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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Changes to comments section

I have made a slight alteration to the comments section. Readers will now have to register in order to post comments. I want to maintain this space as a place for constructive debate, but the discussion has become at times unnecessarily aggressive, even spiteful, in recent weeks. Thanks for understanding.


congo man said...

@Jason stern
Thank you again for your Hard work.but i think you have made a big mistake by trying to censor free speech,this blog was becoming a very popular blog for everybody but not just the political scientists and sometimes Congo bashing and anti Congo ajents who hijacked and dominated Congo siasa for the past 2 years and turned it to yet an ether anti Congo propaganda media. i think it's a big mistake to give in to the threat of those people . this is now the only blog in the world where you are not allowed to put your comment as anonymous .i think This is a very bad decision and it's going to take Congo Siasa in a very wrong direction.

Rich said...

Congoman -

I think this is a good thing since it will allow people to assume what they say.

I love the idea.


tresor said...

Thank you Jason. we need constructive critism in this blog not insults and name callings. I respect your proffesionalism

blaise said...

Great idea,the blog was starting to turn into a circus.Like professor Ntumba Luaba said:"your right stop where my nose start".

Unknown said...

If anything this has revealed to many around the world just how the right to be different is missing around the Virunga park, let alone the diversity of opinion with a civil exchange. Peaceful cohabitation amongst communities is hampered by the elite with their bigger megaphones.

At least lets hope that this drastic decision by Jason can bring sanity to people and make them realize that innocent lives (Congolese, Tutsis and Hutus) are being sacrificed in vain through this senseless war.


Unknown said...

Jason, I think you are making a big mistake. Even in media reports, when the topic is sensitive, people tend to give their opinions anonymously and do not want their pictures to be taken. Some prefer to be quoted off camera/micro. That does not mean their opinions are not credible or do not count. If you want to know the real truth, the whole truth, the naked truth about the Great Lakes tragedy since 1990, you need to hear what voiceless people in Bukavu, Goma, Rutshuru, Gisenyi, Kigali, Kampala, Kinshasa, Bujumbura, etc. think. Hear those who do not have a bank account, an e-mail address, a twitter address, a face book page, etc. You have to hear the voices of orphans, widows, WHO ARE AFRAID TO SPEAK AND ACCUSE ‘BIG PEOPLE’ IN THE OPEN. Your blog is a catharsis for them. They vent their anger there; and fell good when they dare contradict “Big men” on your blog. Your blog is the only place where they can deconstruct the official discourse about the war in Kivu (1998-now) without the fear of getting arrested or killed. Because of cases of political assassinations, lack of trust, State intelligence being all over, Rwandese and Congolese tend to remain anonymous when they tell their stories to Western journalists whom they think might as well be State agents, you know! Who knows? Because your blog is popular, there are people who are not happy with that. Some have been calling you names on twitter by implying that you are Hege’s friend and an Fdlr sympathiser. These people will be happy with your new registration policy because you have done what they wanted: to prevent people from speaking their mind freely. I have a question: I think the registration does not solve anything. State’s agents who post comments on your blogs never operate in the open. They are always in sunglasses and in plainclothes (literary): I mean they will register under false identities, bogus names, using proxy servers or cyber cafes computers. Now here is my question: How are you going to ascertain their identities? I’d advise you to reconsider your position by continuing to allow anonymous comments which you should from now on MODERATE, when prompted by commentators. I am afraid that your new policy (registration) will send away your fans; and your blog will become an exclusive club for Westerner expats (who have diplomatic immunity) and commentators from outside the Great Lake region (those who do not fear any harm from States’ agents). Thank you and keep it up!

blaise said...

how can one moderate a 100 commentaries blog?that is a full time job.

Rich said...

Nzargos Igwe -

I guess what Jason is trying to do is to be able to limit "unnecessarily aggressive, even spiteful" comments.

People are free to register with whatever pseudo they want but by registering, they will at least, be accountable to what they say and if they indulge in spiteful comments, Jason can decide to ban them for a period of time or forever and hence leaving more room to those who are willing to exchange in a more constructive way.

I don't think there is any reason to panic if you know you are not interested in illustrating yourself in unnecessary & personal attacks. Trust me Jason is a very cool guy with plenty of common sense. We've been on this blog for years and I can say this without a fear of being contradicted.

Please, let's support this idea if we really want to have grown up/constructive debates about the DRC & the region.


Nkunda said...


I know that exercised due caution before making this decision, however, the decision is still faulty.

My suggestion would be that you formulate a comment policy with the right to delete any harmful comment. However, making it necessary for readers to register before making comments will probably only diminish the number of comments.

Oh, and the lack of free expression is one of the reasons why the bully in Rwanda cannot be stopped.

Virunga Mountains said...

Great idea!!
If someone can find your blog, they can also register. However, it wont stop Rwanda fanatics from spitting in your food.

For whistle-blowers, they can contact Jason via his email.


Unknown said...

“People are free to register with whatever pseudo they want but by registering, they will at least, be accountable to what they say and if they indulge in spiteful comments, JASON CAN DECIDE TO BAN THEM FOR A PERIOD OF TIME OR FOREVER AND HENCE LEAVING MORE ROOM TO THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO EXCHANGE IN A MORE CONSTRUCTIVE WAY.” You have satisfactorily answered my question. I agree and now FULLY support Jason’s new policy of registration.

Bismark said...

@ Jason, good idea, I hope that this action will have the intended results. I support this move because some people on your blog did not heed to your calls for proper "Etiquette" and were lowering the level of the discourse.

The debate was indeed taking a less civil tone, something that we are not used to on your blog.

It is your right to bring about corrective measures to encourage the proper “Etiquette” on your blog. Your blog is highly appreciated by DRC citizens and the true friends of the DR Congo.

