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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Defining a negative - When will donors un-freeze aid to Rwanda?

Yesterday, Sweden announced that it was suspending aid to Rwanda. Their aid was $32 million last year, which would come on top of the aid that the Netherlands ($6 million), the African Development Bank ($38 million), Germany ($26 million over next five years), the United Kingdom (up to $50 million), and the United States ($200,000). That's a total of $152 million. There are now suggestions that even the World Bank and the European Union, who give large amounts of aid to Rwanda, are reviewing their portfolios.

But the key word here should be: "suspended." With the exception of the US, which was legally forced to cut a symbolic amount of military aid, all these donors have frozen aid while they wait to see what Rwanda's response will be to allegations of support to the M23. After several months (in the case of the AfDB, one month), they could decide to disburse or further delay funding.

The problem is: What will convince donors to release aid? As one diplomat told me this week: "It amounts to defining a negative. We have to know when Rwanda has ceased supporting the M23, something they have denied all along." That will be very difficult. There is no acid test for Rwandan involvement, no easy way of knowing when this behavior has stopped.

The British Development Minister Andrew Mitchell tried a different tack, trying to identify what concrete steps (defining a positive?) the Rwandan government could undertake to show its good faith:
"We expect the Rwandan government to play a most important role in (regional) discussions ... and we look also, of course, to the Rwandan government to make clear where they stand on the issue of the mutiny, the rebellion which is taking place by the M23 group in the DRC."
In other words, Rwanda needs to look like part of the solution and not part of the problem. An oft-mentioned analogy is Kigali's actions in 2009, after a UN report accused it of supporting Laurent Nkunda's rebellion. Then, Kigali also denied the charge, but then swiftly arrested Nkunda and struck a deal with Kinshasa. While donors had little doubt that Rwanda was supporting Nkunda's CNDP, Rwanda was seen as a force for good. Sweden and the Netherlands, which had suspended aid, unfroze it.

It's not clear how Rwanda could carry out a similar sleight of hand now. The Khartoum and Kampala meetings, which have mulled over the creation of a "neutral force," have been received with hefty skepticism by most donors I have spoken with, who don't see how this force would be staffed or funded (nor do I). In other words - this is not the solution that donors are waiting for, at least it doesn't look like it.

Unfortunately, the furore over Rwandan involvement has led to smugness in Kinshasa and indignation in Kigali - not emotions that are exactly conducive to pragmatic problem-solving. 


blaise said...

I think folks should read and analyze those two articles to understand why things are not happening:

The call for unity is primordial but one should answer these questions:
- who are you trying to reach
- how are you organizing the resistance
here is some ideas.

Our politicians can be hard to convince but I bet that with the right moves (like selling presidential's palaces to raise money for refugees and IDP or moving more troops out East with better organization) the population can be won over.

congo man said...

I hate to say this ,but I think we need our own Sanogo. Maybe someone in the Army needs to stand up and shake things up. It was very disappointing to see JK in Kampala. The people want someone who can point a finger at KAGAME and MUSEVENI and tell them enough is enough. I think going to KAMPALA was very humiliating for the Country. After the LUANDA trip,everything has gone silent.I hope there's something going on with other alies.let's wait and see ,but I think it will be unwise to give the m23 more time to dig themselves in. Wile we are wasting time in KAMPALA ,ADDIS ... They are getting busy recruiting and organizing ...

Rich said...

Jason -

Great stuff as always. Unlike some, I wouldn't "kick the can down the road" ... ;)

The solution could be straight forward should the int'l and rwanda decide to show some more humanity to the thousands of innocent Congolese including vulnerable women and children unfairly HURT & disturbed by this ridiculous & undeserved armed conflict.

rwanda needs to tell m23 to disband, appoint officials from kigali through its embassy in Kinshasa, the ICGLR control mechanism based in N-Kivu, DRC provincial offices in both N & S Kivu to monitor in all transparency its interests (economic & security) in the region and hence stop relying on thugs to do their bidding in the DRC.

The same apply to uganda.

In other words, current pressure should continue until rwanda disbands m23 and commit to transparent monitoring of its bidding in DRC.

End of story.

JK told ICGLR that he risked his political future by dealing with cndp the way he did in 2009 and that he can no longer repeat the same thing this time round. He also said, he is very concerned that criminal bands & mafia corporates will end up setting foot in east DRC and hence compromise any chance for lasting peace in the region.

Taming down the arrogance from the kigali regime is long overdue. We all know that without the int'l rwanda could never ever have dreamt to do what it is doing to innocent Congolese.

Me thinks ...


Unknown said...

Aid is nosense
Acording to Zambian scholar Dambisa Moyo in his book Dead Aid: westerners give aid to aintain undue iffluence over Africa, interfere in internal affairs and exploit African resources. again, this aid is negligibe! Imagine US gives USD 200,000, and the total is USD 152m!
Aid slows growth, fueld laziness and breeds incompetence and corruption. We must do away with aid.
Rwanda has come up with Agaciro Fund (dignity Fund), where citizens can contribute to their own development. if act there are african countries that are doing away with aid. kenya's budget this year will depend on 12% aid. They are not sure it will come. Let Rwanda encourage investments from China, Kenya and South Africa, then tighten tax regime, trade with neighbours in the EAC then it wont need this humilitating aid.
remember this aid is dangerous. US and UK said they will attach homosexuality condition on it. Malawi has accepted homos to get aid. Now Rwanda is being percecuted falsely by using iad. One thing: USA and other donors are destryoing Syria, destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan and Lybia but nobody questions them because they never get aid. I watched Russia TV today and clearly, they showed how Syria bloodshed is largely done by US support of those gangisters.
As for M23, honestly, any sane person cannot attach weight on that report authored by Hege and co. One-sided, but the media frenzy has been fed on propaganda, which is like cocaine. Propaganda, like cocaine, confounds one into not being able to think. even Jason, he is educated, Yale-graduate yet he cannot weigh the evidence of the experts vs the methodologies and standards that we have all learnt at university for our research papers to be accepted by supervisors.

tresor said...

