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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Resoliving the Kivus crisis: Beyond Khartoum and Kampala?

Countries from the regional International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) have been meeting, first in Khartoum and now in Kampala to discuss steps to deal with the crisis in the eastern Congo.

What are the options on the table?

While Kigali has been insisting on negotiations with the M23, Kinshasa has been emboldened by recent pressure on Rwanda and has been pushing for a military solution. Through its bumptious spokesperson, it refused negotiations with the M23. However, the government is not speaking with one voice, as the North Kivu governor suggested that the implementation of the March 23, 2009 deal (the raison d'etre of the eponymous M23) should be evaluated. In his speech last week, President Kabila also said that his government will also avail itself of political and diplomatic options to solve the crisis, and there are some reports that M23 has sent a delegation to Kampala to negotiate with the government on the sidelines of the regional summit there.

So there have been some contradictions in the government's resolve, especially given the series of defeats its soldiers have suffered in recent weeks and the possibility that Goma could be the next town to fall.

It is not surprising that Kinshasa would be looking for military support. First, its representatives, along with other states in the region, asked for a neutral force to come and hunt down the M23, FDLR and other "negative forces." Now, Foreign Minister Raymond Tshibanda is suggesting that MONUSCO be part of such a force, and that the UN Security Council change its mandate so that it can take offensive actions against these refractory groups. 

(Here is the official report of the Khartoum meeting.)

But a dose of realism would be welcome, as this chimerical force will be difficult to achieve or, worse, could become an unnecessary distraction from more worthwhile initiatives. Why?
  • Money. Donors are already spending $1,4 billion per annum on the UN peacekeeping mission in the Congo. It is unlikely that they would want to spend millions more on a new, aggressive mission to hunt down rebel forces. 
  • Troops. Where would the troops come from? In theory, troops would have to be neutral, which could rule out many countries in the region, such as Angola, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and perhaps others. Also, which country would want to send their troops into the deep Congolese jungles to hunt down the FDLR, and into Rutshuru's hills to fight the M23? The UN has already had a hard time to find troops to staff its peacekeeping mission, and I doubt the main contributing countries to that mission (India, Pakistan, Uruguay) would like seeing their men and women take on a more aggressive, risky role.
  • Transforming the UN mission. The Congolese government has said the UN should change MONUSCO's mission to take on a more offensive role, in effect becoming the neutral force the ICGLR has asked for. Like I said, the troop contributing countries are very unlikely to accept this kind of aggressive mandate. 
  • Time. It will take months - at least - to create and deploy a neutral force. During this time, the M23 and related armed groups are likely to make moves and gain ground. 
  • Other options. There have been suggestions that the M23 would be significantly weakened if it did not have support from Rwanda, or at least a rear base there. Rwanda has denied this, but why not just set up joint Rwandan-Congolese-MONUSCO patrols along key parts of this border? At the same time, it would illusory to think that we can put the genie back in the bottle with pure military force. By now, we have mobilization linked to the M23 In Ituri, the Ruwenzoris, Walikale, and perhaps parts of South Kivu. Rwanda may be playing a critical role, but it is not the only actor here. So what kind of peaceful options can we pursue without, as a previous guest post argues, undermining army reform and encouraging the mobilization of new groups? Some real thought needs to be put into a proper stabilization strategy in the Kivus that does not repeat the mistakes of the 2008 peace conference and the 2009 peace deal with the CNDP. More on that soon.


Anonymous said...

So this brings us back to square zero.With or with cutting aid to Rwanda, congo remains in tamoil.Congo's problems lie in their hands,its either dilpmatic means or war-purely their choice.

Anonymous said...

thanks again for this interesting post. Those politicians in the DRC and foreigne countries who have pushed for the integration of rebel groups in the army are very much responsable for this war situation now. how can you put ennemies of the state army with the same army in one national army and having the rebels as commanders of their former ennemies. like all those cndp guys who are "generals" and commanding real congolese fardc?? never understood this extremely stupid idea, but that is politics and as usual a gift to those benefiting from the mineral trade, cause à qui profite le crime?? sûrement pas aux civils congolais et rwandais et burundais.

Anonymous said...

in reality, the next conference at Kampala will not give good fruits.
If I was the member of that conference, I should request to Kabila Kabange to solve the issue with his rebels. We should be realistic, instead of asking Monusco to review it's mandate, or ask others African Countries come to solve Congolese problems, we should request to Kabila to sit with his citizen and analyze from the roots the problem of East of Congo with the support with UN. I will put out the option of fighting rebels because is to kill only population that we are suppose to protect.
I will ask all users of this blog to support Kabila to solve peacefully the congolese problems. Me I advise Kabila to request Experts in conflicts resolution from Uganda, Rwanda, Burudi, Kenya and Congo by including rebels representatives and give them the mandate of problems analyzes in depth and solution proposation. Please Kabila love your citizen because you are present from their support, avoid kill them. Put out the bad advisers because they are orienting you in bad way.

Anonymous said...

The initial plan was:
- Provoke a revolt among the Congolese Tutsi in the army by announcing the imminent arrest of Ntaganda. Tasks assigned to FM of Kingdom of Belgium.
- Once a few hundreds soldiers defect with Ntaganda and start a guerrilla war, let's alert the international opinion about “PATTERNS" of support from Rwanda to a "war criminal"(Ntaganda). Tasks assigned to HRW, GoE and some business "friends" in the international media.
- In the meantime, the FARDC commandos and other elite troops trained by Monusco and Belgium will be deployed in the east; They will crush the revolt and dissuade any Tutsi in the army to join Ntaganda. If necessary air support and targeted ground attacks will be carried out by Monusco forces. Tasks assigned to FARDC, FDLR and Monusco.
- Once the international community cuts diplomatic support and an arms embargo is imposed to Rwanda, FARDC together with FDLR will cross into Gisenyi, and the FINAL SOLUTION will be near. All Hutu peasants inside Rwanda will rise and do the remaining "WORK". The objective is to create a chaos within Rwanda, and create a new green field for humanitarian business.

Glory to the Lord, the macabre plan is foiled once again. The only blocking point for this project was the incapacity of FARDC to defeat M23. But the master minders will never give in. This is ongoing for more than a century now.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis, Anonymous 5:31am, except for the last point. It's not so much the "humanitarian business" (they're just message boys) as it is a powerful, financier oligarchy, primarily Anglo-American, whose centres of power lie in Wall Street and the City of London.