I just hope that this will not deter people from continuing with constructive criticism from all sides and that it will eventualy weed out the nonsense as well as bring back civility.

Thank you for your hard work on behalf of the truth.


Unknown said...

Thanks Jason,

We will always make sure that truth and DRC voice, representing its diversity, is heard in a respectful and professional manner.

Elie M.

Unknown said...

I could not agree with Bismark more. It is amazing how kagame’s contingent tried and failed to turn this respectable blog into a “Tutsis against Hutus siasa”. Hatred and racial hatred are not Congolese. The world has just witnessed on this blog how “hatred” is Kagame’s crouch in Rwanda.

That said, people have misconstrued Congolese internal contentions. Surely all are now surprised by Congolese resolve, resilience and patriotism. If you ask me, there are no more ”lumumbist” or “Congolese Nationalists” than valiant Congolese from the frontline of eastern DRC. Where was Lumumba running to when his assassins captured him? This is why this yet another attempt to invade Congo has failed.
Now, Tutsi people from North and South Kivu have to embrace the truth here. If Kagame claims to love you fellow Tutsis , why are your people languishing in refugee camps in Rwanda that is a paradisiacal economic success as we are told. There can be “refugee jews” in “Isrea”, never! The fate of your people can’t be left at the whims of a “gamer”.


Fra said...

Supporting Jason's necessary initiative. People need to be ready to take responsibility for what they write and we all have a responsibility to prevent fueling unnecessary spiteful and aggressive speech; this is not censorship and freedom of speech does not come with impunity. “Freedom of speech does not protect you from the consequences of saying stupid shit” J Chimes so put it.

@ Nzargos Igwe

Anonymity may be necessary to protect people's security; but this blog still allows to hide your real name if that is truly your concern; anonymity cannot become a shield of impunity to fuel aggressive comments as we have witnessed in recent weeks; Also, what's this rhetoric about Westerners expats? We do not enjoy diplomatic immunity for our private acts and words - and plus immunity does not mean IMPUNITY, which seems very much what you are promoting here !!

Unknown said...

@ To Fra:
Accusing Jason Stearns of being an Fdlr’s sympathiser is a veiled attack, telling him that he might be accused of what they call propagating genocide ideology or something like that. Now, being an expat, Jason might be spared (from being charged). As Erlinder was also spared. Only their status of being what they are (expats) grant them “immunity” (let me put it into quotation marks). But, a Rwandese living in Rwanda, who can be accused of being an Fdlr sympathiser or being Hege’s informant, God, the guy is dead. Yes, dead. Now, by saying that Jason and Erlinder are spared because of their “immunity” (expat status), I am not promoting impunity. Expats (all of them) are respectful of laws. But they have difficulties, in their private acts and words in respecting oppressive laws, like locals (Africans) do. We all know that Erlinder said nothing wrong, that Hege said nothing wrong, that Jason said nothing wrong. But some people are trying to smear and indict them. Not charging them is not promoting impunity. They are not charged because the case is empty; but also and more importantly, because they are expats (I mean they have an “IMMUNITY” FROM BEING ACCUSED ON VAGUE CHARGES). But a local has no “immunity” from being accused on vague charges. I know many men languishing in prison (35 years) because they said what Hege or Erlinder said (that Hutu were killed in Rwanda and Congo). These men did not have “immunity” from vague charge of genocide ideology. Hopefully, it seems that this vague charge about genocide ideology will be amended very soon. Fingers crossed!

congo man said...

I believe in freedom of speech, yes I totally disagree with the name colling,and insulting behaviors that we experienced mostly from our Rwandes friends but i think that's part of free speech. I disagree with this decision but i can't thank MR JASON STERN more for his hard work and courage. Thanks

Unknown said...

good idea, it all started when Congolese users started using abusive language, calling PK Hitler, calling RDF tribal militia, deamining, abusing, etc. Then Jason did not take action. when the other side started responding, then here we are!
then some people are suggesting that Rwandan users start their own rwanda siasa blog. fine, then dont mention anything Rwandan on Congo Siasa and you will be left alone!

PK said...

I am also among those regreting your move. Although I did not like all the interventions, at least I appreciated the fact that under anonymity all the hidden causes, all the untold truth of the great lakes tragedy was surfacing.

As this blog gained notoriety, some people like me, started to use it as a place to push for reflection and also hear all side of the story. Anonymity and the easiness to post allowed the most unspoken view to surface. I appreciated that, for me there can not be debate when truth is wrapped under the political correct and real true motive hidden. Toward the end, the underlying racial nature of this conflict started to surface, whith hutu and tutsis from within Rwanda and DRC starting to speak. I don't think that if anonymity was the rule since the begining we could have got at this stage of the discussion.

Jason, this blog is never anymore only your blog, it is also ours. We who are commenting, folowing and using it to better our understanding of this nightmare going in great lakes.

Still, you own it and I have to accept your decision, I also understand position of those pushing for registration, although I don't share their view.
Just seing the pain that I had to register using bad internet connection from Kinshasa, I wonder how many people are motivated enough to go through such process and how many voiceless opinion we have lost.

Jason Stearns said...

Some clarification: You can register under any name. No other information will be in the public domain, including your email. So it is still relatively anonymous - the difference is that (a) we can identify contributors by a consistent name, even if it is a pseudonym, and (b) we can block abusers - who, of course, can just re-register under a different name, but it is a mild deterrent nonetheless.

Unknown said...

In any case you well done!

Anonymous said...