At James
I do concur with you when you say Africa should stop relying on aid. But the reality of the matter if the IC can suspend all the Aid it's gives to Rwanda I guarantee you that country will be on it knees. I personaly support the west's move to suspend aid purely for the mere fact that Rwanda is supporting the M23.If suspending aid can contribute to ending the war (which I beleive will)then we should champion for that. It interesting that Rwana wants to promote regional trade with congo while they are busy contributing to it instability. I for one do not want congo to do any business with Rwanda

Unknown said...

But Tresor,
How far are you sure that Rwanda is supporting M23? But know that aid has no direct impact on development. read the Dambisa book. Kenya was starved of aid in 1980s but it came out strongly... But for the sake of argument let us say that it is somehow supporting them. What about FDLR? Do you want Rwanda to take no interest in Congo, when there are 6,000 armed men with genocide ideology? If USA can bring down three governments looking for just Osama, think of all the destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq and now Syria, just looking for one man who killed 3000 people, what about FDLR? Are they not a force to recon with?
Anyway, I must blem the the media and all NGOs and biased experts for this... UN GoE enncouraged Congo to abandon peace path

when JK announced that he was going to arrest Ntaganda, halt Amani Leo and transfer all former CNDP fighters to jungles away from Kivus, Kagame advised him not to do so. They held a phone conversation in English, where Kagame told JK that intelligence reports he had shown it could backfire. JK refused and went ahead, prompting a mutiny.
the mutiny was prompted by fear of dying a slow death from hunger and disease away in jungles, CNDP felt cheated by JK, since his actions were complete opposite of what was agreed in March 2009. When the mutiny started, kagame directed Kabarebe and Kayongga to ensure it was halted.
A meeting was called in Rubavu and lasted overnight. In attendance were Makenga, Etumba, Zimulinda, and rwandan generals. It was agreed that Bosco would be left to sit on his farm in Masisi and the rebels would assured and not fought. But when the Congo delegation went back to Kinshasa, the media outlests were awash with leaks. Quoting MONUSCO, HRW and later GoE. Sensing that the opinion was surging against Kigali, Kinshasa decided to transh every agreement and took comfort in favourable opinions in the international media. The chance for peace everporated.
I blame the media frenzy for this state of affairs. They simply kept quoting each other, all relying on what MONUSCO and GoE had said. I believe all were false. These reserachers relied on Congo intelligence, deserters, militias, genocide deniers, the likes of Muanacongo, Blaise, etc, what do you expect from these people, these arre people who can say that a woman who died of accident was killed by an RDF. The lie wakes up very early but the truth will eventually reach the destination.

Anonymous said...

So,the whole point was to basically strangle Rwanda? It is immoral to condemn a whole Nation based on falsehood, DRC's government are not exactly Angels, but I have no doubt that this international community bullying campaign has worked in their favour,and most certainly,legitimised their regime!

tresor said...

@you have a situation whereby an FDLR is repartriated back to Rwanda only to be trained by the Rwandan government and be sent to fight in Congo.the reason why Kabila wanted to arrest CNDP members is because it created a parrallel in command, their loyalty was questionable and we cannot have that.

tresor said...

I have always said this, as long as congo does not have an army that is loyal and can protect it territory it will forever be subjected to exploitation by it neighbours.there is no other way to bring about peace in congo.

Virunga Mountains said...

All Perpetrators of the Congo genocide are seated in their palaces in Kigali[watching Russian TV]and laughing at everyone.
They've plundered enough to last them 20 years.
That's why freezing aid to Rwanda will never bother them.
Unless Congolese collectively issue international arrest warrants for the genocidals(Kagame, Kabarebe,Nziza, etc.)in Rwanda-they'll continue having a laugh.


Colored Opinions said...

As long as Rwanda continues it's advocacy for M23 through speeches, new media campaigns and in government controlled press I don't see how donors can justify de-freezing aid.

blaise said...

@ Congoman,
I understand your frustration but I will be more careful calling for a regime change.The actual chaos in Mali should teach us that it's better to deal with the devil you know than the angel you don't.I believe positive criticisms may bring change specially if the recipient recognizes first he's flaws.(what is not the case yet,jk misses a Samba Kaputo).I still hope local leaders will take their responsibilities and rectify any errors made on the top.At the end of the day,the failure is all us.Maybe we can do more,take initiatives,provoke changes at the local level,idk.

@ Rich,
I will say that the situation is even trickier since the m23 leadership is under arrest warrant and radiation from the army.For different reasons I will concur with FM madam Mushikiwabo that Rwanda should not be the prison for our rogue soldiers(national security risks). I'm still not convince that those western governments means business here,to much lay ways and too much depends on the report from the GoE.Opinions can change very quickly and time is against us. My impression is that those powers are just trying to push Rwanda to solve the problem. I'm afraid that it doesn't look like there will be a truly neutral force in action but the old 2009 gimmick. i hope I'm wrong.

blaise said...

@ James
I understand your position but I believe it is based on a distortion of the reality.
The m23 is not a movement of poor soldiers,unpaid and afraid to be redeploy in Congo's "jungles".
As ex cndp:
-they kept most of their arsenal in caches(talk about good faith)
-maintain a parallel chain of command in the army and police
-were engaged in series of heist and salaries embezzlement
-had key positions in operations against Fdlr.
-they were on some killing spree.(cfr company Bravo of Makengo in Beni Butembo)
This is the army,there is a need for discipline.
Did president Kabila's move was rushed?I believe so. Was he wrong to move so?I don't think so.
The problem with the GoR is that it doesn't recognize that some elements in Rwanda were involve at some degree in the development of that insurrection. You have to remember that even general Nkunda, before his arrest, stated that without Rwanda the Cndp is nothing(that why there was no combats in 09).So what have change now?Are those M23 suicidal to start an insurrection without the guaranty of back up?what's so strange about people joining the rebellion from Rwanda?If Rwanda has nothing to do with it, why are the officials repeating the same propaganda as M23?
If GoR was genuine, it should not have ask the GoDRC to negotiate at the term of the 2009 agreement.It was a cocktail for failure.Beside, why push for a mono ethnic group to have more advantages than anyone else?Your experience on ddr should have teach you the dangers of segregation.
Nevertheless,the solution,in my opinion, will lie in the willingness of both governments to find a fair and adequate solution to this mess.Another integration in the army will be catastrophic.I honestly don't know what should be done with those mutinous troops.An army without discipline is like a boat without rudder.

