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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Kampala imbroglio

President Joseph Kabila expressed the view of many Congolese when he said, during his speech to the country today, that the Kampala talks have dragged on for too long. This despite the optimism that was on display last week as international envoys––Martin Kobler, Modibo Toure, Ibrahim Diarra, and Russ Feingold––converged on Kampala in hope of a deal. And in all-night sessions substantial progress was made, as the Congolese government and M23 agreed on a majority of the issues on the table. This included the release of prisoners; the end of M23 as a rebel movement and the possibility to establish itself as a political party; the return and resettlement of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs); and the return of extorted and looted properties during the M23’s brief occupation of Goma in November 2012. The parties even made some progress on transitional security arrangements, although the M23 was still reluctant to talk about redeploying its troops across the country.

At the end, however, everything hinged, unsurprisingly, on the fate of the top M23 leadership. Since the beginning, this had been the main stumbling block. It is practically unconceivable for commanders such as Sultani Makenga and Innocent Kaina––both listed on the UN and US sanctions lists and candidates for war crimes charges––to be reintegrated into the Congolese army. Still, the Congolese delegation seemed to exaggerate––some reports suggested that the list of officers who couldn’t integrate still stands at 133, far higher than the list of 27 that had been spoken about several weeks ago in Kinshasa. But even if Foreign Minister Raymond Tshibanda––the head of the Congolese delegation––lowers those numbers considerably, it is difficult to imagine the M23 accepting the exclusion of even its top 20 officers. There were also reports that Kabila is now willing to accept a general amnesty for crimes of insurrection (not war crimes or crimes against humanity, obviously) for all M23 officers if they can agree on that list. 

(There was also some talk that the reason for the collapse in talks was that one of the M23 delegates, Roger Lumbala, had insulted Joseph Kabila. It is true that the Congolese are still outraged that Lumbala had said, when he was arrested in Burundi last September, that he would kill Joseph Kabila is he saw him in the street. And the Congolese delegation did demand that Lumbala be excluded from talks. But Lumbala left, and the final plenary took place, so this was not the main problem). 

There is still hope for a deal, although the Congolese main negotiators will be in Kinshasa for some time now, with only a skeleton crew left in Kampala. The next step will probably be for regional powers to discuss the M23 at a joint ICGLR/SADC summit, to take place in South Africa in early November. The danger, as always, is that a unraveling of the talks could lead to another escalation on the ground. This time, if reports from within the UN peacekeeping mission are accurate, the Intervention Brigade may be willing to push further north against the M23, using military pressure to push the M23 and its allies toward a peace deal. Of course, that’s a risky gamble, as a failed offensive could humiliate the UN and embolden the M23 at the negotiation table. 


Kongo in NYC said...

@Jason (or someone)- Do you have a running list of what has been agreed to in the negotiations at this point? It would be interesting to know what the M23 has exacted from Kinshasa. Also, could you clarify the part regarding having “local councilors” elect provincial reps? There seems to be some confusion about this part of your last post.

@Blaise (responding to your last comment on the Kabila thread)- While you are correct that the President now has the power to remove Provincial Governors, I believe you have erred when it comes to electing Senators to the National Assembly. It is still the case, as defined in the Constitution, that Senators are elected by the Provincial Assemblies- similar to the US before the passage of the 17th Amendment (which led to Senators being elected via a plebiscite). I respect your opinion regarding allowing folks to elect everyone but I just disagree- that is too costly and I’m one of those Congolese that wants more power at the local level so as to weaken it in Kinshasa. Now, when Congo is richer? Sure, let’s elect everyone but, right now, it is a waste of already scarce revenue which could serve other aims. More “direct democracy” in the Congo, at this stage, is just too expensive.

@ MuanaCongo (responding to your dig at me at the last thread)- Isn’t it funny how supposedly patriotic Africans confuse “agency” with the cynicism that allows our “leaders” to put on the face of reform by holding “elections” so as to keep the IMF/WorldBank/China $$$ flowing yet continue to steal from their people, jail or knock off journalists and activists, and ignore their own laws if it contravenes their ambitions? It’s hilarious I tell you! Look, I’d be happy to entertain that Kabila’s reforms stem from his deep love of our people if he broke bread w/ the *real* opposition in the DRC and publicly admitted he would be stepping down. In my opinion, and you are free to disagree with it, that is the threshold he must cross if these reforms are to be taken seriously. Let’s see if he crosses it though I won’t be holding my breath.

@Mel (responding to Q’s from your post on the Kabila thread)- Here’s my stab at your questions though I’m confident others may have other opinions on the matter:

A. Is the 2006 Constitution still in force? Well, that depends on your perspective I guess (it’s been violated so many times by this regime its almost useless at this point) but legally speaking the answer is “Yes”.

B. What is UDPS’s thinking? I’m not sure but, at this point, they are refusing to join any “unity” government. I’d keep an eye out for what Mvemba Dizolele communicates as he seems close to their leadership. I share Blaise’s skepticism regarding the UDPS to a degree. It just isn’t clear to me what their goals are at this point. They say “the rule of law, democracy, freedom from the capitalist West” is the goal. Well, ok, what’s the plan to make that happen given this regime’s predations? They can’t articulate a plan so why take them seriously, you know?

C. Is Matata in a stronger position? Depends. It would be interesting to get a look into Congo’s finances at the moment. I’m guessing given lower copper/cobalt production, lower prices, recession in donor countries, falling pledges from the UN, China’s slowdown, problems with the “China deal”, beefing up the armed forces in the East, etc- that things aren’t entirely well. Thus, I think all these “reforms” are really attempt by the regime to get back into the good graces of the IMF. If so, the Katanga set that control Kinshasa will likely be thrown under the bus which probably means Matata stays. You make a good point about Kabila’s calculus regarding a 3rd term but, as you can tell, I’m of the view it is all about the money in Kinshasa and if it’s running out for Don Kabila and the family he can always find new thugs.

blaise said...

@Kongo in NYC
You absolutely right abt the senators being elected indirectly. I meant by ppl electing their delegates in the local level not necessary in the national one. I think it will be cost effective for ppl 2 elect like communale delegates who will in turn elect provincial delegates,etc like a pyramid.. My only fear abt having a group of few electing key provincial leaders is that they can be easily bought out. Trust me,the money is there for that.
Abt the constitution, it was slightly modify in 2011, giving pres Kabila those new powers and reducing the turn from 2 to 1.
Other than that I completely agree with your analysis. I just wish that pm Matata was a little bit bolder. I'
m a little worry that once again Katanga will carry the rest of Congo on it'
s back(see pm Discours posted in the other thread).
I don't think bolstering the army will necessary overstretch our finances. It'
s all about how the government does it. If they show commitment to transform the army, I'
m pretty sure that money will flow from donors and private citizens. Beside, the army it'
s a formidable organization with available "
free" man power that can be use to generate financial activities. There was that project with Africom to help the Fardc 2 auto feed themselves. So imagine if the military genie can build pay roads or bridges,provide pay escorts,etc to secure a string of financement?
Let's forget abt UDPS, if they didn't get it 20 years ago,they won't get it today.

Unknown said...

Hello there I salute you all, hope that God kept you all alive and also thank you for all your prayers that we are fighting with God and the blood thirsty people are fighting with the help of Satan which surely they will not win.
I Gen. Gad Ngabo the President of the FPLC (Front Patriotic For the Liberation of Congo) the Party that is fighting for the right of Congo to stay for Congolese, without foreign or outside intervention we need Congo for our self and we will fight even to our 20th Generation if the people like the Rwandese “So called Bosses” and their counter parts will not leave Congo for it’s own. People we should not shade blood we are all Africans and moreover people that God Created in his own image, so to avoid the blood shade, the “So called Bosses” of Rwanda and your counterparts like Makenga, Gen. Jame Kabareba and the people who gave a training ground for the people to desterilize the peace of CONG, just we are praying to God that he should give you a restless time on earth till you will experience a bad death, you people you wanted to use Bosco Ntaganda to shade blood, but because the angle of the lord filled up his heart he went against your group.

Why do you want to add to your country things that the God Lord did not give to your country? We are not in the era of the French revolution those are just past strategies that is why they are called history.

Unknown said...