Necessary change given the tone discussions here had partly reached (without prejudice to the numerous great commentators, I enjoy reading as much as the very articles).
Just one more comment, as I saw the engaged discussions: Anonymity online is a chimera, with necessary IT skills and instruments, anybody can trace you, even while posting anonymously. The question is rather, who has the assets to do so, and what is the threshold you have to underbid to stay out of the radars. Anyway, everybody writing here, as on other blogs and platforms, should be able to a priori exclude hatred and similar from his/her thoughts. This could already be a big deal in avoiding negative consequences. For the rest of course (including being afraid of secret services etc.) I understand the claims made, but just remember what I wrote above on technical possibilities.

Rich said...

As ethuin put it,

It is quite naive to assume that posting without registering gives the user some kind of protection. This is because there are countless ways & agencies capable of finding out who posted what & when on the net. If someone is determined to find out who posted what and have the means to do it they will find out regardless of posting as an anonymous or a registered user.

It is also a fact that nowadays we register for almost anything to have an email account, facebook, twitter, youtube, mobile number etc... and the information we use there can be cross-matched with our other information we use for banking, shopping, travelling, insurance etc... This never stopped people from registering using pseudos nor has it affected the level of critics in the world including how people interact in social networks.

Some hinted to the fact that a sense of invulnerability can help people act more freely when they think they can't be identified a bit like alcohol or group demonstrations. In reality that's just a naive illusion because we leave traces of what we do and it is fairly straight forward to be tracked down & identified if needs be unless you are an IT whizz & happy to give people a ride for their money & interest.

I've been intervening on this blog for some times now & it is sad to see how things have tended to turn for the worse in recent days. if this blog is what it is, I think it is also part to do with the perceived integrity of Jason and the respect shown by those who have intervened here for some years now.

I seriously don't get it when people seem disappointed because they are asked to register and hence help discourage bad practices. We have no problem doing it on Facebook, twitter, youtube, google, yahoo etc... why not here?


Unknown said...

Madam Hilary Clinton urges Kagame to help dismantle M23 gang and stresses the nefarious character of this war criminal ragtag outfit specifically. Will the all mighty king of “mile collines kingdom” see reason and listen to at least the “wife of the biggest US protector”? (link:

Because the time is running out and the inhumane suffering of innocent people in the Kivus can’t be extended any further with this his extra egotistic and senseless war. I say this because I don’t feel much about the current ICGLR diplomatic gimmick in Kampala. It seems to me like another distraction by Kagame and Museveni to buy time and prolong as much as possible the suffering of Congolese people in the Kivus. I mean who is ready to make up that “cross border neutral force”? Who will find it? Importantly, when will it be deployed?

I still maintain that the priority is the dismantling of M23 and FDLR. For all its sins, MONUCO was the best fit and can be immediately deployed. I want to be wrong because I just naively want peace for our people so bad.


Rich said...

Muana congo -

Great link, thanks. Looks like SA is lobbying on SADC behalf.


congo man said...

This Kampala jock is just an attempt by RWANDA ans UGANDA to also infiltrate any military opposition to their m23 terrorists. The DRC shouldn't have attended this jock . This is yet another insult to the Congolese people by this 2 dicators(MUSEVENI and KAGAME ).

max said...

US Congress is putting more pressure on Kagame to stop supporting unrest in the Kivus. Here is a link to a very stern letter signed by a number of US congress members sent to Kigali a few days ago:

Virunga Mountains said...

Some pics from the Kampala Jokers meeting.
They're all taking us for a big ride!!


Anonymous said...

I think it's better to get people to register. Otherwise, Jason has to take personal responsibility for deleting people's comments which would be time-consuming and unfair. Registration makes people accountable and, hopefully, will make them think about what they say. If the agents of the state can register under false names, then presumably those who wish to remain anonymous can do the same.

Unknown said...

@ virunga mountains at AUGUST 7, 2012 4:51 PM
Thanx for those photos on your blog. I can’t stand those criminal African dictators. But I adored the photos that show the diversity, dignity of the Congolese people and their hope for a bright future.

@ max at AUGUST 7, 2012 2:36 PM
Thankx for the link to that bipartisan letter by US representatives to emperor Kagame. But that letter saddened and ashamed me as an African. This is because these American citizens understand and bemoan “the potential of Central Africa” that is being wasted and destroyed by the Africans (Museveni, Kagame or even JK) themselves. While others send robots to Mars, Kagame and Museveni only think of waging senseless wars and killing innocent people.

Unknown said...

Agree with some previous postings. DRC has nothing to expect from Kampala. It's a big joke going on there. Rwanda and Uganda are buying time for M23 to organize better and work on their image. Absent a strong army, DRC as a sovereign state, must ask for assistance from SADC countries to disarm all armed groups in the east.To show how serious the matter is and based on the evidence at hand, I even think diplomatic relations with Rwanda should be suspended.

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks-

The Google registration process is a little cumbersome for folks who do not use Google as their email client (I know, increasingly small group of folks but fairly large still in places like Europe, Africa, and Latin America).

There are plenty of fairly secure service providers where you can create an account- anonymously if you prefer-to comment on blogs that require registration access.

Such an account- called an "OpenID" (which you see as a option on this blog)- is offered by one provider that has high marks for ease of registration and the ability to be used with ANY email client (Google, Yahoo, hotmail, etc) and that comes in nearly every language-

Here's a link to create an OpenId using this service:


Unknown said...

I read an article elsewhere on the web that the rebellion was ignited by Kabila's decision to transfer CNDP officers and men away from Kivus. Rwanda felt its interests were under threat and decided to sponsor a rebellion. This is a lie. Rebellion erupted spontenously because:
1.Starvation: Soldiers wer being made to cook beans for themselves to survive. Therefore they were being transfered to live as scavengers in jungles and die
2. Kabila trashed 2009 accord. When you sign a contract you have to abide by its terms, lest you will suffer consequences

Anonymous said...