Anonymous said...

DRC President Joseph Kabila is diverting attention from his own failures, hate M23 as much as you like, but from what we are reading, M23 have a legitimate claim to take up arms,has Joseph Kabila forgotten he too took up arms against Mobutu's Western Countries Puppet?

Xenophobia against Rwanda or Rwandans, hate speech against Banyamulenge will not get anything moving, sit down as Adults and resolve issues as fellow Citizens, and stop following Western Countries imposed xenophobia campaigns if you are truly Panafricans!

Anonymous said...

True giants exploiting DRC's resources are a majority of Western Corporations, including the former Colonial power Belgium!

Here is a link:

Overview of the Extractive Industries

10 million people (16%) of the Congolese population are directly or indirectly dependent on small scale mining. In the 1980s, the mining sector contributed 25% of total tax receipts, 75% of total exports and 25% of GDP. In 2005, the Congolese government reported USD 27m tax receipts from the mining sector (2.4% of total fiscal receipts). Furthermore the sector contributed 0.24% of GDP.
DRC is an often cited example of the so-called "paradox of plenty." Extremely rich in natural resources (80% of world wide resources of Coltan, 10% of world wide resources of copper), the population suffers of extreme poverty (80% of the Congolese population lives of less than US$ 0.20 a day).

Status of EITI Implementation
At its meeting in Amsterdam on 9 July 2011, the Board considered the request from the Democratic Republic of Congo for a secretariat review. In accordance with the Board decision on 13 December 2010 and the transitional arrangements adopted by the Board on 9 June 2011, the Board agreed that having failed to meet the deadline for corrective actions of 12 June 2011, the Democratic Republic of Congo was not eligible for a secretariat review.
In accordance with the transition procedures for the 2011 edition of the EITI Rules, the Board agreed to renew the Democratic Republic of Congo’s EITI Candidate status for 18 months (until 1 March 2013), by which time the Democratic Republic of Congo will be required to have completed an EITI Validation that demonstrates compliance with the 2011 edition of the EITI Rules.

On 14 December 2010, the EITI Board designated The Democratic Republic of the Congo, as an EITI Candidate country that is “Close to Compliant”. The Democratic Republic of the Congo was granted six months (until 12 June 2011) to complete the remedial actions needed to achieve compliance.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo was accepted as an EITI Candidate Country at the Board meeting in Accra 22 February 2008.

After some initial difficulties following the national elections in March 2007, the EITI implementation process in the DRC gained momentum. Due to the commitment of all local stakeholders, some major tasks have been accomplished:

The first EITI Report was approved by the Executive Committee on 14 January 2010;
On 9 September 2010, the Executive Committe submitted its final Validation Report to the Board.
Governance of EITI implementation
EITI is governed by a multi-stakeholder committee, Comité executif. The day-to-day implementation of the work programme is ensured by a permanent secretariat (Secrétariat technique).

Mr Olivier Kamitatu, Minister of Plan, leads the EITI multi-stakeholder group.

Professor Jeremy Mack Dumba serves as the interim National Coordinator for EITI-DRC.

Companies operating*
Oil & gas companies: Chevron Corp*, TOTAL*, Eni*, Inpex (Japan), Perenco, Tullow Oil, Heritage Oil

Mining companies: Anglo American*, AngloGold Ashanti*, DeBeers*, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold *, Gold Fields*, Katanga Mining Ltd*, First Quantum Minerals, Moto Gold Mines, Mwana Africa plc, Metorex Ltd, Glencore International, Central African Mining and Exploration (Camec).
* EITI Supporting Company

Anonymous said...

the above corporations have political lobbying powers,this explains why they're not hammered by Western Media or indeed, the UN.

None of us average citizen will never be able to understand how DRC's resources is profiting some of the world's most powerful Nations and Corporations,and as we're so quick to hate each other and fight one another as Africans, Corporations and Western powers will continue destroying Africa, and make profits at the same time!

Unknown said...


Either you are of very bad faith or you just dont have the information.

Your reading of what is happening to Rwanda is extremely puzzling. Blaise said why M23 is far from being the poor soldiers sent to die alone under hungers in the far away forest of DRC (their supposed country..).

Second point aid: Rwanda is what it is because of Aid and strong lobbying from Kagame's friends. When Rwanda was given a free pass to do as it will for the 15 last years (that resulted in million of deaths in Congo), West was good and understanding. Now that West is asking for some explication and wants clarity , west becomes bad. So in this story Rwanda is the only one country doing greater good, and understanding the word "peace" ?

GOe, HRW, radio, television, AP, MONUSCo, RFI, BBC, Congolese civil society,.... are all saying the same things and for you they are all lying because they are jealous of Kagame progress in the region? Kagame who has just forbid access to any website that is critical of the government. That means that the Rwandese citizen could face jail for accessing this blog when it criticize kagame and you are complaining about media? I think your problem is about expression of the truth...

Your fdlr rant is outdated, they are no more 6000, according to most optimistic projection they are a 1000 more or less. Beside they are ill equipped. Again for the last 15 years since 1996, Rwanda through RCD and CNDP has the real control of eastern DRC. Rwanda has officially sent 2 special division in DRC through the 2009 deal signed by Kabila: 1 in Rutshuru and the other in Ruzizi plane (By the way these battalion are still there). And topping of that North and South Kivu military was ruled by a national Rwandese citizen Bosco Ntaganda.