Some time three months back around JULY 2013, when the Tanzania Government sent out the Rwandese Refuges that were in their country. These were recruited in the M23 to go and train in the fight for the personal interest of the “So called Bosses” of Rwanda and the blood thirsty people like Makenga, Gen. James Kabareba, and the people who support them. The cadets are in the numbers of 2000 and these are preparing to start a new fight that is supported by Rwanda defense force for the reason that they only want to capture the areas of Goma Sake, Tongo, and Masisi in North Kivu, that these areas the Rwandan government out of the Balkanization program that we first wrote to you on the facebook page .( Reminder of Balkanization program that Rwandan government had was to multiply and by the time they over number the local inhabitants in the area they are settling, they do a referendum and say that they want to run them selves under the ruling party of Rwandan Government).
We at FPLC are informing the Congolese population at large that they have to prepare them selves and they stand strong that, these are not Congolese, and the Congolese that are in the group that wants to strike any time from today are informed that they are going to loose their lives, because of the prayers that the world of our praying network that has with FPLC is praying for Congo, and these “So called Bosses” of Rwanda and the blood thirsty people like Makenga, Gen. James Kabareba will scarifies you.

Also remember the meeting that was given a neutral ground in Uganda failed after Makenga got a briefing from the defense Ministry of Rwanda, Gen. James Kabarebe that the so called M23 heads should not sign on the agreement. The last meeting that, Gen. James Kabarebe and Makenga had on 17th October 2013 at kabuhanga in the Rwanda’s territory, Gen. Kabarebe James gave instructions that their group of young boys and women that was sent out of Tanzania to Rwanda was ready to join them for training to start fighting in Congo, which there are preparing to start on the Morning of 25th October 2013 at around 3 am in Kibumba.

Now FPLC is trying to inform the entire world and the Congolese at large that Makenga, and Gen. James Kabarebe supported by Rwanda Defense force is intending to capture Goma, Sake, Tongo, and Masisi in North Kivu and will want to have control of the areas for Five Years as they are mining the earth stone, we would want to inform the Congolese that we FPLC when we going to set a date to campaign against these ruthless blood thirsty people of this world. May the good Lord help us and the country at large and let the angles of the Lord blind these people in the group, so as they fight and kill them selves so that Congo should have its peace from the encroachers, the people who don’t want DRC to get out of the stone ages, Amen. The so called Bosses and your group God is watching and FPLC is coming for you to campaign with God and he is on our side that he wants Congo to be his land that every living thing on the land will praise him again.
Written from the FPLC headquarters’ in North Kivu

Gen. Gad Ngabo
President of the Front Patriotic for the Liberation of Congo (FPLC)

Unknown said...

Date : 20-10- 2013
Time : 9 :30am

Bonjour à tous, je vous salue tous, j'espère que Dieu vous a tenu tous vivants et merci aussi pour toutes les prières que nous luttons avec Dieu et le sang des gens assoiffés se battent avec l'aide de Satan qui est certain qu'ils ne gagneront pas.
Je le général Gad Ngabo le président de la FPLC (Front patriotique pour la libération du Congo) du Parti qui se bat pour le droit du Congo à rester pour les Congolais, sans intervention étrangère ou à l’extérieur, nous devons Congo pour notre auto et nous allons nous battre même à notre 20e génération si les gens comme les Rwandais ‘soi-disant patrons’ et leurs homologues ne seront pas quitter le Congo pour lui est propre. Les gens ne devraient pas nous ombragent sang que nous sommes tous des Africains et des personnes d'ailleurs que Dieu a créé à son image , afin d'éviter la teinte de sang , les ‘Soi-disant patrons’ du Rwanda et de vos homologues , comme Makenga , le général Jame Kabareba et les gens qui a donné un terrain d'entraînement pour les personnes à desterilize la paix de Cong, juste nous prions Dieu qu'il devrait vous donner un temps agité sur la terre jusqu'à ce que vous ferez l'expérience d' une mauvaise mort , vous les gens que vous vouliez utiliser Bosco Ntaganda au sang de l'ombre, mais parce que l' angle de l'Éternel remplissait son cœur, il allait à l'encontre de votre groupe.

Pourquoi voulez-vous ajouter à votre pays choses que le Seigneur Dieu n'a pas donné à votre pays? Nous ne sommes pas à l'époque de la révolution française ce ne sont que des stratégies passées, c'est pourquoi ils sont appelés histoire.

Quelque temps trois mois d'arriérés aux alentours de juillet 2013, lorsque le Gouvernement tanzanien a envoyé les Rwandais Refuges qui étaient dans leur pays. Ceux-ci ont été recrutés dans le M23 pour aller s'entraîner dans la lutte pour l'intérêt personnel des « Soi-disant patrons» du Rwanda et le sang des gens assoiffés comme Makenga , le général James Kabareba , et les personnes qui les soutiennent. Les cadets sont dans les chiffres de 2000 et ceux-ci se préparent à commencer une nouvelle lutte qui est soutenu par le Rwanda force de défense pour la raison qu'ils ne veulent capturer les domaines de Goma Sake, Tongo , et Masisi au Nord-Kivu , que ces zones le gouvernement rwandais sur le programme de balkanisation que nous avons écrit pour vous sur la page facebook. (Rappel du programme de balkanisation que le gouvernement rwandais avait été de se multiplier et au moment où ils sur nombre des habitants locaux dans la région où ils s’installent, ils ne un référendum et dire qu'ils veulent les faire fonctionner mêmes sous le parti au pouvoir du gouvernement Rwandais).
Nous, à FPLC informons la population congolaise dans son ensemble qu'ils doivent eux -mêmes préparer et ils se tiennent fort que ce ne sont pas Congolais, et les Congolais qui sont dans le groupe qui veut frapper n'importe quel moment à partir d'aujourd'hui sont informés qu'ils vont de perdre leur vie , à cause des prières que le monde de notre réseau prière qui a des FPLC est de prier pour le Congo , et ces ‘Soi-disant patrons’ du Rwanda et le sang des gens assoiffés comme Makenga , le général James Kabareba vous scarifie .

Unknown said...

Souvenez-vous également à la réunion qui a été donné un terrain neutre en Ouganda a échoué après Makenga a obtenu un exposé du ministère de la défense du Rwanda , le général James Kabarebe que les soi-disant M23 têtes devraient pas signer l'accord. La dernière réunion , le général James Kabarebe et Makenga ont eu le 17 Octobre 2013 à Kabuhanga sur le territoire de la Rwanda , le général Kabarebe James a donné des instructions que leur groupe de jeunes garçons et de femmes qui ont été envoyées hors de la Tanzanie au Rwanda était prêt à se joindre à eux de formation pour commencer à se battre au Congo, où il se préparent à commencer le matin du 25 Octobre 2013 à environ trois heures à Kibumba .

Maintenant FPLC tente d'informer le monde entier et les Congolais en général que Makenga , et le général James Kabarebe soutenus par le Rwanda Défense Force a l'intention de capturer Goma, Sake, Tongo , et Masisi au Nord-Kivu et veulent avoir le contrôle de la zones pendant cinq ans comme ils sont l'exploitation minière de la pierre terre, nous voudrions informer les Congolais que nous FPLC quand on va fixer une date pour faire campagne contre ces personnes sans scrupules sang assoiffés de ce monde. Que le bon Dieu de nous aider et le pays dans son ensemble et de laisser les angles du Seigneur aveugle de ces personnes dans le groupe , afin qu'ils se battent et tuent eux -mêmes afin que le Congo devrait avoir sa paix par les envahisseurs , les personnes qui n'en ont pas RDC veut sortir de l'âge de pierre , amen . Le soi-disant patrons et votre groupe Dieu veille et FPLC est venu pour vous de faire campagne avec Dieu, et il est de notre côté qu'il veut Congo pour être sa terre que chaque chose vivante sur la terre sera le louer à nouveau.
Rédigé à partir du siège FPLC » au Nord-Kivu

Le général Gad Ngabo
Président du Front patriotique pour la libération du Congo (FPLC )

congo man said...

@Gad Ngabo
The days of Paul Kagame and his terrorists are numbered. We support all those freedom fighters who are sacrificing to free our land from those terrorists. Please next time try to shorten your post and also you don't need to write in French because most people who visit this blog are English speaking. Thanks again for your sacrifices .

congo man said...