@ James
When the people with whome you have signed a contract, commit crimes of war, you must still "abide by its terms" and protect them?

And if those poor rebels are starved how come they are looking very good in their brand new uniforms?

look for example here :

I think that guy realy has not "cooked beans for himself to survive".

Anonymous said...

By the way : thx Mel for your help

Rich said...

JK -

Thanks for your short yet convincing reply.

I'm tempted to ask James how come there are more than 90% of Congolese living in far worse conditions than bosco et al, yet they've never resulted to attacking their nation, bringing suffering & desolation to thousands of innocent Congolese in the way M23 has done in the past few months?

The other question is, what specific clauses of the famous March 2009 agreement have been violated?

I often hear people talking vaguely about March 2009 agreement without being able to tell us what exactly has been "trashed" in that agreement!

Would be good to get an insight from James!


Unknown said...

@ James

1. What has M23 to do with 2009 agreements they never signed? By the way, what article in this contract calls for armed rebellion in case of disagreement?

2. Do you know what happened to troops salaries before this nth rebellion? Embezzled by the very people complaining!

3. If those people are Congolese, why can't they deploy to other regions of DRC? Hidden agenda.

blaise said...

@ James,
Should I remind you that in the army one is in the disposition of his hierarchy?In which army did you heard that people refuse to go somewhere because politicians promised them it won't happen?So if it's not acceptable for the RDF why should that be tolerate for the Fardc?
It's weird that the same people who want to "liberate" us and bring "democracy" in Congo:
-ally themselves with serial rapist(lafontaine)
-and used undemocratic ways to have their candidates elected.
Beside, it's really disingenuous to expect the government to do overnight what it doesn't do for the rest of the population(proximity police,declare kivu disaster zone-how ironic-,invest in the region,etc).
Asking for the Kivu to be autonomous is not under the government power but it's a constitutional matter hence on the competence of the parliament.
If the M23 wanted to defend freedom, they could have use those institution in the local level to boost their province.
From what we know,the M23 leadership have been engage since 2009 in a large scale mafia operation involving robberies, embezzlement of funds for the troops,mineral smuggling.Now we have to add force labor and enrollment of child soldiers.
The way of force won't solve their problems,the circle of violence won't be broken like this.

blaise said...

‘Freedom of opinion is a farce,’ Hannah Arendt wrote in 1966 in ‘Truth and Politics’, ‘unless factual information is guaranteed and the facts themselves are not in dispute.’ The problem with Rwanda is not only that opinions and facts have parted company but that opinion takes precedence.

blaise said...

I read something interesting about the RPF here:
I found it fascinating to examine the outer motives of our fellow Africans.

Unknown said...

@JK, Rich, Elie and Blaise,
The agreement that was signed in 2009 was grossly violated by Kabila. Why attempt to arrest Ntaganda, when he was part of the deal? The initial deal was: Rwanda arrest Nkunda, then Ntaganda will be accommodated. Kabila should stop playing cat and mouse game. He lures his opponents into a trap and then he eliminates them, same way he did to JP Bemba.
For the rebellion to end, Kabila and other congolese should assure the Tutsi in N. Kivu of their safety and integration. In 1998 Laurent Kabila slaughtered all Banyamulenge soldiers that were left in the army when RCD declared rebellion. But Kabila junior gradually assured them, that's why P. Masunzu, Rwibasira, etc are loyal serving generals in FADC, while Karaha, Ruberwa, Nyarugabo, etc are in Kinshasa doing politics.
So, Kabila should embrace all Tutsis in N. Kivu and assure them, Tutsi soldiers will have accept deployment elsewhere away from Kivu.

Rich said...

James -

Are you trying to say, being tutsi means to be above the law?


Unknown said...

Tutsis = not being above the law. But if you are old enough you will realise how this community has been used and abused in all the war, right from Mulele era. Mobutu would wake up and declare blanket citizenship for them, later he would revoke it. In Kivus they would be uprooted from their homes from time to time. Then before 1996, a governor in Kivu declares them non-citizens and gives them hours to leave! Then after helping LD Kabila to power, they are abused and deprived! One thing which I have seen, Congolese Tutsis love Congo, that's why they die for it. In Rwanda they live like Congolese, their own accent and they have attachment to Congo. If the govt and the general population can embrace them, these rebellions will end! It is sad that young Tutisi have been exploited, used, abused and discarded.

Anonymous said...

So for you the agreement of 2009 was an agreement that gave impunity to Ntaganda? How this is possible? Such an agreement would be against all justice. How did Ntaganda behave after the agreement? Did he not recrute children? Did he not kill and plundered ? Northern Kivu? Yes he did. Why he didn't stop this? Because Kagame needed controle over the smugeld minerals from Northern Kivu.

How come that some Congolese Tutsi think that the protection from kagame can help them to be accepted by the Congolese people and government? Could you imagine the live of Congolese Tutsi without the agressions from the Rwandese army aganst the RDC? It would be much much better, I am sure. They would have lived together with other Congolese in peace and some would have been marrying girls and boys of other communities, like every where in the world where people become one nation.

blaise said...

@ James,
I'm a lil confuse :how another rebellion is helping their cause?the cndp was controlling territories from beni 2 minova, how much more jk had 2 accommodate them?

Virunga Mountains said...

I think we should stop putting all Congolese Tutsi in one basket. Not all Tutsi carry guns or are involved in politics. What we have here are gunmen(4% of Tutsi)and not the entire community.

Its nonsensical when someone claims that it was Congolese Tutsi who helped remove Mobutu...It was Mze Kabila(RIP) with the help of Uganda and Rwanda gunmen, but not Congolese Tutsi community.