But what is it that has been ongoing for a century? The humanitarian industry hasn't been around that long.

Anonymous said...

Let Congolese solve their problems by negotiations.The Government should grab this last opportunity in Kampala to start talks with M23 rebels because its the one who didn't do the implementation of the March 23rd 2009 Peace Agreement.AS for now where is STAREC, the socio-economic part of the Agreement which was supposed to initiate economic projects and give jobs to demobilized armed groups members? Where are the Local Committees the CLPC for peaceful resolution of conflicts.The Police de proximite...Where are the refugees...So this Government failed to implement the peace deal, and now 3 years after ,there is turmoil in all the provinces covered by the STAREC PROGRAMME ie from North KATANGA up to the ITURI and UELE Districts.Someone has to pay his failures.

Anonymous said...

Congo problem wont go away, at least there are some interests that have to keep it alive:
If Congo problem is solved, the following ill be out of work:

again, the issue has been exeggerated, the ICG issued exegeerated figures that 5 million have been killed, millions have been raped, This is one Swedish woman who put it right, that aid groups, etc survived on feeding the world with those exxegerated figures to trigger responses.
Congolese, solve your problems. In Swahili they say: Mutegemea kitu kutoka kwa jirani anakipata baada ya mvua kuisha (Neighbour's help comes after the rain has finished falling).

Anonymous said...

The idea of crossing Grand barrier at Gisenyi is is an illusion! FADC cannot they will be given a bloody nose. and they cannot risk giving RDF execuse to march to Kisangani, As to uprising, these Hutus did it in 1998 they were suppressed. And then RDF was not as sophisticated and armed as it is now. There were no choppers, etc. So let them negotiate not

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:31AM
The UN, Belgium and Co are likely to try something like that .... but then again they underestimate Rwanda, we ve been through a lot and we will never never stand by while they cut our necks, bring it on thats all i can say ....

now you read story of Meece going all the way to the security council to tell the UN that M23 is better equipped than FARDC , hahahaaha yet AFP will publish pictures of few M23 men with some SMG versus FARDC with machine guns, tanks and helicopters....

seriously, this Kivu situation is driving people crazzy, why a respectable diplomat going all the way to the UN to utter such outright lie.....

Anonymous said...

the end of all this will be the correction of this historic mistake made in 1884 by Leopord II, there is no such thing as Congo there is a Leopord II personal property, he died a long time ago and this blunder of his must be dismantled as well whether UN, Belgium, Hege, Jason Stearns, the Combattant on the street of Brussel, etc like it or not ....this mistake wont go on for another 120 years, mark my word.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see how Ministers of Congo and DRC did not sign the report of Khartoum! I guess maybe because it did call for the tutelage of the UN through MONUSOCO!

I appreciate the idea of realism. Negotiations. There is no military solution to the conflict.

Anonymous said...

I Think Jason Stearns is playing the role of "bumptious spokesperson" of Kagame.

Why Angola should not be neutral? Who is to declare who is neutral? Jason Stearns?

By the way: Mende sais about the proposal of governor Paluku the following: "On a beau lire la requête du Gouverneur du Nord-Kivu dans tous les sens, on n’y trouve nulle mention d’une négociation avec quelque force négative que ce soit." What is "bumptious about this?

Anonymous said...

what if you find out that Khartoum and Kampala are involved in destabilising DRC as a whole?

Anonymous said...

The talk of African force is an expression and the realization that Monusco has failed. That said, the solution in Congo is not an additional African force or the change of MONUSCO mandate. At best, all these forces can play a supporting role to FARDC but FARDC only exists on paper (embezzlement of soldiers pay, fuzzy chain of command, lack of esprit de corps, inept logistics…). Also, changing MONUSCO mandate implies that the Indian peacekeepers will have to engage in combat and eventually sustain heavy causalities; only God knows and there is absolutely no political will in India to see their sons and daughters die in the jungles of Africa to protect distant imaginary interests.
The solution begins and ends with govt of Congo negotiation: Negotiate the terms of peace or negotiate the terms of exile in SA.

Anonymous said...

@ August 5, 2012 9:41 AM
@ August 5, 2012 8:58 AM
@ August 5, 2012 8:52 AM
@ August 5, 2012 8:50 AM
@ August 5, 2012 7:53 AM
@ August 5, 2012 7:39 AM

.... and more.

Oh my God, all Rwandese propaganda parrots on a blog that deals with Congolese issues. What are you guys doing here on this site, it is simply amazing to me. This is a reflection, a mirror image of what you guys have been doing in the DR Congo for the past 15 years a least. It is with lies, violence and destruction that the Tutsis elite in Rwanda has shamelessly invited itself into the DR Congo and tried to take over the North East of the country as they are presently trying to take over Jason's blog. You guys will never change, you want to take over everywhere you go. Your plans for taking over the Kivus are not working, you should know this by now especially after fifteen years of trying. The DR Congo is not interested in Rwanda, there is nothing there that it can use
for its betterment especially after going through, experiencing your main export product – the ideology of hate and destruction. The DR Congo is one, It has been together as a nation through it all and we will stay that way regardless of you petty plans.


Anonymous said...

The question at hand is what beyond Khartoum and Kampala. Let's address it and respond to some fanatics as well, after identifying some challenges and key actors.

1. The underlying cause of the instabilty and war in Eastern DRC is greed for strategic minerals that the International Maffia (IM)wants for "free".

2. To advance their cause, the IM has found allies in the Great Lakes Region. The core of these allies can be termed as the " Trans Regional Citizens (TRC)". They identify themeselves with their ethnicity and rarely with their citizenship.

3.The TRC group started in Tanzania, fought in Uganda, later in Rwanda and Burundi and are now in DRCongo, crossing borders and fighting. Their true intention is to create a large space/country in the Great Lakes for their own even if it is never clearly and openly stated.

4.The reasons for waging wars constantly change and can never be met to justify the havoc and the eternal victims status.

5.The visible actors in DRC recent agression are on one hand Rwanda,M23,CNDP, Uganda,Other armed groups and on the other hand the DRC Gov and Monusco.

6.M23 central claim is that the DRC Gov must apply the 2009 agreement signed with CNDP. The legality of such claim is questionable since M23 is not signatory of these agreements. Absent a power of attorney converting CNDP to M23, the central claim and the ensuing war can not be justified even if they are both part of TRC.

7.Independent reviews of the 2009 agreement show that the DRC Gov has implemented 2/3 of its plea and was working on the rest. Hence, the absurdity of the current war.