IF the Majority can keep MATATA , struck a deal with the MLC, UNC and some moderate UDPS if there's any I think that will be acceptable by most. Concerning the UDPS , I complcompletely agree with braise. Having said that, I still consider all this to be a unnecessary distraction .the urgency of now shall be a complete destruction of the M23 and a containment of KAGAME.

Anonymous said...

@Kongo NYC

Thanks for the comment. In terms of UDPS, I guess I am of the belief that the element of the Congolese who long for something different channel their hopes and aspirations through this party. Clearly, it is an imperfect vessel but, nonetheless, it remains the Ship of Hope to a sizable portion of the Congolese if one goes by the last election. The UDPS (and others) operate in a very, and some would say purposefully, challenging environment. And the criticisms of the opposition writ large- that they are divided, that they tend to be one-man shows, that they tend to be undemocratic, that they are unreformed Marxists, that they are bad strategists, etc- are, to a considerable extent, the result of these challenges and the lack of a culture of democratic oppositional politics in the DRC. This being said, the sheer number of supporters they have in the the DRC makes me think it is unwise to discount how they react to this latest effort on the part of JK.

@ General Gad

I have longed marveled at how Congolese and Rwandan nationalists often use Congo Siassa to engage in propaganda. You seem to be the latest in a long line of propagandists. You also seem to be yet another manifestation of the lawlessness that so grips parts of the DRC. As such, I have three basic questions:

1. What is the goal of your movement?

2. How will you achieve this goal?

3. What are the rules of your movement regarding unarmed civilians?

@ Congo Man

I notice you often use the word “terrorists” to describe the M23 and consider what is happening to the Congolese to be considered genocide. As you know, the leadership of the movement and many (though not all) of the rank and file are Congolese. These Congolese happen to self-identify as Tutsi who, according to objective sources, are the subject of discrimination in Eastern Congo. By labeling all the M23 as “terrorists” you are, in effect, denying them of their humanity and their heritage as Congolese citizens. Why are you denying them this humanity by labelling all of them as “terrorists”? How is this different then when Hutu Rwandans labeled Tutsi Rwandans “cockroaches?” Or when Nazi’s labeled German Jews “vermin” and “rats”? I’m not being facetious, Congo Man. I’d really like to know why believe the Congolese Tutsi’s who are in active rebellion against the DRC State are, in your words, “terrorists”. To be clear, I am aware of the many crimes the M23 have committed in the Congo. But it is also true that the FADRC commits horrible crimes as well, yes? So, again, why do you believe they are “terrorists”?

You seem to have a blood lust for war. Indeed, I’ve noticed over the last few months quite a few of the more level headed commenters here are mostly through with diplomacy and just want to, I don't’ know, march into Kigali and behead Kagame or something. To be clear, I understand this sentiment. But I guess I’m curious as to why you believe killing off M23 will lead to some glorious peace in the region? I am not an academic. But, from my perspective, there seems to be something that sits among the diverse people of Eastern Congo that encourages distrust of the State and leads them to rebel, steal, kill, enslave, rape, ethnically-cleanse and other acts of human depravity. I mean, does Satan himself live in the misty hills of Masisi? If not, can this all be the result of Kigali’s ambitions? So, again, I’m curious about your perspective, Congo Man. Why do you believe killing off M23 will bring the Eastern Congo into nirvana- a glorious peace for the ages?


congo man said...

@ mel.
Thanks for your comment. I am not a schoolar and unlike you English is not my first and only language but my 4th language. even my 1rst grade daughter undertand what the world terrorist mean. If the crimes of Paul Kagame and his m23 terrorists, I repeat , the crimes of PAUL KAGAME and his M23 Terrorists wich includes (murder, rape, torture, looting, abductions of children, use of children as slave labor in mining areas under their control, use of child soldiers,displacements , torture, kiling united nations peace keepers and the list goes on and on)if those crimes do not constitute torture then the word torture has no meaning. I am not here to please PAUL KAGAME, his international backers, or any local or foreing war profiteering blood marchant .I am amongst the hundreds of thousands if not millions of proud Congoles Patriots who are rising all around the globe from Beijing to New York , Cape Town to Oslo in order to brake the Silence that reings in the corrupt so called free western press when it comes to the Injust barbaric wars that for so long PAUL KAGAME and his international backers have imposed on my people.if you read my comments you will realize that unlike you I do not try to use ethnicity to further my cause(dived and conquer) or use lies like root causes and ethnic grievances. .blah blah blah. I have been and lived all around East and Central Africa. From Mombasa to Kin , KIGALI to LUANDA. and i consider all the inhabitants of that region and beyond to be my true beloved African brothers and sisters . I don't know about you but I long for a day when leaders like PAUL KAGAME who I consider to be nothing  but a stupid tool of our enemies, I mean enemies of Africa will be extinguished from the face of Africa.

congo man said...

For years I have been reading many of your comments. I might have not agreed with most and consider some very prejudice and incentives but many have also been very constructive and I strongly respect your opinion. Thanks again for reading my comment. Sorry it's Friday night .getting ready to hit the club. Bye.

Unknown said...

Hello there first i want to respond to General Gad on the following questions

1. What is the goal of your movement? I have put up a Ten Point program and member Rights

2. How will you achieve this goal? I will i achieve this by the structure of governance that we have laid done for a better DRC under the governance of FPLC (Front Patriotic for the Liberation of Congo. Congo will be governed by Congolese and only them.

3. What are the rules of your movement regarding unarmed civilians? The revolution has stipulated Codes of conducts and penal codes plus a constitution that is now governing them in the revolutions. It says when thunder stricks even a deaf hears.

Unknown said...

Thanks Cong man for your analytic interpretation its good that it show me that you are a very good scholar, for a reason that you really ready and interpret as you read. Now responding to some of hanging in question that someone may think that you left it at that, like this one "I mean, does Satan himself live in the misty hills of Masisi?"
Yes there is a Satan in the misty hills of masisi that Paul kagame and his blood thirsty followers go to worship and that's why FPLC with its revolution of anti-Satanic worshipers that's why we want to clean the shrine there once and for ever more amen.

Hope let me thing that i have tried to answer the un-invited answering question but thank God that you are there and your comments give me the strength that we are Congolese having the same wound God Bless you Congo man

Unknown said...

How can one believe that solution for the peace in Congo will come from Kampala and Kigali who have troops stationed all across the eastern Congo, engaged in rooting natural resources of Congo and occupying the Congolese Land? How can the West believe that the Congolese people can easily forget the results of the 28 November 2011, where Etienne Tshisekedi had won the presidential election with a crushing majority over the west made candidate Hyppolite Kanambe a Rwandan citizen by his real name or Joseph Kabila his fabricated name? Why does the West believe Etienne Tshisekedi is a danger to their national interests? What is wrong for the West to help Congo-DRC organize itself through their true elected leaders? As Congolese, we have reached maturity to organize ourselves and ask the West to act as a mutual and business partner, in respecting the international regulations for investments and exploitation of minerals. No one can succeed in governing the people by force and defiance especially when the majority of the people of Congo are aware of the farce by the West at play in pretending to find solutions outside, and not bother about Etienne Tshisekedi on whom the same people had hope to restore their dignity and advance the cause to develop their nation!

congo man said...

I meant .if the crimes of PAUL KAGAME and his m23 terrorists do Wich includes (Abductionns of children, tortured, mass murder , using chid soldiers, and children as slave labor in mining under their control, killing UN peace keapers, displacements,looting,mass rapes ...and the list goes on and on) if those crimes do not constitute terror. Then the world terrorism has no meaning.

congo man said...

I meant some of your comments might be prejudice and insensitive but some can also be constructive. even though I might not agree with most of your comments. I still respect your opinion.

congo man said...

Sorry for my typos

congo man said...

