor as a neutral moderator? after all the accusations and evidences of UPDF involvement and support to not just one but many negative forces. UGANDA shall be trated as Enemy.From day one the DRC gov . Should have rejected any facilitation by UGANDA .wile we are in Kampala negotiating , museveni is busy creating instability in ituri and sending more arms to negative forces in North Kivu.yet we are there responding to his calls and saying nothing about his incrusions in Ituri.The same Museveni who is pretending to be neutral is also busy with Kagame trying to kick TANZANIA out of the so called East African Community for sending troupes to the FIB. From day one we all knew that Mary Robinson was part of the evil click. To make her work hard we should have rejected Kampala and choose Arudha , Pretoria or any other place that was not going to be accepted by Kagame and his mom23. Instead of being in Kampala and giving Museveni a cover and Mary Robinson an easy Job. We should have spent all this time disagreeing about the location and making her work a nightmare wile we putting a military pressure on we might end up facing pressure to accommodate to some of her demands .

congo man said...

After those military victories I was expecting our government to Change it's tone and start to act a little bit strong . This was going to give the FARDC a moral bust for the next battle. I am expecting more Rwandan provocations soon . that's why we need to be very Careful with what is going on in KAMPALA. I really miss bloody MOBUTU at moments like this . imagine if this was his FAZ winning this battles ,kagame and Moseven will be shaking to death with the word that could've been coming from his mouth and threats of Marching to Kigali... war have to be both military and psychological. We can't continue to act stupid an weak if we need to end this shit. Do u realy believe that the RDF tribal militia is a strong army? I don't think so.

Virunga Mountains said...

@Congo Man
Mobutu would be using the biggest words .....great Orator!
By now, musicians would have composed victory songs and they would be blazing everywhere....

Its the genocide trauma that Congolese are still suffering from, that has made them become reserved like their Braza cousins.
Maybe, this is the beginning of a Congolese professional Army that never brags and celebrates the death of their enemy!

congo man said...

Don't get me wrong bros. I hated almost everything about the guy , but his carism is being missed in times like this...I just think we've been too nice for too long. I just think that the time of nicety has to come to an end. How do u think those soldiers on the ground feel when they hear those guys in Kampala talking about integrating what they're calling the les criminal m23s? How do those fools expect a young FARDC soldier in Bunagana who has just put his life in line fighting those supposed good M23 take such stupidity. How can u build a good and strong army if you can't stop throwing your soldiers under the bus? Museveni presented those 1700 for a reason. He knew how damaging the talk of amnesty or integration of those guys can be to the FARDC's moral at this moment .i said this many times. We lost all the previous battles do to low moral . I like the Carisma and moral busting style of general OLenga and Hamuli and I hope they all start speaking the same language. how many times have Mushikiwabo threatened to send troops to Goma ? Countless. How many times have we responded with the same threat? How long will this nicety go on?

congo man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
congo man said...

How do you think Museveni will react if someone asks him to integrate the ADF or LAR.with his UPDF? Can someone even dare proposing that to the Ugandans? I don't think so.

Unknown said...

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