8.For the sake of historical accuracy, the 1885 Berlin Conference mostly debated navigation in the Congo basin and never discussed other countries boundaries in the Region except for the current DRC. If anything, DRC lost some of its territories that were later attributed to other states. The initial map extended Congo to the Indian Ocean.(Read the archives of the Conference).

9. With a dubious agenda, TRC cannot be accomodated and must be defeated for a lasting peace in the Region. Each ethnic group must live in their respective countries and dealt with based on their citizenship, not their ethnicity. They must enjoy the rights offered to every other citizens but also face the legal obligations of all other citizens.

10. What's beyond Kampala and Khartoum?
a.Identify,isolate and neutralize the enemies of peace in the region, and move forward with the development projects for the benefit of all the people of the region in each country.

b.Promote effecive leadership based on inclusive interests of all the people in their respective countries and not on ethnicity.

c.Demand fair price for minerals from buyers and for the benefits of respective countries in the region.


Rich said...

Jason -

Ref # “Some real thought needs to be put into a proper stabilization strategy in the Kivus that does not repeat the mistakes of the 2008 peace conference and the 2009 peace deal with the CNDP. More on that soon.”

So, what are the mistakes of the 2008 peace conference and the 2009 peace deal?

As suggested in the guest blog, I can list:
Parallel chains of command within the FARDC that resulted from continuous armed groups integration.

Loyalty to the Kigali regime from integrated commanders (ex-cndp)
Rwanda insistence on impunity for ex-cndp officers (see the cases of mutebusi, nkunda, bosco...).

Rwanda’s smear campaign against MONUSCO & DRC
The list is not exhaustive ...

Now, the way to avoid the repeat of some of the above mistakes is to tell Rwanda to disband M23 and appoint its officials in a structure that will insure the protection of rwanda’s security interests in the DRC. Such structure can combine monusco, DRC, Rwanda & observers from both the UNSC & the AU.

M23 must disband because it is a negative force and has become a refuge for indicted war criminals and those who think they can get promotion and advantages within the army if they mutineer.

I have no doubt M23 will falter if Rwanda is serious about halting its support to the movement. We saw this at the early days of the mutiny in April when FARDC was able to relegate the movement to one hill on the border with Rwanda. If the border had been monitored and FARDC allowed to join efforts with RDF & UPDF on the other side of the Rwandan & Ugandan border, we wouldn't be talking about M23 now.

Let’s remind ourselves that there were significant progress in the fight against FDLR & other negative forces when governments of the DRC & Rwanda joined efforts. This stopped when it became obvious that Rwanda did not want the DRC to take action against some officers who illustrated themselves in illegal activities and indiscipline. No army in the world would have people like bosco and many other officers found in M23.

So, to prompt Rwanda to do the right thing (tell M23 to disband), the current pressure (gel of budgetary aid) and the lowering of Rwandan regime credibility on the international stage must continue until this country submits to genuinely play a more constructive role in the region.

M23 is nothing without rwanda, rwanda is nothing without international aid. M23 has no constituency but rwanda has. We all know that without donors' money, rwanda can never afford what it is doing in DRC (supporting M23). Donors' money is needed to help rwanda's constituency but not to fuel conflicts or indeed contribute to the destabilization of the DRC.


Anonymous said...

Kampala will not bring a solution to this problem. With Kabila in power, NOTHING significant will ever happen to solve this conflict because this status quo benefits a lot of people in Kigali, Kampala, Bujumbura and in certain circles in the West. We are slowly but surely moving to a mass revolution in Kongo to topple down Kabila and respect the will of the people. Etienne Tshisekedi, a true son of the country and a man of integrity won the election but the international community with their puppet are afraid he won't be as large as Kabila regarding the situation in the East. True results of last year's election are the key to the Kivus problem. Kagame is just a spoilt brat dancing to the song of his western financier masters. He just hasn't realized they have stopped playing the song...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:12AM

what is not working ??? i will tell you what is not working,

1) the expulsion of Rwandophones from Kivu ..... this can't work because those Rwandophones were there way before 1884, before Leopord II cut some chunk of Africa and made it his own property,
too bad that he did not do some homework he would ve known what kind people he is going to be messing with , if he knew what kind these people are i am sure he would ve just ommitted Kivu from his plans in order to secure Congo for his great great grand children ......don't make mistake Congo does not belong to Congolese, it is a private property of the West only they made a mistake to include Rwanda area in that property

2) so now they are training FARDC like there is no tommorrow supplying them with Tanks , helicopters and anti-tanks to get rid of these rwandophone and guess what it is failing ....reason why Meece is asking for more armement they better bring on the atomic bomb otherwise it is going nowhere

3) they inject in ur brain the RATBKA virus (Rwanda, Aggression, Tutsi Balkanisation, Kagame) so you can fight with all your guts against fellow African for the only interest of them ...... guess what thats also is failing we do thourough job and we rebbuts line by line these lies and guess what more FARDC, probably your brothers and sons are deserting en mass and are joining m23 as we speak i bet you will too .....those you call RWandans will keep invading these blogs and will keep saying the truth the reasons for all this mess and who actually gain from it the end of the day trust me you also will join the struggle and that will be the true independence !!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Honoré Ngbanda, former Mobutu’s Security Advisor said that the three following Tutsis warlords are behind the turmoil in the Great Lakes region: General Museveni, General H.E. Dr. Kagame and General Kabila. He added that among the 3 warlords, Kabila is the most Tutsi supremacist. He has sidelined ex-FAZ (Zaire fearless soldiers trained in Israel, Kitona, Kotakoli, Mbanza-Ngungu, Luberizi, Rumangabo, Kamina, etc.) and promoted only Tutsis. Tutsis are the only ones who have a high number of generals and colonels in the Fardc. All the Fardc regiments commanders in the East, from North-Katanga to Ituri (along Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda borders) are Tutsis. Congo will have peace when Kabila returns to his native Rwanda. Enough is enough. Only His Excellency President Docteur Tshisekedi wa Mulumba can defeat M23. He has the legitimacy, the will and the imperium from the people. All ex-FAZ and the Congolese bantu are behind him. Kabila is a tribalist. Since Mobutu, OFIDA (Congo Revenue Authority: taxes, import duty) has always been given to a Congolese, mwana Mboka. Kabila gave it to a Tutsi, who is his father in law (Kabila’s wife a Tutsi). While our country is at war against Tutsis, Kabila appointed General Kijege, a Tutsi as the army Chief of Logistics (the one starving our Fardc in the battlefield and supplying them with wrong ammunitions). Tutsi General Bivegete who is Auditeur General des Fardc (the highest military Prosecutor) is the one charging and sentencing the true Congolese soldiers fleeing M23’s advance in Kivu. Kokamwa!