@Ngabo Gadi
Thanks for your comment. If your objective is to support our troops. I mean the FARDC drive the m23 terrorists out of our land you will have my support and the support of the people. But I completely disagree with your regime Change and all those other things that you have mentioned. The last thing we want is more armed groups to create confusion and help the cause of the enemy. I don't know who you are or where you get your support .all I know is that like the M23 most armed groups in the region are a creation of PAUL KAGAME , JAMES KABAREBE and their international backers in order to confuse the situation and make it harder to resolve. That's why after the m23 are dealt with. All other armed groups shall lay down their arms and help in the reconstruction of our land.i support all those freedom fighters whose aim is to help free our land from Kagame's terrorists. But after those M23 terrorists are dealt with. Every one shall lay down their arms or face forceful disarmament. Your aim shall be to help restore state authority in the entirety of our Country and help bring peace. anything else is and will be completely rejected by the people. Thanks .

Dark Eldar said...

@Gen. Ngabo Gad - there will be no solution in DRC until pple like you stop blaming others for your own issues. The issues are principally , lack of governance & the myriad rebel groups in the Eastern DRC. It is the DRC's weak state that offers irresistible opportunities to external powers to undermine its integrity and sovereignty.It is not the responsibility of Rwanda or Uganda to resolve Congolese issues - that responsibility rests squarely on Kabila's shoulders. But Joseph Kabila, emboldened by the deployment of the UN Rapid Response Force thinks he can now win the war against M23. That is never going to happen!

If Kabila was interested in a peaceful solution, he would have given amnesty to the rebels. What kind of rebel can lay down his/her weapon to go to jail? Uganda gave amnesty to LRA rebels (the worst kind of rebels) & others have done the same.

But instead, people like you chose to assume military titles & form organizations with high-sounding names!!

Unknown said...

@All kagamist sycophants on this forum and elsewhere

Say my name: CONGO, say my name again: CONGO, say my name louder!

Imagine that the Congolese people army FARDC quelled RDF/M23 out of beloved Kibumba, imagine that FARDC crushed the enemy out of beloved Kiwanja! Well, STOP IMAGINING, the Congolese people’s soldiers FARDC have done all this in the last 2 days on their own WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM ANYONE.

Of course there are many battles ahead in Rutshuru and elsewhere, but the world will now witness who Congolese really are. I am always convinced how Kagame junta are naïve but I never thought they were so idiotic. I mean, propaganda is supposed to be intended for others, but when you start believing in your own propaganda of “de/illusion of grandeur”, you become pitiable. “Kagamist self-deception is their own downfall”.

To FARDC and DRCgov I say: prepare for fighting inside Rwanda. We Congolese have been humiliated on TV, our honour can only restored on TV. The fight has to be in Giseni or Kigali, not on Congolese soil. Prepare to confront Kagame “openly”, and the world will like what it will see!

God bless the valiant FARDC and DRC president Joseph Kabila Kabange


Anonymous said...

@ Congo Man

Hahahahahaha! *MY* comments display prejudice and insensitivity??!!! As we say here in the American South, that’s the kettle calling the pot black, my friend. :)

In any event, I appreciate your fire and brimstone and nationalism. Noone can fault you for loving your people and nation though it is my hope that this is tempered with a sense that the people of the Great Lakes will need to figure out how to live in peace without shedding so much blood, defiling women, stunting the development of children, silencing those who speak out, etc.

Nationalism (and lies and propaganda and greed) led my country into a foolish endeavors in Vietnam and Iraq.

It didn’t turn out so well so, hopefully, y’all Congolese will learn from our mistakes.

@ Dark Elder

Brilliant (and concise) post! I do think ignoring Kigali's machinations, however, doesn't complete the full picture of Congolese state failure. Yes, Congo’s fundamental weakness invites all manner of bad things to afflict the Congolese. But that weakness also serves elites in Kinshasa and elsewhere right? I’ve personally gone back and forth between “It’s the West’s fault”, “It’s the West’s sycophant Kigali’s fault”, “It’s the Congolese fault”. At this point, I’m now at “It’s all of the above’s fault”.

@ Muana Congo

Wow. So, if one doesn’t take a “Hail Kabila” or “Hail FADRC” pledge we are all Kagamists? Dude man, you seem much smarter than that! Or are you infected by the nationalism that tends to sweep this blog when FADRC actually does its job instead of defile the dignity of Congolese women?


congo man said...

After two decades of failed negotiations and countless concessions from the Congoles. I think everyone Understand that Regime Change in Kigali is the only way to bring lasting peace in the Region. We are not going to be fooled by PAUL KAGAME, his chief propagandist LUISE MUSHIKIWABO , his UN representative or any other Kagamist's empty threat or entimidations. Let them bring all their remaining RDF tribal militias to the boarder .like their so called special forces where cruched in Mutaho the FARDC are going to crash them in Gisenyi and have an easy liberation march to KIGALI town and free our Rwandese brothers and sisters from this tryranical dictatorship that has been oppressing them for the last 2 decades.if that happen 90% of our Rwandese brothers and sisters wil storm the streets all around Rwanda and welcome them as liberators. PAUL KAGAME was given 20 years to think and give peace a chance, but like all psychomaniac tyrants on a killing spree ,PAUL KAGAME does not think nor does he believe in a peaceful or diplomatic solution to any situation. We've seen this through history from ADOLF HITLER to the KHMER ROUGE and very recently SADAM HUSAIN and PAUK KAGAME... After 2 decades of terror campaings by PAUL KAGAME and over 5 millions people dead it's very foolish to think that a ruthless tyrant (PAUL KAGAME) who is now attacking and killing UNITED NATIONS peacekeepers can be stopped without the use of force.

Unknown said...

Hi guys, sorry its me again. Its just that our FARDC heros crush the enemy so fast. Rutshuru-Centre has been liberated. You will never believe the celebrations of our women and kids in the streets of Kiwanja right now hugging our FARDC heros.

How is your “industrial farming” in Bas-Congo? My foot! I can’t forget how you threw a party when Kagame troops RDF/M23 briefly invaded Goma. Re-read your posts then if you forgot! Look, seriously, as a Rwandan Tutsi citizen and Kagame supporter, you know that you use JK leadership story to desensitize the world about the unacceptable tragedy of my people in Kivus. The world has figured out the joke and you are losing deadly.

You people are our enemies and not our friends, we are fighting you to death!

God bless the valiant FARDC
God bless DRC leader Joseph Kabila Kabange


congo man said...

@muanacongo and all
Why would a farmer in the far west region of the DRC (BAS CONGO ) 2500 Miles Away from NORTH KIVU and Rwanda , whose supposed farming business in the Bas-Congo has nothing to do with the illegal mining activities of the M23 terrorists and their leaders in the Rwandese Junta , spend years Cheering for PAUL KAGAME's terrorists ? Unless she or he is involved with the bloody Mafias of the likes of Victor Boots or other war profiteering BLOOD MARCHANTS, I don't see any Reason why she (Mel)shall spend all this Years Bashing the DRC , cheering for PAUL KAGAME'S terrorists .first the CNDP and now the M23 and get offended when someone criticize or say the hidden truth about the tyrannical and very bloody dictatorship of PAUL KAGAME and James Kabarebe.

Anonymous said...

@Muana Congo

1. Concerning our palm & soy farm in Bas Congo, it isn’t “industrial” but “commercial”. 300 acres- hardly the mega arms you see in the American midwest, Brazilian cerrado, etc. This has me thinking “Muana”...just how do you contribute to the treasure and future of the Congolese? (and time spent on Congo Siassa doesn’t count). To paraphrase Mittkens, are you a “taker”? or “maker”?

2. I support the overthrow of the Kinshasa regime- preferably peacefully but violently if necessary- so, yeah, I once supported M23. “Once” is the operative word here. Once they began to engage in war crimes that changed for me and that happened quite some time ago. A lady is allowed to change her mind.

3. I’m a 57 year-old American woman who lives in Gainesville, FL most of the year. I am 100% Irish American- family moved from Ulster in 1861 to New York and ended up in Florida in the 1940’s. Like many Americans, I’ve had a few lives: college professor, real estate broker, sushi bar proprietor, orange grove owner. I am a registered member of the Republican Party though, like most Floridians, I tend to split the ticket and proudly support President Obama. I am the mother of 4 children and 9 grandchildren. I am also a breast cancer survivor. I have not, nor have I ever been, a member of the Tutsi ethnic group..

4. “JK’s leadership story”?? Jesus, that has the same Goebbels tinge as “death panels”.