Of-course, some Congolese Tutsi have been manipulated by politicians-just like in any country, to think that they are above the law and that society owes them-its these waste of space that are imposing their genocidal ideology on Congolese.
The question of integration is also fraud-the majority of Tutsi women prefer to marry non Tutsi men.
In-fact, Laurent Nkunda's wife, Elizabeth is a Hutu. Most of Tutsi men that I know, including myself, prefer to go out with Kinois and not Kivutien girls.

Its very important to remind people that,Criminal Bosco Ntaganda is not an indigenous Congolese Tutsi, but a Rwandais Tutsi.
Also, we have a section among Congolese Tutsi[8%] that are herdsmen(cattle keepers)-its a common trait among most herdsmen, be Kenyans,Somalis, Namibians,Tuaregs, etc. They tend not to integrate in the community.

However, not all Congolese Tutsi are cattle keepers-3% are elite merchants and the rest are folks like you and me that are victims of bad politics and criminal armed out-fit from Rwanda.

Now, what's the way forward??
It would be immoral for Congolese to pretend that the root cause of our cancer is bad leadership and ignore the tumor-Paul Kagame is the main tumor that is producing other little tumors such as; Bosco Ntaganda, Sultani Makenga, Bishop Runiga, Laurent Nkunda, etc.

Negotiating with Criminal Paul Kagame should never cross the minds of Patriots, but to take the intifhada to him.
We don't have to use guns to bring him down, but creativity.
Rwandans are our African brothers and Sisters-if anything, 90% would love to see him go. Its imperative that we work with democratic forces in Rwanda(not FDLR) as we're both Victims of one man's Cabral of terrorists/terrorism.

We should also stop listening to angels of doom that keep claiming "Congo problems are Complex to be solved".
They're very...very wrong, Criminal Paul Kagame is 60% of Congo problems.

Anonymous said...

@ Virunga Mountains,

You can find a very interesting analysis in this sense here :

Unknown said...

@ virunga mountains and others

Unfortunately, Congolese Tutsi folks like you (who pay allegiance to Congo and are future looking) are never vocal nor visible enough. Those we see, hear and read on blogs, are just the Kagamist extremists who believe in “racial hatred” and never in any possible coexistence of all communities in the Kivus.

Now, people talk of “Integration of Tutsis in the Congolese society”. What is that supposed to mean? If it means that Congolese Tusti people (not the kagame socially-engineered ones from Rwanda) should enjoy, like any other Congolese, unencumbered socio-political rights, then I want to know who would oppose that! Is there any law that prevents the integration of Tutsi people into Congolese society specifically?

Be that as it may, I humbly think that Tutsi people are going it the wrong way. Any tribe in Congo is a minority (less than 7% for the biggest ethnic group let alone tribe). My humble advice is that Tutsi people should do like the rest of us: don’t belong to your tribal or provincial political parties exculsively. Join the nation-wide ones. Congolese are averse to “particularisms”. If Congolese consider “milatres” like JP Bemba, Kyungu wa Ku Mwanza or Moise Katumbi as fully theirs. If they can tolerate a guy like Kengo wa Dondo whose father nor mother are Congolese, why would they not embrace those who stick with them in all times and fight for the “integrite territoriale” and the dignity of all our people that Kagame is assaulting? Tutsi people like Gen. Masunzu pleads the case of Tutsi people more than the most powerful Tutsi rebellion would!

Unknown said...

@ Brother James

1.As demonstrated by a number of fellows here, the "non integration of Tutsi" card played by the enemies of peace in DRC is a flat lie. If anything the current useless rebellion is bringing more trouble to the very community these warmongers pretend to protect.

2.The link below indicates that we have currently 9 Generals, 19 Cols, 300 majors in our DRC military, 2 vice ministers in the central government and other national Company CEOs as well as key figures at the provincial level from the Tutsi community only.

3.In the removal of President Mobutu (RIP),many factors need to be accounted for, including the role of peaceful opposition throughout the country. The people acknowleged Mobutu's contribution to the national identity but wanted change and took an active part to end his regime, thus facilitating the military victory. All ethnics in a sense deserve credit.

@ Brother from Virunga

1.Thank you for your insights. There are more and more voices from the Tutsi community distancing themselves from this new and unspeakable tragedy in east DRC. A strong declaration was issued recently by the South Kivu Tutsi community against an article by pro Kagame Ugandan/Rwandan journalist Andrew Mwenda.

2. Indeed Rwandans are much closer to Congolese than portrayed by some foes. In a short survey, I looked at similitudes between Kinyarwanda (which I don't speak!) and Kikongo languages, and was amazed at what I found.

Check out for more.

To all these foes and their sponsors, the people of Congo only need peace to build their country.

Elie M.

Unknown said...

ALERT To all,
Rutshuru London guy has registered as Virunga Mountains( check his post on AUGUST 7, 2012 4:51 PM when he used his famous signature Rutshuru/London; he has since then removed it). Now he baptized himself a congolese tutsi calling for fellow congolese to eradicate the Tumor... ;
Actually it is this genocidal language which alerted me, and I had to go back and dig to find out who this guy might be. I NOW FULLY GET THE WHOLE SENSE OF WHY JASON WANTED US TO REGISTER.

To Jason,
I suggest IP addresses are also published, so as not to be fooled by any impostor on this blog. We might distinguish, for example posts coming from the office of Lambert Mende or ANR, from other posts.
Also this may help us identify people using many pseudo names, while it is actually one same person.

Unknown said...

Much Focus is on Rwanda and m23; but some important developments on other parts show a growth in discontents from "TRUE CONGOLESE", not under Rwanda's influence.
Just 2 events last week highlight this:
1. Attack at the airport of Lubumbashi. Katanga secessionists are involved, though the gvt wants us to believe otherwise.
2. Political opposition forces, who saw their victory of November 2011 elections not published, have rejected attempts by Kabila to rally their support,or portray m23 fight as a foreign aggression. They rather called for broader political negotiations to resolve the current crisis, which, according to Vital Kamerhe, started with the rigged November 2011 elections.