Anonymous said...

@ Ano. at AUGUST 5, 2012 8:58 AM

It is so pathetic a cowardice to hide behind “Anonymous” and not assume his/her opinions even with a nickname on an Internet blog. It is a pity that your kind should be responded to. Unfortunately in your king Kagame’s kingdom, you are kept unaware of what Africa is thinking. Let me candidly tell you: you have become the disgrace and scum of the Africa that is trying to unite and rise together. You are the piteous war mongers and shameful impeders of Africa’s progress.

Now talking about Congo and your kind’s obsession with the Berlin Conference, know that Congo is beyond a nation whose peoples, despite internal contradictions, continuously interact to have a better future they deserve. Does Rwanda exist honestly as a nation? Or are the sworn enemies “Tutsis and Hutus” bracing up to “genocide” each other yet again very soon? Please tell us when next so we can prepare to prevent it!

Listen, you can’t handle this: Congo (of Queen Kimpa Vita, King Msiri, Kimbangu, Lumumba, Mzee LD kabila) is not just a State nor is it just a geographical coincidence; Congo is a shared history of joy and pain, an irrational attachment to a chunk of an African land, and most of all an humanly incomprehensible coexistence of 400+ communities.

You see, it is Kagame’s Rwanda that will explode not the resilient Congo!


Anonymous said...

Again one and only one question:

How many tutsies have been killed since 1996?

How many more tutsies elites need to kill before realising that they strategies is going nowhere and is starting to backfire?

6 millions deaths, all hutus and congolese is not enough?

Do you think that what you have not been able to realize in 16 years when you absolutely rulled Kivus through RCD, and CNDP you are going to do it now?

Your racist ideology that transpires in your comment just show to the world that the previous victims have surpassed their former master. The level of killing in great lakes that Kagame and his tutsies racist friends have perpetrated in Congo is unbelievable and despite of realising that there is no future in this way. They want to continue and take the all world as imbecile.

I hope that all the western Kagame sympathezir are realising today that they have and they are complicit of a racism crusade that has cost the life of millions of innocent and that is right now causing misery of millions of others.

Congolese have been drawn in this century old non sense between hut and tutsies, tutsies have assimilated congolese to hutus and decided to give them the same treatment, deathband submissions.

I just hope that kagame and his friends have enough arms to kill us all. This is far from being over, more blood ahead.

Anonymous said...

Rwandans are giving their opinions on this blog because the blogger himself is talking about Rwanda.
I am yet to see on this blog any subject dealing with the legacy, legitimacy of the current Kabila regime.
Then Rwandans will leave it to Congolese.

Anonymous said...


hahaha don't be mad....because
it doesn't matter how much you shout online, it won't change the reality
the fact is that there is no such thing as Congo nation......

there was no such thing as DRC before 1884, there were numerous kingdoms all over central Africa , Shi, hunde, bakongo, etc etc

facts are :

1) some dude by the name of Leopord 2 drew a huge chunk of territory out of African map and made it his own property without consulting these numerous kingdoms, even naming the capital of this chunk Leopordville, he did it for his own interests and for the interests of his country Belgium ......not for you muanacongo , not for you, he used your ancestors to plunder that territories he abused them killed them, mutilated them he was really a monster ....

2) now this dude or monster by the name of Leopord 2 had kids and grand kids etc, and he had country ....these progeny of him are doing the same thing except that this time they are doing it in smart way, they are enjecting you with RATBKA ( Rwanda, Aggression , Tutsi , Balkanisation and Kagame) in your brain so you can go crazzy, hopefully you will pick up a gun and you will go to Rutshuru to fight your fellows who have figured them out and you will die for them..... for what really? will it change your life ? no .. they will keep plundering the little ressources you have they will keep you in ignorance forever you won't learn how to put in good use those ressources because you are busy fighting and you won't emancipate from poverty you will keep depending on them .....that is the reality, fortunately some of banacongo since you like that name have figured them out, and the battle for real independence have begun, the battle to correct what this monster by the name of Leopord II did.

Anonymous said...

I am Congolese and proud to be Congolese.

You should not use Kabila mediocrity as a measure of Congolese capacity. Kabila, Kagame partner in crime, is our 5th column. But even him is unable to break congolese unity. Even though he is fuelling ethnic division between Kasaien and Katangais through Kyungu, I am happy to tell you that there are more and more atanga and Kasaien couple marrying every day. We congoleze have decided to be congolese, it has not been imposed to us. If it were, Congo would have been balkanized by now.

So , Kagame tutsi supremacist, be ready for what is coming next. There are 70 millions of us.

Anonymous said...

Go back to 1884 o 1205 if you want to prove your utopia. The Congo nation exist and standing strong. As the other said if Congo nation was an illusion this country would not exist anymore, with all the forces that fought so hard to have it dismantled.

So me too I am Congolese and proud. Extremely proud to call my fellow brother from the 400+ tribes of this nation brother. I am proud to feel a lot more attached to a Katangais than to my cousin from the same tribe who is the next side of the border. I am proud to define myself as Congolese, period.

I know that it defies imagination that Congolese are so united, mostly when we look at Rwanda were a minority of 15% is obliged to use law for obliging people to think that they are united. We congolese do not need law, or repressive regime to tell us who we are.

What matter is not history, what matter is present, it is what Congolese people have made of their history. And we have made unity. We Have our black sheep, but they are not strong enough.

Proudly Congoleze PK

Anonymous said...

@ AUGUST 5, 2012 1:22 PM

Some of you Congolese are like the Nazis who wanted to exterminate their Fellow Europeans,Jews of Europe,you single out one ethnic group simply because Belgian and German colonisation fooled you to believe that Tutsi don't have the right to live in the African Great Lakes.

I am quoting from one article written about the role of the Roman Catholic church in inciting hatred and genocide against Tutsi:

Young papal missionaries

After World War II, the influence of the White Fathers Order diminished as a new wave of young Papal missionaries came over from Belgian seminaries. They brought with them ‘social justice’ theories that were now being developed by the Vatican to promote RC influence in third world counties. These mostly Flemish priests identified with the by-now oppressed Hutu majority, took up their cause, and gradually forced the Tutsis to relinquish their grip on the country. One result was a Hutu uprising in 1959 which led to 10,000 Tutsis being killed and over 100,00 being driven abroad.