5. I’m curious, do “valiant leaders” steal from their people? Do they jail their opponents without trial for months on end? Do they open live fire at demonstrators targeting their regime? Do they allow their commanders to rape women? Do they allow their troops to steal the harvest in a lowly peasant’s field? Do they pass legislation that violates the rule of law by stuffing dollars in legislators pockets? Do they invest in off-shore shell companies whose sole purpose is to flip mining concessions or gov’t joint venture stakes? Or by “valiant leaders” does this have the same meaning as the “Democratic Republic” of the Congo? Do enlighten this Grizzly Maman.

6. Trust me, I am beyond happy people in #M23 held areas are now free from tyranny and oppression.

Question is, are the Congolese writ large?


Anonymous said...

@ Congo Man

I’m a big girl and can take constructive criticism- like the kind you, Blaise, Rich and others have sent my way in my years on this blog. I mean, I’m a Irish American Republican! I’m used to bitter fights over me. :) (hint: most Irish Americans are partisan Democrats and we gave the world JFK and Gerry Adams)

What I’ve noticed over the years commenting here, however, is that when violence flares in the East and the DRC has the upper hand, some of the boys on this blog start impugning the integrity of those of us who have real issues with the Kabila regime. Believe it or not, there are millions of Congolese who believe this regime is criminal to the core and, as a result, invites adventurism from Kigali and others. It is like y’all see monsters or “Kagamists” everywhere. If so, it must be a sad, lonely, and hopeless world y’all live in.

I’m a Lumumbist at heart and, if you are as well, you should never cheer or hail this corrupt regime and Africans shedding other Africans blood- whether they reside in Goma or Kigali or Dar or Joburg. Openly calling for war between DRC and Rwanda, as Muana seems to be opining for, or hailing the petty dictator in Kinshasa would have Lumumba turning over in his grave.

Lumumba held Congolese (and all Africans) to the highest of standards and its a measure I won’t cower from either.

In any event, I just wish Muana would come out as the anarcho-socialist, Palestinian, trans woman we all know “he” is!!


bfhend said...

Just read "A Reason For Hope in Congo's Perpetual War" by Nicholas Kulish in the NY Times in which Jason takes a somewhat cautionary position in his remarks...but I have to say I came away sensing a different tone from arguably the world's most influential newspaper regarding the Congolese government and its armed forces. Every country has the right to defend its national sovereignty and territorial integrity from external intervention and internal rebellion - unless the government in power is deemed illegitimate. One can criticize the Kabila government on a whole range of issues but it remains the legitimate government in the DRC in the eyes of the international community. The tone of the article in question suggests a glimmer of hope that the Congolese state is beginning to function as such and that the FARDC is beginning to comport itself like a professional military structure. This is all to the good for the Congolese people...but optimism should be tempered by prudent caution.

Congo's "perpetual war" began when the Rwandan civil war was transferred onto Congolese soil years before Joseph Kabila came to power. It is a war that the Congolese people never asked for but they have disproportionately paid the price of a war imposed on them. Senior members of the Obama Administration such as Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and Russ Feingold have over the years shown a great deal of sympathy for the Rwandan government and its carefully crafted narrative regarding events in the DRC, but it seems clear that the M23 rebellion was one armed conflict too many. Having lost control of the narrative in the pages of the NY Times is probably a bigger defeat for the M23 than any single battlefield loss inflicted by the FARDC. To its credit the Congolese government has gone the extra mile with M23 in terms of negotiations and has carefully pursued the diplomatic track with regional powers like South Africa and Tanzania - more evidence of a rational-bureaucratic state structure. It has held the military option in reserve as a last resort.

It may be premature to celebrate, but there is reason for hope that the seemingly endless cycle of conflict in the Kivus is coming to an end. The Congolese people finally seem to have the international community on their side.


Unknown said...

Unlike you, we still love our country no matter what theory other "knowledgeable people" can come up with to justify the war imposed on us.

Unknown said...

Hello fellow Congolese i Gen. Gad Ngabo i want to assure the entire Congolese community that the forces that are resisting the M23 in these areas are a joint force of my forces and FARDC but these boys are doing it because the government of Kinshasa dose not give a dame and imagine that they gave up the area so we because we and our people that are in the area want the east to have a peaceful land so if you have any person in the area for how long has the so called President of Kinshasa not Congo or the mayor of Kinshasa dose not mind and gave away the area of north kivu to Rwanda the agreements where made when the Really president of DRC was killed and the forced son took power and then agreed to sign the arrangement that if he wants to stay in power he should give up the area to Rwandas protectorate. There is also the stone that the Nasa are mining in the area and is funded by a Belgian national and the agreement the mayor of Kinshasa and his Uncle Kagame signed to control the area still its in the North Kivu.

My freind muana congo our Congolese soldiers of FARDC are not the problem, but the problem is that the Kabila and Kagame reign is our problem we all Congolese so we at FPLC with all of you will not get to rest if the barbaric acts of these twosome is not checked.

@Mel we are trying to get a solution in our area and we are of sounding mind and its not the time to get personal so we Congolese under one goal and strategy won't shell or use words like those ''My Foot'' please we don't go that direction just iron out national issues,

People we at FPLC don't use countries like Tanzania and Uganda to support but Uganda gave a mutual settlement ground which some of us were doing it as a lasting solution but to our supprise was that the Twosome went on to go to war so that just anyoid us and joined hands with FARDC to teach a lesson to the Twosome that when agreeing to talk is not that we are fulls but we want lasting peace

Thank keep in commenting than we truely share want solutions we should give to all congolese God Bless Fplc is built on the ground of God

tresor said...

@ ngabo, you cannot seperate the congolese army and Kabila (or Kinshasa government) because at the end of the day the army is getting the orders from kinshasa, the negotiation in Kampla was led by kinshasa , the invitation of tanzanian , south african and malawian troops in Congo was approved by kinshasa, the amunitions and resources that FARDc are using comes from kinshasa so whether you like it or not the supreme commanda is in kinshasa .

Anonymous said...

Well said, Bruce & General Gad.

Piggy-backing off Bruce's citing of the NYTimes piece, have folks seen the Pete Muller's accompanying photos?


Honestly, at this point I've really never seen images of the Eastern Congo like this! Simply stunning set of photos.

Muller is CLEARLY an emerging talent. Please, PLEASE let's have him take more pics of the Congo and it's people!


congo man said...

@Serge , Tresor, and Bruce.
I can't agree with you more on your latest posts.

congo man said...

@Ngabo Gadi
You have just confirmed what I have been saying all along. Most armed groups , I mean 99% of all armed groups in the region are a creation of PAUL KAGAME , YOWERI MUSEVENI and their international backers, in order to confuse the situation there for make it hard to be resolved. By declaring yourself to be a tool of UGANDA (MUSEVENI) You've just declare to be the enemy of the Congolese people. People like you have no place in our Country. You and your asociates have no other Choice but to put down your arms .Otherwise you are going to be forcefully desarmed and destroyed Wether you like it or not. You have no other Choice but to voluntarily turn your self in or face forceful disarmament.

Unknown said...


“Muana would come out as the anarcho-socialist, Palestinian, trans woman we all know “he” is”. LOOOL, you made my day! Do you feel happy now? Trust me, I have much smarter and more acerbic ad-hominem epithets than that, to dispatch your way. But I refuse to stoop to this your childish low.

What am I doing for Congo? Look, Congo is “home”, those people you see on TV are my cousins and nephews. What Congolese would I be if I am not involved back in my ancestral land? Besides, this is a discussion-blog on Congo and not about our private lives. It is so pathetic how “Internet Congolese” and “Internet Congo benefactors” always preface their comments with “I” do this and that for Congolese, before bashing Congo. Keep your stupid patronising fabrications to yourselves. Noone needs it here!

The point is, you can’t claim to care for Congolese and not espouse their “just cause”. As Jason quoted Congolese artist Koffi Olomide once said “Kosana kokufa oyeba banani bayinaka yo”. (That is: play dead and find out who wishes you ill). If anything, this tragedy has revealed to us Congolese who our friends, foes, pretenders are! Have you forgotten that you are one of those in your posts opposed mordicus the UN FIB with the quip: “SA and TZ coming to baby-Jesus-Kagame”? Just like many so-called NGOs like Enough Project or think-tanks like Usalama wrote to UN BanKiMoon to oppose FIB because they dreaded peace in the Kivus through the disarmament of M23 as is happening now hopefully. As is said in Latin: Scripta manent (our writing stick).