Seems there is a delibarate effort to divert attention away from real issues and put it to m23 and Rwanda;
I think this analysis from Think Africa Press is an impartial overview of the current crisis:\

Virunga Mountains said...

@Josh Mukalay
Yes, Kagame's is the main Tumor!!!!
Chemotherapy seems to be already confusing Kagame's little tumors like you.


Unknown said...

Does any one know where to get this report?

According to the report, Tanzania or some influential government individuals are accused by UN of fueling the conflicts in DR Congo.
Can this explain why Katanga separatists are back in the headlines?

blaise said...
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blaise said...

@ Mr mukalay
Lets not go back to those attacks, doesn't worth it.
I read the think Africa article, quite brilliant. Makes more sense than most thing ppl say.a lot of butchered ops n lost opportunities to just be consider as pure incompetence. Even old Roman empire was treating his soldiers better.

blaise said...

@ josh m

Unknown said...

@ Josh Mukalay

The declaration that you refer to by the Congolese opposition “ “ clearly contradicts your conclusions. They indeed claim “la verite des urnes”, but they unequivocally curse M23 and foreign invasion(Rwanda). Remember, on Kagame's invasion of the Kivus, Congolese opposition (ET and Kamerhe are more radical that JK)

Talking about the Luano shooting and the suggested Tanzanian link, I can agree with you that no threat should be underestimated. Indeed Congolese know too well the envies of many of our neighbourly brothers. But we should not compare those possible threats with the current human tragedy brought on our people by Kagame and his junta.

Indeed, the metaphor by Virunga Mountains (comparing Kagame and his cyclical militias-CNDP-M23-M24… to a “cancerous tumor”) is so opportune. In the last 15 years, this tumor has embedded itself so deep in the Kivus and has debilitated completely Congo. Because of this fatal tumor the other small opportunistic aches (armed groups) are able to thrive as they do. So if we want Congo to get well and deal with its other aches, lets remove the tumor.

Now, Congolese don’t have enough stomach for further alarmist indulgence. The IC has finally seen through Kagame’s 15-year-long lies. I was encouraged to hear US Ambassador-at-Large Stephen Rapp saying that the top 9 or so M23 criminals, starting with Ntaganda and Makenga, should face justice soon. He even suggested that if Kagame does not listen, as all despots always do, further constraining sanctions are in the pipeline. Rwanda is the first country in the world that survives on foreign compassion, despite public brave face they put on, they know they can’t stand further economic constraints.

Now, all the people of good will (from human dignity advocates to the mere mortals like you and me) who are horrified by the “inhumane suffering” of Congolese people in the Kivus should push for travel bans, bank accounts freezes and the lovely The Hague for Kagame inner circle stooges.

congo man said...

@ Josh Mukalay
What opposition group are you talking about ?
We have more than one opposition parti, and they all don't speak with one voice . I don't think such an irresponsible and stupid statement came from the MLC ,UDEMO,or UNC ....if the UDPS and It's RCD GOMA alies thinks that RWANDA is innocent and BOSCO NTAGANDA and his M 23 criminals are just some good Congoles soldiers fighting for justice,that's just one of the many irresponsible and stupid opinions from your UDPS but not the entire opposition. If KAGAME ,NTAGANDA and the m23 terrorists where slaughtering those people in KANANGA ,or MBUJI MAYI I don't think you and your UDPS will stil have the same attitudes .

Unknown said...

@ Congoman and Congolese patriots

Hi bro. Don't bother my brother. There are many "agents provocateurs from kigali" using all sorts of Congolese sounding pseudonyms on this blog. Mukalayi might be a Luba name. But an authentic Luba either from Katanga or Kasai is likely to write Mukalayi not Mukalay. Ask minister Banza Mukalayi Nsungu!

What is for sure is that the enemy of our people is out of lies and the freedom of our people in the Kivus is near.

Be well.

Rich said...

Rich -

I don't know about you guys, but to me, the more the rwandan PR machine reacts the more rwandan position becomes difficult to defend.

We've known mushikiwabo or even paul kagame very sharp on twitter but recently their reactions as well as those from their supporters are scarce and less convincing.

Is it the time for them to change their strategy or even better, stop meddling in DRC? I fear, as all dictatorships, kagame's first reflex is to think the whole world is wrong!

An example of that can be seen with kadaffi's PR machine and statement in his broken English:

"they love me all my people, they love me all, they will die to protect me all my people..."

all this only a few days before the same people lynched/machine-gunned him to death.

Let's hope paul is smarter & well loved than Muhamar!


Unknown said...

As often you disapoint me, you claim Congo unity but you are the first of using tribal allusions :

"just one of the many irresponsible and stupid opinions from your UDPS but not the entire opposition. If KAGAME ,NTAGANDA and the m23 terrorists where slaughtering those people in KANANGA ,or MBUJI MAYI I don't think you and your UDPS will stil have the same attitudes "

What you say us that UDPS is allied to M23/Rwandese (so they are traitors) and only care when Kananga and Mbujy Mayi are targeted so they are tribalists and only cee for theur fellow tribal men.

So for you because tshisekedi went to Rwanda once for talks with Kagame 6 Years ago and didnt agree with Kagame vision of straw man for congo and fell off with him, he isa traitor? What would you say of Kabila? Kagame himself said that he helped kabila stay in power? What about Kabila who in15 years of power has brought the country on his knee in destroying everything: from the army to education.
What about kabila who has personally, without telling anyone, negotiated with Kagame the 2009 treaty that gave Kivu to Rwanda, made Bosco and his friend the war lord of kivus giving them access to areas they never controlled before like Uvira and Bukavu that cndp has never been able to military conquer?