Three years later, Gregoire Kayibanda, Secretary to Monsignor Vincent Nsengiyuma, Rwanda’s Archbishop, became first President of an independent Rwanda, having earlier founded the racial supremacist ‘Parme Hutu’ party. Now the Tutsi were seen by Roman Catholic Church thinkers as ‘invaders’ from Ethiopia and the Riman Catholic church Church orchestrated calls for the Tutsi to be ‘sent back home’."

As you can see from the article's quotes, Belgian and their allies will do everything in their power to protect those secrets,one of the ways to do it is to increase divide and rule policies by setting some Countries against only one community, the Tutsis of the African Great Lakes.

Shame on you, wherever Patrice Lumumba is, he must be mocking how some Congolese have literally turned into fascist hate campaigners!

Anonymous said...

Me too proudly Congoles, I grew up with baluba, basakata, bambala, bakongo and bazwahili as neighbours. I also remember the time were we treated the tutsis who are killing us today as brother. We were all zairois at the time. Many of those in Kigali have grown up in DRC and have never felt like stranger, because we lived peacefully with them. They have decided to betray us but we are still there , we are still congolese. We dong have any other nationality to claim.

Proudly congolese Jack

Anonymous said...


those Tutsi , those Rwandans , Balkanisation , typical symptoms so those Tutsi never felt like stanger ....why would they be ??? are they stranger ??? this is were lie the problem if they are not stranger why Kabila is busy killing them??? i see you call yourself congolese and proud to be so have you ever visited Kivu, you will meet a lot of those Tutsi as you will meet a lot of shi in South Kivu, ask your president to stop trying to chase those tutsi and he will have peace

Anonymous said...

singling out one ethnic in more than 400+ ethnic that inhabits Congo won't solve the issue, the issue is not Tutsi, Shi, luba or whatever you want it to look, i know some luba married to Tutsi , i know bakongo married to bambala. Ethnicity is not a problem in Congo even though some forces strive to make it look that way. The problem in DRC is a serious failure of the the state, and the persistence of the International community to push that state into total failure. The main problem is some powerfull forces that thrive in these conditions they will try everything for their own interests, Tutsi and Rwanda are scapegoats

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousAugust 5, 2012 1:37 PM

Yes we are so much like nazi that you who are so saint have killed 6 millions of us for the simple cause that we were just non-tutsi: hutu or bantus.

Don't accuse me, of your crime. Again and again who has followed that racist theory and killed ?

Since 1996 how many tutsi have been killed?
You killed 6 millions of non-tutsis and are destroying the life of millions others at this right moment. And you are calling me nazis? You are really taking the whole world for retarded!!!!!

Tell tutsi militia m23 to stop killing and discriminating against other ethic group and then come again.

Your strategy of accusing the world of your own murders is getting people fed up. If after 1994 genocide you aknoweldge all that and went the reconciliation path instead of, because of the same ideology used to kill you, to go and kill the hutu for revenge. If after the genocide you decided to fight that ideology from the catholic church , like you called it, and started to promote peace between communities instead of being responsible of more than 6 millions deaths of people from other commjnities,then I would have commended you and would have let you speak. But now you want to busllshit the world with your theory for retarded wanting to blame your victims for your own wide scaled murders????

You will pay, like the nazis in Nuremberg, get ready.

Proudly Congolese K

Anonymous said...

We Tutsis put our lives on line to topple dictator Mobutu. Thousands of our sons died during the grand march on Kinshasa. At least you Congolese should appreciate and be grateful. We liberated Mozambique (yes, Comrades Museveni, Salim Saleh and Fred Rwigyema fought along Frelimo rebels for the liberation of Mozambique from Portugal's colonial power), Uganda (from Idi Amin dictatorship), Rwanda (from Hutus genocidaires apocalypse), Zaire (from Mobutu kleptocracy). Now, with M23, we want to liberate Congolese Tutsis in Kivu-Ituri from an imminent genocide. In Kinshasa, Goma, Brussels, Pretoria, Congolese are calling for Tutsi blood. A prominent Congolese Bishop has even called for a “holy war” against Tutsis on YouTube. We can not stand buy and watch when Congolese Tutsis are being slaughtered by lunatics like in 1994. Never again! We do not care of what Western idiots are saying. They can keep their aids. Have you read Dambisa Moyo’s DEAD AID? No country has ever developed from White people’ aid! Aid is not a charity. If donors were helping us, it is not because our tall height or our pointy nose. Nothing is free. It is a question of give and take. How is it possible that former slave traders, former colonialists, the ones who called Mandela a terrorist (because he was fighting for Blacks) can pretend to say that they have changed and that they love Africans or Congolese for that matter? Slave traders, colonialists, racists, imperialists never change. The coloniser’s reflex is still there. Not yet Uhuru! Proud Tutsi Agaciro (PTA)

Anonymous said...

Last anos and the likes,

Nobody is trying to chase Congolese tutsis away from the Congo. This lie will not fly anymore. Tutsi or any other ethnic for that matter, DRC only needs your loyalty in good or bad times. We don't want you to be Congolese in the day and Rwandan or the night. With our 400+ ethic groups, we hate for anybody to be more loyal to their ethnic tribe than towards ther nation DRC. If you are brave warriors, we should use this strength to protect and build the Congo, not to distroy or to dismember this great nation. Tell the truth, nobody wants you out of the Congo as long as you act Congolese, support Congo efforts and diversity and do not take orders from ill intentioned neighbours.


Anonymous said...


as long as you act congolese ...yet in the same sentence you talk about diversity ; what the definition of acting congolese ??? congo is a diversify country, this notion that one is acting more congolese than the other is getting old, i know some luba who doesn't act like some lendu, they don't speak the same linga, they don't have same culture....who is acting more congolese than the other? this nonsense is getting old for your info, people in m23 are not only Tutsi, there are numerous other ethnicities in that group , yet we fixate on Tutsi

Anonymous said...


Another non sense you didn't topple mobutu. Mobutu destroyed his own army and population was so tired that they heard the AFDL propaganda of Kabila the congolese liberating the Congo and at that time. Congolese did not know the Rwandese and the tutsi.

There were 4 serious battle in the all war in 1996. And when Mobutu Division special presidentiel and Units forces engaged you in Kenge. You haven't been able to advance for months and you suffered enormous loss. If it was not for Mayehele who betrayed Mobutu and ordered army to fall back. I don't think you would ever reach Kinshasa.