And for me, how come can you claim security issues when no one of yours have been killed by massive fdlr attack in 15 years. You should say Ethnic risk or even token risk. Fdlr are used as a token for meddling in DRC affair and Fdlr are used to mobilize ethnic tutsie against the Hutu Genocidaires menace. Like is doing Bosco, to finance some of them so that South Kivu is boiling and to send some others previously demobilized back to DRC to die for the "tutsi cause"

Good luck with your Agaciro fund, please keep us updated on how much traction it is gaining and what it is accomplishing.

Rwanda has to wake up, genocide guilt time is over. Now the victims have done worse than their killers and no humane being can just let that happen. come back to your mind and look for true peace with DRC, otherwise future doesnt look bright for you. It is not too late.

Anonymous said...

Frankely, I am not for freezing aid, because the first people who suffer from that are the poor people in Rwanda. There must come real sanctions that hurts Kagame and his entourage directely. Like freezing their assets and stopping all bilateral military cooperation, and arms embargo against Rwanda. Diplomatic sanctions. For example Western governments could decide to recall their ambassador fo consultation, they could aks explinations from the Rwandese ambassadors in their counties and so on. Since this agression is already 14 years old and Kagama is realy a recidivist, I think the only negative defining is the departure of Kagame or his acceptations to pay damages to the RDC for al the crimes commited in his name in Congo.

@mister Blogging Forward. It's so easy to make an amalgam between pseudo anti-Western demagogy inspired by Kagame-supporter Claire Short's organisation and undeserved charges about the xenophobian hatespeech. You are not lonely on this for the first argument : Honoré Ngbanda, has a whole army of mercinaries who repeat endlessly this sort of demagogy. For your second argument, everybody who can read will judge your intelectual honesty.

Unknown said...

Now all Kagame sympathizer (and I dont say Rwandese sympathizer, as not all Rwandese are liking Kagame) are complaining about western power eating Congo resources.

I think they should add, wester Power and Kagame clique who are eating DRC resources.

Kagame needs Kivu for 2 goals: 1) Ideology, 2) Money.

1) ideology, Kagame is driven by ideology, like is Museveni. For them the real goal is to bring back to life the Tutsi/Hema empire (where tutsies are minority). They dont care about nationalities, life of others tribes, they just care about domination of their tribes the tutsies.

2) Money, Rwanda is poor, it does not have money to sustain hegemonic ambitions, and the money received from donors has to be well managed so that it can continue to project image of the good kids in the corrupted African kinder garden.
DRC money is used for fuelling the hidden agenda, that is money not accounted in budget and that can serve freely the "cause".

So for all Kagame sympathizer complaining about the west thirst for Congo Mineral, please add Kagame in the list of the thirsties.

blaise said...

@ Blogging Forward
I will give you the benefit of doubt because you stated "from what you read" because from the reality on the ground there is no legitimacy on the m23 taking arms.You may have to read all the stories to have a better idea of the situation.I don't think those 200,000 people who are fleeing the advance of rebels don't have a good reason to do so.It's easy to judge people when you don't live their pleas.Look up the news of the world:in all continents and through out history people has been using hate speeches against foreigners.Nothing particular to Congolese,it's human nature.Is it reprehensible?of course,wrong is wrong even when everybody does it, right is right even tho nobody does it(loosely from Martin Luther King).
Why xenophobia toward Rwanda? Because of history.Rwanda supported 3 rebellions in less than 4 years.Should Congolese be fond of Rwandans when they see a 4th rebellion with the same unsatisfied people?Come on, we are not martians but human being like you guys.
You talking xenophobia, how about your government supporting in their speeches a group of mutineers for the simple reason that they have the same ethnicity even tho it's causing a lot of suffering?How about those Wanande, Bambuba, Balese, Watalinga et Batwa, Bapere,Hunde,Nande, Nyanga, Bakano, Bakusu, Bakumu,Batembo?They don't have revendication either?
It's interesting that u mentioned those big corporations,since they have to physically move those minerals, I wonder who is facilitating their ops.(they use third countries to export those minerals).
Like you stated,let's move forward and engage in true dialogues and not on self rightness attitude.

FrancoPepeKalle said...

The problem is that Rwanda is part of the problem and as long as Kagame is part of power, how can we advance. Kagame and Kanambe are allies. They are the reason why nothing can advance. As long as these fools are in power, nothing can be done. Kanambe (JK) and Kagame are the ones who don't want to stop the rape, slavery and all wrong in East Congo. We need these men to leave.
Kagame Degage
Kanambe Degage

congo man said...

I am not realy calling for regime Change because I know that will make the situation worst but I hope that the military starts to put pressure on KABILA not to repeat the march23 mistakes. We are tired of compromises, I just don't understand why It's hard for him to convince his allies ,I know the relationship with Angola is a bit complicated but why can't he convince others? Responding to MUSEVENI's call was a mistake I don't think his father or MOBUTU would'v taken that trip to Kampala. He really needs to get tough or he might end up in a very ugly situation .no one wants the Malian situation but if ther's no military move on the ground soon and if there is an attempt to comprise ,I am afraid we might end up in that situation Wich might make things worst and I think that's what RWANDA wants .if you analyze what they'r saying on the pro Rwanda medias and the NEW TIME ,you will see that their only hope is to put the DRC in the malian situation(1998 RCD ....)the FARDC shall team up with the RAIA MOTOMBONKI and all the freedom fighters in the region as soon as possible,those guys are hardened patriotic fighters who are ready to give the ultimate sacrifice and they know and understand that terrain more than anyone else .if they helped Mbuja MABE drive NKUNDA and MUTEBUSI from Bukavu I don't know why they can't be used now.I think the late KATUMBA MWANKE's fear of the Kivutiens and beef with KAMERHE was the reason why many good fighters from that region where not recruited in the army.

congo man said...