I can carry on and on, so if you want to call someone m23 sympathizer either you start by Kabila or you just stay quiet.

UDPS is more than Kasai, Tshisekedi made 45% in Katanga on the interim results received directly after elections, until today i wonder how after Ceni "re ajustment" he went down to less than 30%. Read European union report that said that results they got from Katanga voting station and that were displayed were different from results published by Ceni.....

So, your right to dont like UDPS and Tshisekedi. But you have no right to play on your tribal rethoric for disparaging him and people fighting in his movement.

In another note, you cannot call yourself congolese and using so counter productive tribal stereotype. You speak like a Kyungu who has so much blood in his hands and doing so you are as dangerous as Kagame sympathizer. Because you are dividing from within.

If you are a congoman, trust what the population wants in its diversity, embrace its diversity instead of pinpointing a political party and tying it to a region while that is not true.

Unknown said...


Kabila has called for unity talk and all political parties, from moderate like UNC, MLC to radical like UDPS rejected the call. How come call for unity when you arrest and kill opponent, the Diomi case is the best example. Like Tungulu before him he has disapeared and soon will be "suicided".

For the opposition Kabila is first responsible of war in the eastern DRC and he is responsible of not paying FARDC, and he is intellectually helping Rwanda. His call for unity talk is not sincere as for him, election and legitimacy issues should not be addressed. Basically, i will continue to rule like a will and i just need you to mobilize population to help me.......

Congoman, you are dangerous for the cause you said you defend, because you are using all the undertone tribal theme used to divide congolese people.

Congo is more than 400 tribes and Tshisekedi coming from one of them as much rights to speak without being targeted or smeared. This the same type of attack against Chaloupa, born, raised in Congo, but today accused of not being congolese because he is in the opposition.

Kabila is the first probleme of Congo, he is the trojan horse, the Chief 5th columnnist, who is figthing any true congolese who has a development vision for Congo.

Unknown said...

Paul Kagame is not that evil:
Kagame is hated and loved in equal measure. Some congolese call him Hitler, some genocide fugitives call be mass murderes, some NGO fundraisers call him mother of all dictators. his admirers call him disciplinian, competent and turn-around president.
Kagame should be understood well. In 1996 he inavded Zaire and cracked criminal networks in the Kivus that was threatening the continual of genocide. I laugh off suggestions that he should have left those camps to thrive and breed genocide and instability unbetted!
Kagame ousted Mobutu, when congolese had attempted all ages with no success. He is responsible for ushring democracy in Congo, i.e He ousted Mobutu, brought in Kabilas, who later organised elections.
He has turned around Rwanda, like it or not. Compare Rwanda with other small nations emerging from conflicts such as Eritrea, burundi, or even stable small nations like Gambia, Lesotho, Swaziland, etc. Rwanda towers, although donors say it is because of their money. But donor money has been given to each country but no country is organised as Rwanda.
Hospitals, including referal ones, good schools, infrastructure and zero corruption. Rwanda is a country that works, said a French diplomat.
Now Kagame is a victim of organised crime of misinformation. people sit on their chairs and review the literature on the web. This literature was put there by the likes of Rusesabagina, Congolese haters, etc. and NGOs' fundraisers. Remember Rwanda is the most scrutised country on earth because after 1994, it attrcated so many NGOs whose work is to publish reports. if each African country had the same level of scrutiny, we would hear a lot worse.
Kagame is not a angel, every human has his weaknesses. But he is a great man! After all he is a trained soldier, that's his qualification, hence his method of solving problems militarily.
As for M23, his desire was to difuse it, but after seeing that the international opinion was surging against Kigali, Congo hardened their stance, and throw away the prospect fo peace.

congo man said...

Sweden has also cancelled aid to RWANDA.
Wile the United States is getting thought on Rwanda, it sims like the British are trying to let Museveni off the hook by attempting to legitimize the Kampala jokes. It will be very humiliating for JK to return to KAMPALA. Museveni needs to pull his troops out of BUNAGANA . The meetings in Kampala is just a distraction.

congo man said...

Yes some of those people maybe RWANDES ,but Wile the majority of the Country including CHICHI have moved on from the elections ,there stil a small minority of radicals who can't move on and many of them are now putting their hopes on BOSCO and his M23. LOL

Virunga Mountains said...

The Diaspora Mai Mai!!
I 'm looking for collaboration of this project.
Write me a story and I'll do the rest...


Bismark said...

@ Congoman 1 of 2

“Toko wa” has addressed you a long note raising some key issues related to your hatred filled postings regarding ET and the people from the Kasai. You did not address any of the points raised by “Toko wa” but you run for cover to Mwanacongo for support with another statement that confirms what “Toko wa” is saying about you. Be gentleman enough to respond to a note addressed to you in a public forum. Respond in kind by addressing his numerous points about you.

Do not think that your selective hatred of ET, the UDPS and the Kasai people goes unnoticed. Why do you hate them so much? Are they responsible for the suffering in the East of the DRC? Do you have a personal “beef” with them or some inferiority complex perhaps? It would be smart of you to give us the basis of your hatred for the Kasai people.

Some of us, who do not support JK, can give you a long list of bad things (truths) about his 11 years as head of state to justify our disapproval of him. Where is yours list, please provide it to us, otherwise we will be obliged to put you in the same basket as people
with a prejudice.

You associate UDPS with the Kasai people only; this is a stereotype that you seem to enjoy propagating. There are many ways of discrediting this point of view but it is for
another day and another discussion.


Bismark said...