You succeed in Congo because , americans used you. Period. You played your card well and have been able to apply your revenge on hutus in mass killing. Since then you did not stop.

I am happy that you define yourself as proudly tutsi and not proudly Rwandese as it shows what we have been saying for ages. For you nationality is an excuse, ethnicity is everything . In days to come dear PTA, I wish god luck to your brothers. Me Congolese, and proudly Congolese, I can tell you that many things will change.

Start looking for the H bomb, you will still have a log of people to kill, there are 70 millions of us.

Proudly Congolese K.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a documentary that summarizes the discussions during the 1885 Berlin Conference on Congo. Nobody mentioned Rwanda,which didn't exist back then as a nation, during the Conference.

Rwanda's (and Uganda) territorial claims on DRC are wild speculation and fantasy. DRC territory belongs to Congolese.


Anonymous said...

Please we are not all behind Kagame, there are tutsi who are not supporting Kagame they don't have a way to speak.

Just make a research to see what happened to those who criticise kagame during elections in Rwanda,some behaded others in prison...

There is a problem between hutu and tutsi in Rwanda, but it won't be solved this way.

I have said this in this blog, Kagame has never launched a referendum for asking our opinion on DRC strategy, at least I have never been consulted.

This cycle of violence is starting to really scare me, is that what we are leaving to our children?

Anonymous said...

@3:08PM I doubt that you are a Tutsi or Ikigarasha. Proud Tutsi Agaciro (PTA)

Anonymous said...

@You Proudly Congolese K., stop your nonsense. We did not kill Hutus. There is no proof of that. We repatriated them in droves, by air from Kisangani and by land. If Tutsis were as revengeful as you claim, no Hutu would be alive today. Do not mention the now discredited Mapping Report because it is a tissue of lies concocted by dubious job seekers and experts for hire who have built their entire career on Afro-pessimism. These clowns and jerks masquerading as experts are the ones who tend to manufacture the theory of double genocide. Avoid them at all cost and don’t read their wretched papers.

Anonymous said...

@ anonoymous 5 aug 2012 3:08pm.Exactly how do you suggest we verify your enthinicity form a few written words on this blog? And besides are we interested anyway! One think Im sure of is that you are not in Rwanda today otherwise you wouldnt waste your time refering yourself as any of the rubbish 'Tutsi ot Hutu" you've been away far too long from home you need to come and see that people care less about that pre 1994 genocidal teachings.

Anonymous said...

M23 is at 98% tutsi. I dont think that the 2% remaining are representative of Congolese diversity.

Acting Congolese means loyalty to Congolese and not your etnic brothers. You cant be a Rwanda proxy force against Congolese and expect to be welcomed in the Congolese community.

Question to whom goes your loyalty ?

Anonymous said...

Now I am really laughing, no hutu has been killed in the forest of DRC?
You repatried them all in first class airplanes and air conditioned buses....

This thread is getting better and better. ..... So the EU, USA, MONUC, Red Cross, HRW, GoE , all books that documented that, all testimonies and all the radio of the world that followed these facts were mistaken. Poor Kabila Laurent who had to bear the blame for Tutsi massacre in DRC forest....

From now on I will ask no more indepedent investigation comission for Rwanda. We must just trust Kagame, he has never did anything wrong in his life and he always say the truth!!!!!

Thank you now I can sleep peacefully, the whole world has lied to me!!!!!

Proudly Congoles K.

Anonymous said...

@Rwanda/Uganda Tutsi.
Please, live Congolese Tutsi alone!!!!!

Rwanda Criminals are hallucinating that by using the Tutsi card, Congo will burn and we shall all run to them for help-what a bunch of losers.

If you care that much about us, how comes you don't even treat our families that are languishing in your camps with dignity??
I know of 4 cases of Congolese Tutsi mothers,because of their Congolese heritage, they were denied treatment when ill, .
Without UNHCR, no Congolese Tutsi would be alive in Rwanda by now.
Assassinating and locking up Congolese Tutsi intellectuals is what you do best.

We have faith in our Congo and we shall never let your twisted evil minds turn us against our fellow Congolese- we know you have a problem with Francophone Tutsi, sacrificing them for your selfish projects is on record.

You can keep Bosco Ntagada and Bishop Runiga, they're yours for Free!!!!


Anonymous said...

Guy let be honest, I am hutu living in Rwanda and we are treated like second zone citizen. Tell me how many high officer do we have in the army. Tell me if there is a single battalion in Rwanda defense force with more than 40% hutu?

What happened to Victoire when she asked that our deads during the genocide( yes hutu as well have been killed ) and our deads during the revenge expedition of RPF br recognized. She is in prison, in Rwanda of Kagame history is written by Kagame and company. Historian will have to wait.....

Rwanda race reconciliation is an illusion, Tustsi extremist can scream loud, but do you really think that in a true democratic country Kagame could get 90% , no way, NO WAY can Kagame have 90%.

So yes there is a hutu tutsi problem in Rwanda. And a serious one.

Anonymous said...

@proudly congolese and Muonacongo.I quote " its 70 million of us congolese vs Tiny Rwanda"
Well sweethearts ever hard of the story of David and Goliath in the Bible?
2-Ever heard of an english proverb that goes "empty tins make the loudest noise"? I emplore you to read between lines ,you will understand what I mean .Otherwise good luck.

Anonymous said...

@AUGUST 5, 2012 4:05 PM
In this case Rwanda is David, having received total impunity for more than 16 years of plunderings and killings. Rwanda has even been awarded special military aid by USA and unconditional support by all western countries.

While DRC still trying to recover from the most imbecile president from history. So yes you can feel strong now, feel invincible, but as my others brothers have said, Kabila is not Congo, there are 70 millions of us. Have peacefull dreams. The bible is the best book to read in your case ...

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this blog to understand how pleasant it is to be Rwandese in Kagame Fantaisy land.

Anonymous said...


You have put forward the outlines of a workable plan. I hope diplomats at the UNSC and AU are paying attention.

You and Jason have both mentioned a monitoring structure involving the DRC, Rwanda, and Monusco in some kind of joint verification operations - and you've included the idea of observers from the SC and AU.

Personally, I would like to see greater involvement by the AU on the ground. Modern Africa is a social construction, and while the present day political boundaries were established at the Berlin Conference - a point conveniently ignored by many is that they derive their legitimacy from agreements reached when the OAU was founded. The founders of modern Africa, individuals like Nkrumah, Nyerere, Kaunda, understood the dangers of trying to redraw the map of Africa.