@blogging foward and all
Everyone knows about those western Corporations that you are talking about, some of the mining contracts have already been reviewed and I think more needs to be done about some predatory companies that are stil operating in the DRC. Most of those corporations are operating in Katanga .eventhout some of them are directly involved in the mafia with Kagame ,many are doing business legally and are also operating in neighboring nations like ANGOLA, CONGO BRAZZA,ZAMBIA,TANZANIA ....the problem here is PAUL KAGAME .since the death of his predecessor JUVENAL HABYARIMANA and the arrival of PAUL KAGAME on the great lakes ,this region has seen nothing but death and destruction. Before KAGAME came to power all those western Corporations were present in that region ,yet that region was very peaceful and more prosperous. For Centuries all those Communities(BASHI,REGA,BEMBE,NYAMULENGE,HAVU,BAKUSU,NANDE,HUNDE,HUTU,TUTSIS ,BATWA,BAVIRA.....)lived side by side in peace and harmony ,but all this ended with the arrival of PAUL KAGAME ,JAMES KABARERE and other war criminals from UGANDA with no tie to this region or knowledge of this region. This people(KAGAME ,KABARERE,NTAGANDA...)meddling in Eastern Congo has now resulted in the death of over 5 million people, the displacement of million many more people have to die before KAGAME is stopped ?AMERICAN and BRITISH payers can't continue supporting this criminal dictatorships of KAGAME and MUSEVENI.for the last 18 years this criminal regimes have been misleading the international Community and American and European taxpayers have been paying for all this and this people have now gotten away with war crimes and crimes against humanity .yes DOD FRANK has to be enforced in order to stop those Corporations from continuing to buying CONGOLES blood minerals from RWANDA and KAGAME has to be stopped from Continuing to kill and displace millions of innocent man,women and Children in order to plunder those blood minerals from Eastern Congo.

blaise said...

@ Congoman,
I cannot talk for president Kabila, I can just share with you my observations:
*About the Sadc,there is a lot of goodwill toward Congo but the pres doesn't spend much time with his pairs.He didn't build a strong relationship with them and I think they feel they've been used.As long as there will be no sense of a clear direction, it will be wait and see.Ldk understood the importance of having ally out of British and France's sphere of influence.In my opinion,Sadc is a better umbrella than other "clubs" given that our leadership take the necessary dispositions to be a true member of the group.They have our back but the pres seems to be flip flopping.
*Concerning the army,we have several issues that have never really been addressed :
-Jk's fears of a coup:knowing he can't trust a strong military,his tendencies are to promote special units often tribal and/or foreign,judged more loyal.The result is the lack of coordination.
-the "force publique" mentality:our army is still drawn from the FP's ideas:protect the power,civilians are expendables. We really never put the civilian in the middle of the action of our military.Soldiering is about conquest not protection.The latter should be the center of our army's attention.
-the culture of lie and impunity :some of our soldiers have never been told the sense of honor,the meaning of the uniform.A systematic application of sanctions should bring this sense back.
-the mixage:not only the Cndp was mixed with Fardc but we also had pareco.In the front,soldiers allegiance is toward their commanders not the army.Were the commander goes,the troop follows.As the Cndp were well formed by the RDF,the Pareco is more accustomed to hit and run tactics and guerilla warfare. So asking the latter to hold position is a daunting task.That may explain why,even well trained soldiers had to retreat face with people who are running from their designated position.
- communication: Lingala is not anymore the only language in the army.That brings cacophonies and awkward situations like those of Didier Etumba not speaking swahili,english or kinyarwanda.
In the same idea,our commanders used their cellphones to communicate
-logistic and organization:basic services are not provided to the troops.bad for the moral.
-Finger pointing: lack of intelligence and will to arrest real traitors provoke suspicion among soldiers.Hard to coordinate in this case,defection.(CFr to lie).I remember reading an article about general N'sau defection from the Fac to the Mlc around 1999.Basically,the Fac had to withdraw,2 explain the retreat,some commanders started blaming others across tribal lines.Seems history is repeating himself.
-no fall back plans:no strategies for organized retreat.Always surprised.
Maybe Rich and others have better inputs.

Unknown said...


I appreciate your civility and intellectual honesty.
Mali is a good example because of similarities with DRC:
1. Large Size of the country(second largest in West Africa) with relatively small population.
2. Generalized corruption in the ruling elite.
3. Dysfunctional security institutions(Army and Police).
4. Tribes(Tuareg and Arabs)not fully integrated in Malian society; they identify themselves either in Mali, Algeria,Niger or as far as Libya, depending on the circumstances.
3. Abundance of natural resources(Gold), with no benefit to the majority of the population.
I can go on.
But despite the problems Malians have CATEGORICALLY refused any foreign (military) intervention to resolve the northern crisis.
They are struggling to put in place a legitimate political authority before planning any military actions. This is logical.
In DR Congo we are doing the opposite. Work on a military/diplomatic solution, which may take months (or may be years)to materialize. And that is exactly what Kabila and his clique in power wants us to swallow. We should not accept it. In order to unite all Congolese behind one national cause,and avoid suspicions of high level treason(Mwenze Kongolo has joined his voice to many on this matter),my humble proposals are:
1. PPRD should accept their defeat in presidential elections of last year;
2.Kabila should resign and put in place a transitional executive and legislative authority.
3. A person with moral authority, preferably from Catholic church, should be designated as interim president with a military vice president(preferably a General from Katanga to reassure Kabila of impunity or immunity) for a period of 6 months.A Tutsi should be put at the helm of the legislative assembly.(yes, I know it is controversial but a necessary move to reassure every one)
4. The interim government will ensure that M23 is disbanded and their grievances addressed in a broader national forum.
5.Presidential/legislative elections to be organized in 6 months.
6. Monusco should be given a clear mandate(WITH TIME LINE) to completely disarm FDLR, and other negative forces. 6 months should be acceptable. After 6 months, Monusco should LEAVE DR Congo.