Yes, besides general Congo-advocacy, I do spend at least 30min “everyday” on Internet confronting anti-Congo elements like you, not just on Congo-Siasa. Unlike in the past, are you people not so enjoying our company!

You claim to be both a Tea-partier and a “Lumumbist”, once again My foot! Do you really know what Lumumba MEANS to Africans and Congolese? Please, don’t insult the greatest African that has ever lived. Don’t!

As for your obsession with JK, well, if you were a Congolese I would NEVER argue with you if you criticize JK. It would be your constitutional right as it is mine. But bastards like me are forced to fend for, not the bastard JK the person, but DRC president as an INSTITUTION. Just like we cannot condone any illegal act by individual soldiers, but we do support the FARDC as our institution whether people keep calling them rapists or not. You our enemies have tried and failed to “delegitimise” our institutions. It is said in English, give a dog a bad name and drown it. In French, quand on veut noyer son chien on l’accuse de rage. I repeat, “JK leadership story” is decoy, your target is the demise of Congo, “Tabula rasa” would serve your scheme. Bad news: Congolese people have understood your games.

God bless valiant FARDC
RIP the TZ FIB brother who died defending our people alongside us!


Unknown said...

@ Tresor and Congoman

Ignore that Ngabo Gadi fellow. He doesn’t exist, he is a “ghost”. See how he tries too hard to scramble his posts into broken English. While clearly he is a native English speaker. As Congoman says, “Finie la recreation”. After M23 terrorist militia, all these coltan-smugglers defiling honourable Congo-Nationalist name of MaiMai will disarm or die.

To you Tresor, this conflict has seen a diabolical profusion of made-up phrases to feed the meta-narrative against Congolese people. One is “Kinshasa-Government”. No, there is only Govt of DRC not Kinshasa. If non-Congolese don’t know, people originally from Kinshasa are not even 10% of Kin 12mil population. Kin is a real melting-pot of Congolese from every corner of the country.

The other phrase is “Eastern Congo”, what is that barbarism? What is it in French, Kiswahili or Lingala?


congo man said...

@muana congo
There's no point of debating people like Mel...let's give he the benefit of the doubt . Reforming and improving our secret services shall also be on the top list of national priorities. The time were secret service works as a security branch of the so called" garde presidential" instead of focusing on the entire national security has to come to an end. It's time to start going after all those international mafias and criminal enterprises (arms trafficking criminals, the coltan , gold...mafias, human trafficking criminals. ..) who for the last 2 decades with the help of PAUL KAGAME and YOWERI MUSEVENI have opened headquarters in KIGALI and KAMPALA and turned Eastern DRC into their play ground. Some of them disguised as Farmers or international NGO etc. There still many good NGOS but with the influx of all those criminal enterprises the country needs to pay serious attention to this cancer that has grown too big. I don't care if Mel is a farmer or not. No matter how sofisticated she or he tries to present her self. We need not to trust he or she or any activities that she claims to be doing in our Country.

Unknown said...


You are so right, "A Reason For Hope in Congo's Perpetual War" by Nicholas Kulish in NYT is a “first”, a huge departure from the monistic, unashamedly pro-Kagame and anti-Congo line from scumbags like Nicholas kristof, Jeffrey Gettleman or HuffingtonPost Georgianne Nienaber. Then you wonder what happened to journalism in the US of A as epitomised by the historic Glenn Greenwald versus David Gregory exchange over Edward Snowden!

About JK gov’t as the legal and legitimate voice of Congo, well, people’s “animus” toward JK has stunted their reasonableness. Nothing you can do there I am afraid!

Got it. Bro Congoman


congo man said...

There's jubilations all around RUCHURU, KIWANJA and in many more towns and cities that are being liberated one after the other from the M23 terrorists and their RDF allies. Thousands of people are pouring to the streets to welcome the brave man and woman of our FARDC for finally being freed from the horrors that they experienced under the occupation of PAUL KAGAME's M23 terrorists. Our FARDC have also defeated and the M23/RDF from the military base of RUMANGABO and are now consolidating all their positions in all the liberated territories. Now PAUL KAGAME has no other Choice but to ask all his terrorists to surrender , singe a non aggression peace treat with the DRC otherwise our FARDC are going to pursue those terrorists all the way to KIGALI town.

congo man said...

It looks like JAMES KABAREBE's RDF tribal militia can't KILL A RAT.

Anonymous said...

oh mel. i see you are still at trying to make it rain here in the desert. always remember, old friend, that the crypto-nationalist crew that attacks and impugns your integrity on this blog does so because of four key things: are white are American are (clearly) well off
...they see the “kigali monster” everywhere

no matter what you do, no matter how deeply you are committed to the Congolese, you have been branded by the kabila shills that visit this blog as irreplaceably inauthentic. therefore, everything you say is always...always...viewed at best as patronizing, ill-informed, unhinged, or unreasonable and, at worst, as traitorous. you are not black, mel. you are not african, mel. you clearly are not Congolese, mel (though, ofcourse, you pay taxes to the Congo’s treasury). you are not an academic that studies what they call “conflicts” but what common people would simply and accurately brand as the most barbarous evil and tyranny, dear mel. you cannot possibly have anything of value or importance so you will either be tolerated, entertained, or attacked. my goodness, you have the chutzpah to create value in the DRC by investing in palm and soy! who do you think you are, mel?? blixen? that colonial white whore? i know. it’s so troubling when you are the victim of a mindless attack. but, in a way, this will give you a clue as to the very real challenges our Congolese brothers and sisters have in building a nation that can tolerate dissent- even when under the existential threat of an internal rebellion. the rhetorical assaults directed your way are nothing in comparison to what you so eloquently laid out in point 5 above. nothing. if you learn anything from these long-winded rows that, seemingly, never actually say anything please understand that central reality, mel. these hypocritical kabila shills who have the balls to hide behind fake names have the audacity to wantonly attack your integrity. this is just but a taste of how the regime they carry water for deals with its opponents. please take this lesson to heart, ok? you are quite right about their world, mel. the world of these crypto-nationalist is small, and dark, and petty. continue to be a light old friend. continue to be a light in this at times really dark place.

we (silent) congolese patriots salute you and your iconoclasm- a most American virtue. :)

ps. the “Palestinian” jibe at muana was particularly witty. Too bad he completely missed the humor.

congo man said...

Mass graves are being discoverd in Ruchuru and at the Rumangabo military camp and in many more areas that was occupied by PAUL KAGAME's M23 terrorists .PAUL KAGAME is responsible for all the crime that his M23 terrorists have committed. Now if the so called ICC is serious about going After Citing presidents they need to go after PAUL KAGAME. I think most Africans will agree. The crimes of Paul Kagame are well documented and the mounting evidences against this tyrant are so overwhelming. The so called ICC needs to stop chasing innocents KENYATA and RUTO and go after this Criminals (PAUL KAGAME and JAMES KABAREBE ).justice has to be served for the over 5 million innocent Congoles that have perished do to those 2 monster's barbaric and campaigns of terror in the DRC.

congo man said...

In towns after towns thousands of peoples are pouring to the streets to welcome the FARDC .man, women and children are singing and dancing in the streets .According to the UN we are now witnessing the end of the M23 as a military threat to the Congolese State. Many members of the M23 have deserted or surrendered to the FARDC and the remaining are confined to a small erea close to the Rwandan boarder .

congo man said...

More mass graves are being discovered in areas that are being liberated from the M23 terrorists and their RDF allies. It looks like for the last twelve months the M23/RDF has been engaging in Ethnic cleansing. This might be the reason why they attempted to bring new resident to the erea from Rwanda.

Virunga Mountains said...

Salute to the gallant Men and Women of FARDC for putting sense in Kagame's terrorists-war is not a monopoly and should never be used to terrorise the populace.

I think we should not be getting over excited with the development at the battle field as terrorists tend to have a wider modus operandi on their sleeves.
The M23 terrorists infrastructure in Rwanda and Uganda is still intact. Those criminals have mastered the art of terror and will continue to unleash it on the Kivutien populace.