The Congolese state derives its territorial integrity from a consensus reached at the OAU; Congolese national identity derives its legitimacy from an idea forged by Patrice Lumumba - an idea Congolese have collectively taken ownership of.

Both the Security Council and the AU have a stake in finding a solution to the current crisis - both institutional structures have their credibilty on the line.


Anonymous said...

Talking about mass killings from Kagame's wars in Congo:

Anonymous said...

@To you 5:15PM: But not all Hutus are genocidaires. There are Hutus who were killed by Interahamwe (like Faustin Twagiramungu’s entire family) but who are prevented from burying their loved ones. There are innocent children, women Hutus who died in Congo refugee camps, killed by Interahamwe or cholera. Why are their families not allowed to remember them? There are thousands of half-cast Rwandans (imvange) who lost both their parents: father Hutu and mother Tutsi, for example, all killed by Interahamwe. They are allowed to bury or mourn only the deceased Tutsi parent, not the Hutu one? Why? I think this discrimination among the dead is not helpful for ethnic reconciliation.

Anonymous said...

Vous les congoles extrimists komanyoko u hate us bt we still shininig n winning on the ground at the end of all this bs u will be the looser coz your gournment is surely goin to sign the peace accord with m23 take my word. Your kabila has to play careful by killin us coz we knw him well than u congolese if u actually remember well we put his dad in power so is him bt when his dad tryed to fuck around by killin us we erased him n intalled this fool whose tryin to do the same. Jk better negociate with m23 if you wanna stay in power for long

Anonymous said...

Anos Aug 5,5:15PM and the likes,

Zaire Army never escorted Hutus to enter our country. French Turquoise Ops did. In our hospitality, we welcomed Hutu brothers and sisters exactely the same way we welcomed Tutsis decades back. Rwandan hatred has been exported to DRC and we are now paying the price.

Last ano,

You can boast about killing Kabila father and putting Kabila Jr in power but this was the last time Rwanda had any say in our country. Notice that DRC will never again allow your meddling in our business. The aid freeze you are feeling now is nothing. If Rwanda insists on destabilizing DRC, put this in the bank, DRC will not go down alone. There will be hell for everybody in the region.

We do not need Rwanda a single day, just leave us alone!


Nkunda said...

I am amazed at the prevalence of negative ideology among the commentators. In particular, I will address one espoused by a notoriously "Proud Tutsi Agaciro". The contradiction here is glaring. For starters, the Tutsi regime in Kigali pretends to deny the existence of ethnicity. How then can one be a proud Tutsi?

There is this notion that Hutu masses are a bunch of genocidal maniacs silently waiting to "finish the job". This same ideology is the reason why Hutu politicians must be silenced by all means--imprisoned, killed or exiled. The architects of this ideology deliberately obscure the distinction between Interahamwe and the FDLR. To them, every member of the Hutu opposition is an Interahamwe.

This ideology is no different by the one espoused by Hutu extremists prior to the 1994 genocide. That this ideology goes by unchallenged is most shocking. Also troubling is that this ideology is used to muzzle free press and weaken any form of competitive politics. Donors and the international community behave as though they've become too blinded to notice the irony of history repeating itself.

Some reliable research shows that most members of the FDLR were never affiliated with Interahamwe. There is not even a shred of evidence that proves the existence of Interahamwe (as a group) after the 1994 genocide. Why should we continue to embrace the past in order to torment the present?

As Hege and others have rightly stated, the problems in the Kivu are in part a reflection of the internal problems in Rwanda. The less political space guaranteed in Rwanda, the more likely a Hutu opposition will challenge the RPF elites using military means. Of course, there success is hardly assured. However, dismissing any challenge as "Interahamwe" just reflects on how extremist the Kigali regime is.

Internal reforms in Rwanda are a MUST. This is no longer negotiable. I think a lot of people in the West are coming to this realization. With a democratic Rwanda, Kagame will be weakened and will no longer be able to fund and abet proxy militias wherever he wills. Rwandans will hold him accountable.

Given that the greatest challenge to Kagame's rule are a section of Tutsi elites, the Interahamwe threat will become irrelevant with time. There are rumors of some Tutsi dissident generals organizing against Kagame. If they mount any military challenge, I am wondering how the narrative will be framed. Tutsis teaming up with Interahamwe to finish their own? Tell it to the birds! It is only a matter of time before the world realize how cynical, manipulative and destructive Kagame (and his politics) are.

End quote: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time".

Bismark said...

I could not help myself and make a comparison, this blog is about the DR Congo(Congo Siasa), what is the Rwanda elite Tutsi PR machine doing on this site; it is amazing to me. The behavior of these Rwandese on Jason’s blog is to me a reflection, a mirror image of what they have been trying to do in the DR Congo for the past 15 years or more. It is with lies, violence and destruction that the Tutsi elite in Rwanda has shamelessly invited itself into the DR Congo and tried to take over the North East of the country just like it is presently trying to dominate and control the discussion on Congo Siasa. It is basically another take over attempt just like in the Kivus.

You guys will never change; you want to take over everywhere you go.
It reminds me of the saying” you give him a hand but he wants to take the whole arm”. Your plans for taking over the Kivus are not working; you should know this by now especially after more than fifteen years of trying.

The DR Congo is not the least interested in Rwanda,there is nothing in that country that
the DR Congo can use to improve itself,nothing.

This is the only truth,it is even more so after the Kivus have experienced the devastation unleashed by your main export product – the ideology of hate, vengeance, killing, supremacy and destruction.

The DR Congo is one,it has been together as a nation through it all and it will remain so, regardless of you petty plans.

The Tutsi elite in Rwanda should realize that its arrogance has lead it to undertake one adventure too many in the DR Congo and that it will not get away with it this time around. JK, the Trojan horse, has failed to deliver for you; the new US administration which will come out the elections in November most likely will not have in it the powerful entities that have been allowing you to get away with murder, plunder, rape and destruction in the DR Congo. May be that is why you are trying to force a “fait accompli ”

There is one thing you must know and you seem not to take seriously, the citizens of the DR Congo know today even more so than yesterday that their future resides in a strong and united Congo,so put your expansion plans for the Kivus away for good in a drawer somewhere. You have tried so hard for so long, but it is not happening and wil not happen that is the simple truth.


Unknown said...