7. The rest of negative forces(LRA , or any other armed gangs), should be dealt with according to the regional model currently in action against Kony and LRA. Regional forces with support from US, and UN. Imagine if the 1.5 Billion US$/per year given to Monusco, is transferred to armies of DR Congo (biggest share of 50%),the rest 50 % to Central Africa, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda,Burundi and Tanzania; In 5 years armed groups will be history in the great lakes.

This is my 7 points plan; Bottom line let's first address the problem of legitimacy of the institutions. RWANDA and M23 are just a distraction. MNLA in Mali has declared Independence and foreigners of Al Quida are occupying the northern part; but Malian politicians remained calm; they are not running around the world making unnecessary requests. I think the threat of M23 breaking away the Kivus from DR Congo is overstated. They know they cannot succeed, in long term at least.

blaise said...

A slight correction, Ecowas is ready 2 intervene but UNSC is delaying.Beside Mali asked for logistical support not troops for now.

tresor said...

But let not overlook the fact that DRCongo is partly being distabilise by foreign countries (Uganda and Rwanda) hence any diplomatic effort to solve the problem requires the engagement of the international community. Having this I beleive the best way to solve the situation in the east is for Congo to have a strong army that will be feared by many

Unknown said...


I agree we need a strong, modernized and professional army. There is good will from the international community to help us. In point 7 I proposed that investing half of the Monusco budget in FARDC for 5 years will bring changes we want.
But to do it now, will come with serious consequences, in long term.The danger is that, if Kabila feel that he has got the muscles to run DR Congo for an other 30 years, then he will do it. Let's turn this into an opportunity to change the political course of our country once for all.

Unknown said...

For those needing some history on how our army got into this mess since Mobutu era:

This is an interview from General Mukobo, FAZ deputy chief of staff.

You will see that the same causes produce the same effects, what was true for Mobutu is equally true for Kabila.

And after that reading you wont anymore let anymore any Kagame lover claims that Tutsies have liberated Congo from Mobutu. There was a large conspiracy that included the Chief of Army.

Good reading

Unknown said...

This tragic conflict has taken so too long because those behind it fooled the world (for 15 years) and mischievously painted it as “too complex”. So everyone came up with their own novel big-bang way of resolving it, mostly as a trick for not resolving it. I therefore agree with a congosiasa commentator who once posted that in Science, the best solution to complex problems is the simplest.

That said, all people of good will and the IC have finally decided to explore the “simplest resolution” of this nightmare. This is:

(1) As Madam Hillary Clinton did, ask Kagame not just to stop his support to M23 but “help disarm them”. So more severe sanctions (except food aid to innocent Rwandans) should be brought to bear on Kagame and his inner circle. They are too parasitical not to yield.

(2)End impunity in the Kivus by bringing Ntaganda, Makenga, Nkunda, Mutebisi and others to justice at The Hague.

(3)Make sure JK accelerates army reform. Compel him to not temper with the constitution by changing either the number of terms or the duration of a term. I know, this is a bitter pill to swallow. But I just think that given Congo’s history, the legality of institutions is more important than their legitimacy. The election cycle should be preserved.
I say this because African evidence shows that “governments of national unity” are a curse. Imperfect elections lead progressively to stability and democracy. Contrast the impasse of “national unity governments” in Zimbabwe or Kenya, versus the democratic progress of “imperfect elections” in Tanzania (violence, opposition contested), Zambia (how many times did President M. Sata see his election stolen?), in Nigeria Obasandjo stole elections twice and failed to change the constitution, installed his man Yar’Adua as President, but at long last the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan was elected more or less democratically.

(4) Change MONUSCO’s mandate and define their real job description. They should be posted along the Congo-Rwanda border and support FARDC to eradicate FLDR and other militias.

P.S. By the way, it is the military (Sanogo gang) who are afraid of ECOWAS troops, not the civilians. That explains a lot.

Unknown said...


I agreed with you until point 3 and 4

"A Tutsi should be put at the helm of the legislative assembly.(yes, I know it is controversial but a necessary move to reassure every one)
4. The interim government will ensure that M23 is disbanded and their grievances addressed in a broader national forum."

We had Azarias as vice president what did he do? Who did he reinsure?
I think that 1% of the population cannot continue to call for so much exaggerated privileges. What does warrants this? The fact that helped by Rwanda some members of their community have killed and destabilized life of million of people. That would be a bonus for mischief.

If a Tutsi wants to be at the helm of the society let him win the trust of his fellow people and be elected as any other congolese.

No more tribalism apply to tutsi as well. It is because of this stupid ideology that we had 2009 accord and all this mess. Tribe should not and cannot be used as a way of pressure, mostly when you are less than 1%.

The M23 grievance to be addressed in a national forum, ok, but still the Rwandese Citizen Ntaganda and his gang have to be arrested and tried. NO MORE IMPUNITY.


your solution also seemed so nice until your point 3 : " Make sure JK accelerates army reform. Compel him to not temper with the constitution by changing either the number of terms or the duration of a term. I know, this is a bitter pill to swallow."

In your point you ask for compelling Kabila to not change constitution and how will you do that?
You are seriously underplaying the person and you kind of make him look capable of political gesture. He had so many chances to prove that he wanted to unit, after 2006 elections when he lost regions in parliementary elections. if he loved the country he would have let space for Kinshasa, Kasai, etc to be ruled by opposition as it should have been according to regional votes, at least he should have done that for the sake of giving population and politicians impression to really live in a normal country. Instead, through massive corruption and arm twisting he put people from his political party at the head of all regions, alienating population and political parties. Look at what happened in parliament at the beginning of this year, with seat reserved to opposition that he gave to people close to him. Look at the national call for unity that he has just given while tracking opposition leaders like Diomi who just disapeared,and it goes on and on and on..... How do you want people to trust someone like that?

Unknown said...