I do agree with Congo Man's suggestion on improving and reforming the secret services as this will be crucial at combating Museveni and Kagame's terrorism in Congo.
However, I think the local defense neighborhood watch can play a vital role-the Tanzanian Mayumba Kumi(Ten homestead units)model, works well and is hard to corrupt-it should be ideologically influenced as this will politicise the populace that certain vices wont be tolerated i.e. rape,murder,stealing,corruption,witchcraft,poaching,etc.

Some of my sources cracked my ribs with laughter;that the notorious M23 terrorists publicist, Vinney Kazarama tried to escape from Rutshuru centre wearing only a towel, but a bullet hit him in the thigh and was carried naked and torsed in the back of an isuzu pickup that sped off towards Bunagana

Unknown said...

Everyday macabre mass graves are found from Kibumba to Rutshuru-C. For the last year, Kagame’s M23 has engaged in a systematic genocide of non-Tutsi populations in the area to replace them with those economic fugitives from TZ. Congolese Hutus have been nearly exterminated by M23. Its Srebrenica all over again!

When a single FARDC mishandles an M23 corpse, UNSC convenes expressly. Now, where are “Holocaust/genocide evangelists” to condemn this so we can bring perpetrators to justice? Where is Enough Project, Elie Wiesel or Samatha Power?

@levin the jew

No, politicians and you are NOT. The silent Congolese MAJORITY are those “not so well off” populace in Goma or Beni who pressured MONUSCO to help FARDC eradicate M23, who voluntarily bring water to FARDC to the frontline, those jubilant women and children who swarmed FARDC and MONUSCO in Kiwanja or Rutshuru to thank them. Do their utterances align with yours or those of crypto-nationalists on this forum?

You say, M23 is an internal rebellion. Fine. Can you then say how many Congolese lives are dumped in these mass graves? Why?

Regarding your friend Mel, where is the relation or hint to “her white race” or any of such anachronism in my comments? Look, its 2013 and Dr. King can’t be more true: “Its not your race but the content of your character”. And I will add that on Congosiasa it should be the content and pertinence of your posts, and not your insults and private lives of trillionaires.

Black, dark … Pettiness! Well, I am not black, I am a proud African!

As for Mel being “well off”, Muanacongo “Palestinian”. Hoonnnestly, such absurdity,such shallowness, such thickness are just beyond me!!!
My investing $1 or sending $1 remittance back home in Congo has nothing to do with Congosiasa nut my wife and kids. What we Congolese need is PEACE in the Kivus so you and Mel the trillionaires can come and invest in a certain and secure environment!


congo man said...

To Roger Lumbala , the Silent Patriots/very loud Kagamists who have chosen to be on the wrong side of history, to all those death marchants from South Florida to Kampala.i know how sleepless last night (10/29/13) was for you.get ready because you haven't seen nothing yet. More very long sleepless nights are coming your way.

Kongo in NYC said...

@ Muana Congo- Dude, Jose totally just owned you. Come on and be a man and just admit it! He's nailed you (and Congo Man) pretty well as "crypto-nationalists". You are alot like Tea Partiers- you see evil Obama (for you it would be Kagame) everywhere and thus must fight all the way to that dead end. And I have no doubt that you care about the "institution of the Presidency"- it seems to be the only institution you care about regarding our homeland. The Presidency does not a healthy democracy make.

@Congo Man- There is a single report, with uncorroborated witnesses, of mass graves found under M23 territory by that paragon of journalistic brilliance the AP (snark snark). I realize "crypto-nationalist" like yourself are desperate to prove Kagame and his minions engage in genocide but, in the real world, we have engage in objective verification before declaring the war crime of "ethnic cleansing" occurred. It's this little thing called due process. So please, Congo Man. Calm down, have a drink, go to da club, relax.

@ All- According to Wiki-leaks, the General that led Congolese troops with a healthy UN assist was Maj. Gen. Bahuma Ambamba- a MLC-Bemba guy! Does anyone have any info about this fine general? He's clearly loyal to the State but what of his relations with the Kabila, I mean regime?

Wiki-leaks 2007 cable:

Unknown said...

@Kongo in NYC

If you are impressed by the sound of “crypto-nationalist”, it doesn’t mean what you have in mind.

First, etymologically, from the bit of Greek I learned in high-school back in Congo, crypto means hidden, crypto-nationalist would literally mean in your and Levin-the-jew’s “kind” of English : secret or closet nationalist. I think what you meant was pseudo (false) nationalist.

Second, context-wise, you just used the phrase so improperly. In Congo, nationalist just means patriot who works for one strong, sovereign and prosperous Congo free of M23 and associates. Congolese are therefore openly nationalist. In Congo, being nationalist is a badge of honour. Kimbangu, Lumumba, LDK are our lead nationalists.

Crypto-nationalism is indeed a bad label in places like continental Europe where “nationalism” often flirts with “fascism”, “white supremacism”, “Euroscepticism” (France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Scandinavia…)

So, Dude, stick to your knitting you and your dude Levin-the-jew , and you won’t use terms like Crypto-nationalist, Palestinian/Philistine willy-nilly!


Red herring!!! Yes our hero Gen Bauma Ambamba was FAZ and MLC Bemba. So what? Who appointed him there, is JK? You won’t like it if you hear how Gen Bauma “hates” Kagame. So, Who is our hero Gen Francois Olenga (the Congolese William Churchill). Who is our hero Col Olivier Hamuli (ex-RCD) the terrific communicator? Who is our hero Col Mamadou Ndala the saviour of Gomatraciens? MORE IMPOTANTLY, Who is each of the hundreds of our FARDC unsung heros fallen fighting to free our people in the entire Kivu from Kagame terrorists?

As for the rest, you know that Congoman, Muanacongo and other “crypto-nationalists” on Congosiasa only echo the voices of the silent majority of Congolese. And you guys are now furious and scared!


Unknown said...

Erratum: Sorry I meant very much not William but Winston Churchill. To me W Churchill is one of the best MOTIVATORS in wartime ever in history. So are Gen Francois Olenga and Col Mamadou Ndala le sorcier (the magician for the Kivucians) to Congolese. But behind ,are most quiet but most effective, Gen Bauma and above all DRC Prezo Joseph Kabila Kabange. Lynch me for that, its fine, I can live with that!


To you Kongo in NYC and Levin-the-jew, forget the fall of Bunagana (surrounding fills) and the rest of FARDC exploits, respond to my “crypto-nationalist” response to your challenge post please! Am I clueless or you are, given the arguments! Are you stuck in the trafic, family commitment? I know u will be man/woman enough! Respond, I responded to you!


Unknown said...

6th November 2013
Thanks for your support to stand against the same enemy that is disturblising Congolese peace. We at FPLC have decided to fight with you to bring back Congo’s peace and control by the Congolese them selves.
I Gen. Gad Ngabo the President of Front Patriotic for the Liberation of Congo (FPLC) am informing the Congolese and the entire international committee, that we should not get so much exited that the M23 that is said to having ceased fire, this was their initial plan and one of they so called tricks out of the many. If there are some of my followers on facebook I posted that this group will dissolve just the way the CNDP (CONGRESS FOR THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE PEOPLE) that they created did.
There are also some of other strategies of the son and the Father (K²) is going to do. Question, “How can a son go against the father whether now or in the future so?” The plans are as follows:
a) Yesterday the 4th November 2013 at around 6:00pm there was a force that crossed from Rwanda in a number of 200 Military soldiers to Congo with instruction to get there to destroy the ammunitions that were left behind and the heavy artilleries to be taken back to Rwanda, these who crossed where given instruction to brief the remaining soldiers to get back to Rwanda for a plan B that is going to be out very soon just as soon, and the other instructions that their came with is to kill some of the commandant which mission they successful did but some two escaped to the wilderness for their safety but the attained some injuries, but those who were killed, the Colonels included: Col. Makoma, Col. Kipanga and Col. Kamali, these had gotten tied of their un lasting ideologies.

b) The K² have planned to absorb some of these soldiers that were in the failed mission to get in FARDC (FORCES OF THE ARMY OF DRC) and start up the next part mission of looking for the opposition leaders and supporters of fighting the enemy, and end their lives which strategy come out in 1995, which Congolese got to know of and stood against them which mission was flop.

c) In 1997 James Kabarebe mentioned that ( when he was operating in CNDP (CONGRESS FOR THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE PEOPLE)), they have 120 tricks that they are going to use to have what they want after all these have elapsed, then Congolese will have their country. So out of 120 tricks they have used up 8 of their tricks and 112 remaining. But FPLC we say that whether they do all this we will bring them down, we want to inform the entire international community, UN, SADC, AU, and ICGLR, that to give Congolese freedom not to impose on them the K² and let Congo be for Congolese. Some of these people who had a recent meeting they are saying that Congo is to big to be managed by on leader so they want to partion it, so what is with Algeria, Libya, Angola, Ethiopia, Egypt Chad, as these guys can managed their own countries , so I want you to see another trick for these K², please leave Congo to Congolese to rule their country and we Congolese don’t want you , UN, SADC, AU, and ICGLR to force on to us the k² family we are tied enough is enough.