I could not agree with Bismark more. It is amazing how kagame’s contingent tried and failed to turn this respectable blog into a “Tutsis against Hutus siasa”. Hatred and racial hatred are not Congolese. The world has just witnessed on this blog how “hatred” is Kagame’s crouch in Rwanda.

That said, people have misconstrued Congolese internal contentions. Surely all are now surprised by Congolese resolve, resilience and patriotism. If you ask me, there are no more ”lumumbist” or “Congolese Nationalists” than valiant Congolese from the frontline of eastern DRC. Where was Lumumba running to when his assassins captured him? This is why this yet another attempt to invade Congo has failed.
Now, Tutsi people from North and South Kivu have to embrace the truth here. If Kagame claims to love you fellow Tutsis , why are your people languishing in refugee camps in Rwanda that is a paradisiacal economic success as we are told. There can be “refugee jews” in “Isrea”, never! The fate of your people can’t be left at the whims of a “gamer”.


Unknown said...

@Bismark and Muana Congo,
The most visible sign that Kagame will fail to take over the Kivu-Ituri is the fact that Banyamulenge (the true ones) have discovered his games of always using them as cannon fodder. To begin with, we should know that all Congolese Tutsis are not Banyamulenge. They are not. Banyamulenge are the ones living in Minembwe plateau. There is no need here for me to get embroiled into futile controversies about their Congolese nationality. Rwanda should look for other alibis to justify its M23’invasion. Banyamulenge’s nationality question is a nonissue here. They are Congolese. Period. Congolese Tutsis from North-Kivu are not Banyamulenge. Calling all Tutsis who were invading Congo in 1998 under the generis name of Banyamulenge was a fraud! For example, as a matter of fact, General Nkunda or Colonel Makenga are not Banyamulenge. General Masunzu, is. Banyamulenge are a sub-group of Tutsis. (No controversies here, please!) Now, let’s get back to the point: In 1997, Kagame told the whole world that Banyamulenge were in danger of an imminent genocide from Mobutu’s FAZ and Interahamwe. He used Banyamulenge’s cover to invade Zaire. During Afdl and Rcd-Goma’s rebellions, Banyamulenge were put on the foreground. But, being naturally nationalistic, Banyamulenge started to denounce Rwanda’s plans for Kivu balkanization. For that matter, in 2004, they defied Rwanda’s orders to stay in Goma and secede. They instead joined the 1+4 government. While Afdl and RCD-Goma were somehow headed by Banyamulenge (Ruberwa, Bugera, Nyarugabo), Cndp made a purge. Cndp/M23’s known Congolese Tutsis are exclusively from North-Kivu. No Munyamulenge. Actually, Cndp was created in response to Rcd’s Banyamulenges’ search for political independence from Rwanda. Banyamulenge were initially close to the Rwanda-led RCD-Goma and Rwanda, but later turned against them, and a full-scale rebellion against the RCD-Goma, led by General Patrick Masunzu developed among the Banyamulenge during 2002. Despite Rwanda’s massive air and land deployment, the rebellion was never defeated. Banyamulenge will never forget how Rwanda’s Air Force killed them in hundreds. So, today, Kagame can no longer claim that he wants to protect Banyamulenge. That would be a fraud. Again! Prominent Banyamulenge leaders like former Vice-President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, H.E. Azarias Ruberwa, Ambassador Karaha, Honorable Senator Nyarugabo, General Patrick Masunzu (the current Commandant de la 10ème région militaire à Bukavu) and Honorable Enock Ruberangabo Sebineza, National President of Banyamulenge Community, have refused to join the M23 mafia despite being under intense pressure from Kigali to do so. Honorable Enock Ruberangabo Sebineza has unearthed the collusion between Rwanda and Mai Mai Yakutumba. He particularly “denounces the M23 rebellion in North Kivu, explicitly reminding readers that the M23 does not represent the Banyamulenge community of DRC or its interest.”

Virunga Mountains said...

@Nzargos Igwe
Adding to what you outlined above:

At one point, CNDP under criminal Bosco Ntaganda did fool the Congolese people that it was repatriating Congolese Tutsi from Rwanda back to Congo-instead, it was Ugandan/Rwandan Tutsi that were brought-in to occupy our homes and farms. When some of my relatives returned back from exile, they found that their Masisi farm had new occupants with forged land titles. When they tried to reclaim their home through legal means, the so called Tutsi protectors murdered them in Cold blood.


Godfrey said...
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Godfrey said...

I think a couple of things since then prove that Mr. Jason here is just defending his long time buddy Steve Hege who had very empathetic views towards the FDLR

Take a look at these articles from even the GoE themselves getting their knickers in a twist in previous reports, claiming FARDC dont have certain weapons hence conclude Rwanda must have supplied them, All LIES!

Bismark said...


There is only one simple question. Is Rwanda in the DRC supporting rebelions directly or indirectly? All those other issues about Hege and FDLR are distractions.


blaise said...

@ Godfrey,
Those are interesting points.Sorry I don't relate to the fuss, I just think the guy stated the obvious: the Fdlr was create long after the genocide in Rwanda,some people participated on the killings, other were 2 young.Maybe you can explain us better how the GoR decides who can be brought in and who can't.
about the response from the GoR,It's bizarre that before people even had a chance 2 read that rebuttal,the GoR already dubbed it a line by line debunk. Was sounding more like a propaganda.
I try to read everything with open mind.If you read some early entries in this blog regarding the Goe report, you will notice that although the report was appealing, there was some stuffs that raised doubts, like the M23's equipment. I think someone notice that the different arms could have come from the cndp caches in Masisi.
But that said, it doesn't exonerate the GoR from supporting directly or indirectly(by looking the other way)the M23.
In their response, the GoR is telling us:
-that it decommission those weapons in 08
-it used encryption radio
-anybody accused is a peace lover
My question is, if the GoR had all those facts, why wait a whole month?Why they never hint any of those "find" before?
For the radio, why will they use secure radio to communicate with rebels in the first place.that's a liability.
The Goe report stressed out also that they had direct testimonies from people contacted. Why is it call hear say?
The Goe visits Rwanda a couple time per year, they investigate violation of arm embargo in Congo, how more specific they should be in their letter?Actually, the GoR rescheduled them for the month after.(looks like a refusal)
The bottom line is that this report was rush after activists pressure hence not perfect.Beside, those western countries are not so stupid that they will base their policy on 4 quidam.
The response of the GoR is massively base on denials of ppl who has been accused.Also, it won't be impossible for the GoR to forge documents and activities.

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