Kabila has never showed any willingness to share power or to take into account population interest. And people can just not stand him anymore. I get your point that chaos might ensue a coup. Still what to do when Kabila does not want a political transition to take place? should we let him run indefinetely? I dont think we will still have a country by then....

We really need to get back to basic of the basic, that is true democracy, and reject tribalism. Like americans we must accept that the only things that matters is the Congolese citizenships, wherever you come from is irrelevant as far as that you have this citizenship. And we must accept that there are laws granting citizenship. You are Rwandese, you are Rwandese, you are Congolese, you are Congolese period.
When we continue to look through tribe prism we are forgoing opportunities.

Kabila must go, not because I dont like him, but because it is vital for the very survival of this country. What has he done that we can be proud of, or that has set the country in the right direction? Since people have been crying and asking for change, what have we been witnessing? NOTHING!!!!!!!!

Instead of unity around Kabila, we should unite AGAINST Kabila. With him, from failure to humiliation we have seen it all and I have the impression that there is still going to rain dogs and cats....

I really sense the tide is turning, the level of exasperation from the common citizen is so high that any spark will create a huge explosion. From all side of the population, army, civil society and even within his own party, people complain of Kabila duplicity and betrayal. What Mwenze Kongolo has said aloud, is what everybody in the street is saying.

Kabila never set foot in Goma for a good reason, he knows that population hate him and that the soldiers that he does not pay and betrays hate him even more.

In nutshel: No to tutsi favor treatment that I am interpreting as bonus for mass killings, responsibility is individuals all killers to the tribunal. No to Kabila (that is vital), Yes to strong state that will guaranty every one rights, Yes to True Democracy and everything else can be negotiated.


Unknown said...

@ Toko Wa

I agree with 99% of what you are saying, hawever:
Disclaimer: what I wrote above is not “my solution”. This is the current mood, pronouncements and actions by Congolese and the IC that I only captured in words.

Ref# “In your point you ask for compelling Kabila to not change constitution and how will you do that?” Well, how has the pressure from the IC got him to address the Ntaganda issue? Maybe you give him undue potency.
Liking or hating JK is the right of every Congolese. Should you reread all posts, you won’t find any sentiment from me on any Congolese politician. However, just saying “KABILA or even KANAMBE MUST GO” seems a wish, an emotion, a gratuity. I respect Congolese Diaspora’s exuberant “Combattants”, but I personally believe in other ways of changing things in our country. I believe that JK has certainly erred on certain decisions and governance issues. But I shall not say he is bad or evil as the masters of “la pensee unique” want all to sing. I can even venture to say that he likes Congo dearly despite his turpides.

To be honest with you I don’t believe in the “futility of African coups and wars”. No one takes power through arms and just goes. Yes, we need to have full democracy in our country and let’s fight for it. But it is an arduous process and not an abrupt providential event.

P.S.: was there democracy in Mwenze Kongolo’s time? Did they even think of having a pluralist society or were they trying to impose a Maoist regime on us with the relegation of ET to his village? Glass houses dwellers throwing stones!


Take care

Congo Ekobonga said...


I appreciate

congo man said...

Thanks again,I can't agree more .
I am waiting impatiently to see a move on the military front. I agree with you 100% on the SADC isue ,I think SADC has been our most reliable ally but I think KABILA failed to strengthen that alliance after his fathers death.if not for SADC the Balkanization was done deal. I also think that his rapprochement with Kagame and Museveni din't help .I think many in the SADC consider those two (Kagame ,Museveni)as leaders who do not care about the interest of the Continent (traitors). Right now SOUTH AFRICA sims to be the only reliable ally in the SADC and i think this is do to his business ties with the ZUMA family.but militarily they can only help under MONUSCO .I hope he is working on something else with other allies before It's too late.

congo man said...

@josh mukalay ,toko wa and all
I hate to tell you this ,but like we say in lingala To KITA TOMATA ,there's not going to be a power sharing deal with no opposition group.the 1x4 deal was done to stop the Balkanization of the Country and pave the way for the withdraw of foreign troups(ANGOLA,ZIMBABWE,NAMIBIA,RWANDA,UGANDA,BURUNDI ),the PALU, was done to heal the perceived East-West divide that resulted from the 06 election,and remember that deal was between KABILA and his PALU allies and his UDEMO friends .now I don't see any internal crisis that can push JK to share power with his sworn enemies,that will be not only suicidal for him but for the Country.unlike in Mali, here we are dealing with a foreign invasion,the international Community and all investigations have concluded that we are not dealing with not only with an army mutiny led by some 300 angry soldiers but we are dealing with well equipped foreign invaders,it will be suicidal for any opposition group to try to dispute this reality and support the lies of RWANDA and UGANDA who are trying to portray this as a domestic problem .the elections are history and only a military Coup can Change the outcome.yes we all agree that there was irregularities in those elections,but unlike in KENYA or ZIMBABWE no observer declared any opposition group to be victorious. The crisis that the Country is facing nows a military crisis that resulted from a power charing deal between the national army and a foreign rebel group(CNDP) that was wrongly imposed on the DRC by It's western parteners .any power sharing deal to solve this problem shall be a repeat of the same failed deal between the army and the rebels but not a deal between KABILA,KAMERHE or CHICHI. There is a crisis in the hills of north Kivu created by the invasion of the Country by RWANDA and UGANDA to help wanted war criminal BOSCO NTAGANDA and this has nothing to do with ETHIEN CHISEKEDI or VITAL KAMERHE... who do not belong to the rebel groups and have nothing to do with this crisis in the KIVUS.the opposition groups needs to start reorganizing ,forging alliances and correct their past mistakes in order to have success in the next elections.

Eole said...

@Congoman and his friends,

I agree with you that this is a foreign invasion. Unfortunately you overlook the fact that OUR OWN PRESIDENT is a traitor, working for Rwanda and Uganda and rooting for our defeat and subsequent balkanization of the country.
I say this for record : only a swift departure of Kabila can still save Congo from balkanization. The long he stays on top, the likely this balkanization goal will be achieved.
As congolese we are doing "la politique de l'autruche"

Unknown said...