@ Congoman 2 of 2

It is your right and the right of a minority that thinks like you to accept a fraud as something OK and move on. This is a testimony to a flawed, spineless character. You are here on this blog like most people who want the truth saying that Rwanda is responsible for the misery of the people of the Kivus by sponsoring these cyclic Tutsi uprisings. This is the truth and it will stay the truth no matter how much time goes by.

This is also true for the electoral hold up of November 2011 in the DRC. Time will go on but this will always be what it is Grand Theft. That is the truth; there is ample evidence out there to back this up.

The people who are helping Rwanda to achieve its goals in the DRC by creating the enabling environment are in power at the highest level. They are the ones who have help to integrate thousands of Rwanda soldiers into the FARDC. JK meets on a regular basis with the Rwanda leadership (the enemy of the DRC people), we even see him laughing on some of the pictures of these meetings. This does not seem to bother you as you
never talk about the role of JK and his cronies in all of this.

You seem to find this entire situation OK, but the real traitor for you is ET and the UDPS who went to Rwanda after the failure of “Sun city 1” to ask the boss (PK) of the RCD to come back to the negotiation table for “Sun city 2” which lead to the “ 1 plus 4”.

In regards to the situation in the East, regionally, the enemy of the DRC is the Tutsi elite in power Rwanda. Locally, the enabler is the parallel government of the DRC and its leadership. Congolese people speak with one voice when it come to the safeguard of their country, it is people like you who carry their tribalism on their sleeves and say non factual and baseless things like - “While the majority of the Country including CHICHI have moved on from the elections ,there still a small minority of radicals who can't move on and many of them are now putting their hopes on BOSCO and his M23. LOL” who are contributing to strengthening the image of disunity associated with DRC Citizens in some quarters.


Unknown said...

Mwenze Kongolo, Kabiliste de la premiere heure se plaint des "attitudes au sommet de l'etat qui frise la trahison" et explique les fameux accords de Lemera.

More and more Congoleses, all across the board, are stepping up and raising their voice because of government lack of leadership.

With Kabila head of state of DRC, with Kabila supreme commander of Congolese armed forces and police, with Kabila responsible to upheld our constitution, DRC will move from defeat to humiliation like what we have witnessed in these last 15 years. No one moment to be proud of his country.

Hopefully Kabila is not Congo.

Unknown said...

@ Congoman, Bismark and Toko wa

This is exactly what the “kagamist agents provocateurs” want: Congolese who are feuding while the house is burning and our people in the Kivus need our focus. In fact it comforts my view that indulging in our “legendary inter-Congolese quarrels” is a futile trap. If one criticizes Congolese opposition’s ineffectual inflexibility and stupid strategic turpitudes, you are seen a Kabilist (we have been that name many times). If one criticizes JK’s governance failings, you are a Mobutist, a Tshisekedist or a Kamerhist.

On this, I agree with Hon. Kamerhe who has shown a great deal the magnanimity of a true “Republicain” as Congolese conceive it. That is to uphold the legality of our institutions despite your grievances or emotions about the incumbents.

So dear Congolese we can argue amongst ourselves, but lets focus on the fight against the enemy. PLEASE DON’T REPOND TO EACH OTHER.


Unknown said...

@ James Serudonyori AUGUST 14, 2012 2:17 AM

No one gives a hoot about the “economic success fairy tale” of Kagame’s kingdom. it is industrialized, it enjoys full employment, or routinely runs budgets surpluses which it lends to others around the world …. Look I am not in the mood for laughing. In fact, as a panafricanist I would be glad to see Rwanda do well actually, not only from politically charged IMF and WB statistics and memorized recitals by Kagame worshipers.

But seriously, Kagame can’t subject Rwandans to live the life of “freeloaders” for ever. The IC can only support Rwanda with handouts for so long. If Kagame had a vision, he would understand that a peaceful and economically integrated “Great Lakes” is better and more dignified than foreign aid.

What Congolese are interested in rather is the end to the inhuman suffering of our people and the occupation of our land by Kagame’s criminals of M23 in the Kivus. So how do we end this you and us?


Bismark said...

@ Muanacongo
I agree with you when you say that this is what the “kagamist agents provocateurs” want. The house is burning in the Kivus and the people are indeed suffering; this situation needs to stop by all means. Now, as we put the blame rightfully where it belongs with the Rwanda elite in power in Kigali and condemn, denounce its acts of aggression and destruction in the DRC, we should not tolerate nonsense from within either and call a leadership failure what it is a failure (with catastrophic consequences for the DRC).
Gratuitous name calling directed at ET, his party and the people of the Kasai based on one’s tribalism/prejudice should not be tolerated. It is this single behavior that is the Achilles tendon of the DRC society. It is simply wrong to accuse and lump ET, UDPS and the Kasai people as traitors, based on what?
ET and UDPS have never held power in the institutions of the DRC; they have never made compromising deals (mixage, brassage…) as an entity in power in the DRC with our neighbors to the East. Furthermore these deals are today threatening the real survival of the DRC as a nation.
In many cases today because of the actions of the “autorite morale”, no one knows who to trust in the FARDC these days. You said something about “the Congolese opposition’s ineffectual inflexibility and stupid strategic turpitudes”. There is some truth to this but the DRC is a fake democracy where the voice of the opposition is rendered dim or at times mute by the repression. I fail to see its responsibility in this mess.
“Please don’t respond to each other”, it will be difficult not to respond to statements laced with tribalism undertones, but thanks for the advice.


blaise said...
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Unknown said...

Mr Jason Stearns,
I have a site called and I would like to share some point de vue with you.
Best regards,
Ange Michel Murangwa
Atlanta Georgia
404 903 64 69

Unknown said...

Great idea,the blog was starting to turn into a circus.Like professor Ntumba Luaba said gambar payudara:"your right stop where my nose start".

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