These K² are doing some business in the DRC among themselves which they are hiding from Congolese but the Congolese population is already informed about them. So Congolese just know that FPLC are not using external mercenaries to have the Congo Liberated from the K² Families, we are using Congolese ourselves to revolutionaries our selves. The , UN, SADC, AU, and ICGLR and international communities the Congolese are informing you that let the Congolese manage their country and have to enjoy their country for the first time in history so you can join us in this liberation. Congolese are tied to stabilize other economies at their expense.
Fellow Congolese get informed that, there is some thing that, there is one figure that since 1995 has been used to co-ordinate the disability of the Eastern region of Congo and that is not any one apart from Felisten Senkoko a.k.a Safari.

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Safari was enrolled in the plan of destabilizing the eastern part of Congo by the so called K² (Bosses) was in 1996. This was from Ituri region he was used to co-ordinate for these K² when they gave Kisasi Ngandu to start up their plans. In January 1997 in the province of North Kivu around the areas between Ruberu and Kiwanja, safari was planted by the K² to be the chief escort and the driver of Kisasi Ngandu, he managed to fulfill the K²’s mission were he put a bullet in Kisasi’s head.

In 2003 the same safari was again put to coordinate for the same people for the new PRA which was also supported by Rwanda’s government under the full command of Bosco Rubanga but was being monitored by then Brigade James Kabareba to their surprise the plan failed and Bosco Rubanga you know what was going to follow after failing in the mission assigned to him.

Then in 2005 they went a head and planted CNDP (CONGRESS FOR THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE PEOPLE) which was given to Roland Nkunda, where he stayed in the same position and was given instructions to kill Kisasi Ngandu, which mission was done successfully.

They went a head to develop a new group in March 23 the group that was given to Makenga and the current defense minister of Rwanda Gen. James Kabarebe and this group was called M23 this was given to Bosco Ntaganda and their coordinator is the one who took him to meet The General of Rwanda and later the President of Rwanda plus Kabila this meeting was in Rwanda but all this their coordinator was with them. For Bosco was served by his angles that he knew what was going to befall him and when they called him back in Rwanda, he handed him self in to the ICC. The K² are planning another attack very soon but we Congolese are ready for them let them come. “Wataliya mama minakufa” Congolese lets Join hand together under FPLC we finish once and for ever these K² plans and destruction that they are bring in to our country, and now these international bodies what heart do they have for us if they don’t want their pay that they are looking for just the way they are asking from Libya and Egypt, also who told them that they can finish and resolve things in Congo have their resolved what they started in Egypt and Libya so please let Congolese finish up their problem so as the region of the great lakes and East Africa have peace I really don’t Know about Tanzania, stay Blessed.

Made at the HQ of FPLC in North Kivu

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i really want every Congolese that is tied and wants to clean up Congo to say am tied Gen. Go on, let every person get to know that enough has come to an end. Supporters please wait for your confirmation only Congolese for now

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News updates that came from the meeting of the 6th November 2013
In the meeting that was held in south Africa to try and investigate the said thing with concrete evidence of Rwanda supporting M23 that is disturbing the peace of Congolese in their country Congo, the meeting went in vain when one of the K² didn’t turn up to be grilled. But thanks for the presidents that took their time to leave all that they had to do and try to iron out the situation in Congo, I Gen. Gad Ngabo the president of FPLC is informing you that:
1. President Kabila and Kagame are just fooling you in away they want to mislead Tanzania and Uganda plus wasting their time, in away that they want to use these meeting delays as they are going on to plan their plan B. In this plan B the want the commandants that will sign and join the FARDC to shield these other that will not join and standing at stand still, this time they will want to strike and capture the areas we mentioned early on the post we made on the 17th of last month.
2. The k² are now using the same coordinator to have permanent persons in the Provinces of south and North Kivu.
a) In the North Kivu Senkoko a.k.a Safari who has changed a name but we will inform you of it very soon, is using there Fonten who is station at Ruberu.
b) There is also the other contact that he is using in North Kivu in the area of Walikaleh and he is by the names of Kyeka
c) Then there is also another contact that he (Safarai) has in the South Kivu stationed at Bukavu and he is called Kahasha

These Congolese citizen are being used for the self interest of Kabila and Kagame (K²) through the Rwandese defense force.

After the meeting in South Africa, the Bosses gave instruction that, after the signing there will be some forces that will join the Congo government and these will shield the other force that will be on the ground ready to strike on the day the K²’s will inform them, which will be coordinated by Safari.
Please let Tanzania and Uganda be informed that the K²’s are just buying time for their plan B to mature and their strike again, but these are the one that have left Congo to be in insecurity because of their selfish interest to support Rwanda’s Collapsing economy.

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About the attack in Kinshasa that was done on the 30th December 2013 by One Planted Pastor Joseph Mutombo Mkungubali. The attacks happened in three areas in DRC
1. Kinshasa the Capital at 9:00 am
2. Lubumbashi the capital of Katanga Province at 10:00 am
3. Kindu a big city in Maniema Province were most of the Politicians are, at 10:00 am
Note: There is a game plan here in the DRC’s capital; the attacks on the other 2 cities had 60min difference from the capital which the K² did.
Layout of the game plans of the K² from what the Defense minister of Rwanda Gen Kabarebe who said they were having 101 plans to rule Congolese.
Fellow Congolese get informed that, the K² are just taking us for a ride and they want to keep them selves appreciated by us in away that they create situations then crush them, like the recent attack in the capitals of Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Kindu thus they pave their way out to rule and lay down their dubious deals in DRC.
They also want to bring in to the Congolese the heart of hatred between the Congolese and Tutsi inhabitants Congolese which brings up Tribalism. They are also using the Military intelligence and the office of the inspector general of Congolese Defense force Maj. Gen. Malike Kigyege and others in the system in Congo to play their Game. This game is among just the K² who are the drivers and the oppressors of any individual or group that want to investigate in their game plans to intimidate them. The head of intelligence and the inspector general of Congolese Defense force are in this game but they will pay for their games when that time comes to answer to the Congolese so, stay advised to stand down.
So fellow Congolese we at FPLC (Front Patriotic for the Liberation of Congo) under the Leadership of Gen. Ngabo Gad, are informing you that the situation that happened yesterday in the three provinces are to obstruct the entire Congolese community so as the K² can reorganize them selves in the Eastern DRC in the province of North Kivu to lay down they un-fruitful so called plans that disrupt the peace of Congolese. Why on earth do the K² think that DRC is they play ground? The motioned MP of Katanga Region was not any were to do with the recent 30th attack he is mentioned to the situation because of his pervious mention of presidential contest and later, because of this, that is why there was a mention of link to the last attack.
I Gen. Gad Ngabo am informing the entire Congolese community, the neighboring countries and the world at large that we need to stay alert and we at FPLC are watching over the K² plans so stand warned, FPLC is coming for you to serve the Congolese and DRC from you.
More to that, am informing the Congolese community am with you. They sent some groups of people to try and get me silent not to monitor them and what I told their representative is that, quote my words, “CONGOLESE AND DRC IS TIED OF YOU AND YOUR DIDS” HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A VISIONLANT NEW YEAR

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