How to assure Tutisi fighters and end conflict in e. congo

in 1996 when Rwandan mid-level officers under the then Lt-Col. James Kabarebe led a marathon march to Kinshasa to help Congolese get rid of Mobutu, something was being said.
Some fighters from non-Banyamulenge communities, would point to their Banyamulenge comrades and say: "After ousting Mobutu, our next enemy will be these guys. The end of this war will signal commencement of another war against Banyamulenge."
The euphoria to oust Mobutu was always mixed with anti-Banyamulenge sentiments. People started denouncing Tutsi occupation even before Mobutu was ousted.
Back in Kinshsa, when L.D Kabila came back from Cuba, he anounced on TV that he was sending all Rwandan soldiers home, he replaced Kabarebe with illiterate former militia leader Celestine Kifwa, and gave the Rwandans hours to leave, thanking Congolese for tolerating "the occupation".
When Kabarebe was ordering his boys to take a plane, Banyamulenge fighters came crying, that you leave us here, we will be butchered! The parents in Minembwe denounced Kagame for taking their sons and leave them in hands of Kabila!
A combination of expelling Rwandans like chicken thieves when actually they had sacrificed bllod and money to install LD Kabila, and fear by Banyamulenge led to outbreak of 1998 war.
Then there came Nkunda to protect his community which was being preyed on by FDLR, Mai Mai and Pareco. Now comes self-promoted Colonel Makenga whose mutiny was inspired by pre-mature decision to deploy them in jungles away, leaving their communities at the mercy of Raia Mutomboki, Maimai and FDLR.
So, the state has to assure every citizen of their right to life and property ownership. But the state has to be strong to do that, and until JK's govt become strong, rebellions will continue to be there.

I read a book by the then Lt-Col. Olusegun Obasanjo "My Command", explaining his command during Biafra war. In run up to Biafra war, Nigerian armed forces were divided with no trust. Officers from Ibo tribe would refuse to sleep in their barrack quarters and choose to sleep in the bush till morning, for fear of being butchered in cold blood.

Unknown said...

@muanacongo @congoman @James and all others

My post is long because I really wanted to address issues in the most honest why. Here I have put the begining of the post and the remaining is in my blog :

2. Regarding the next steps, Muana Congo I am afraid that the IC (the one you talk with, as IC is diverse) and all the people sharing your reading of this situation get overrun by reality. There are 2 huge variables that are not factored in your view: population’s will and population’s level of exasperation.
Even if DRC population is known to being quite, outburst of violence similar to these Kaberebe forces entering Kinshasa in 1998 faced when they were stopped not by the army but by the population itself should make people think of where the real power seats.
4. As many people have said before, November failed election will not stop to haunt us, and it has become a distraction for uniting the nation.
I can sincerely tell you that no one has moved over these elections. From the population that feels disconnected from Kabila’s power and brands it as cheater and traitors selling the country " Na Prix Mangondo"; to even people from Kabila party who are in a repressive mode for strengthening a lame power and thus are unable to mobilize internally. Not to speak of the IC.

5. If you have good memories Mobutu fell for the same reasons. Population was so fed up that his army did not fight, his generals were conspiring against him and population watched as spectators. We are now living the consequences, it was at that moment that Rwandese and the Rwandeses and their tutsi/hutu got invited into DRC politics.


8. @Congoman , this is a war of invasion, I agree. The person you should convince of that is Kabila. Beyond discourse wat has he done?

9. There are 2 ways of reading this situation:

1) through Kabila feeling like not giving a space to opposition (his sworn enemy, like you called them) and Kabila deciding to bring in mercenaries from all Africa for compensating his fear of his own army and population.

2) To really act as a Congolese and go beyond feelings, look long term and mobilize internal resources to end all of this nonsense in eastern DRC. We don't need SADC to fight for us. We need Kabila to pay , feed and supply our army with ammo!!!!!! That is all we need. However because of November election, and the way Kabila managed this war, Kabila knows that letting option 2) happening, means his demise at short or longer term.

23. My last point will be around ethnicity and the tutsi feeling of being always in danger. Sometime we must ask ourself, and even the leaders of the tutsi community must start asking themselves, where are we going?

24. In the last 15 years or so, since the Rwanda Genocide, the immensity of the people who died were killed directly or indirectly because of the leaders of the tutsies community. When these leaders were perpetrating or supporting or covering up this massacre with the western power turning a blind eye, what were they thinking? That the others people would love them? Like a dog that you kick and that always comes back to you?

suite :

Unknown said...

@ Toko Wa

Elections rigging amount to a coup d'Etat. The sovereign people of Congo has the right and obligation to resist the imposed regime. So no one should fool Congolese people to have all their eyes and ears on M23. Political forces in Congo understand that the war in East will be brought to an end once we have addressed the uncertainty following the coup d'etat of November 2011.
Again, I caution real patriots not to engage in useless/ distracting and destructive Tutsi vs Congolese debate. For those who declared the Tutsis as "prunelles de nos yeux", Kabila is trying to portray himself as the "garant de la survie des Tutsis aux Congo". RTNC ex-boss knows better what I am saying. So the more you turn the Tutsi factor into the Congo debate( with uncontrolled emotions ), the more credit you give to Kabila's claim.
The resistance is growing and Colonel John Tshibangu in Kassai has started a rebellion there- MOUVEMENT POUR LA REVENDICATION DE LA VERITE DES URNES.
And I am sure Katanga and Equateur are going to see some movement in days to come. This is not to mention the West(Ba-Kongo), full of grudges following the BDK bloody repression.
There is an urgency to contain these movements; Kabila should resign and announce a transitional executive and legislative authority.

Unknown said...

@ Tokow wa etc.
You say that rais mutomboki of Kinshasa stopped Kabarebe forces in the outskirts of Kinshasa in 1998. I have heard this from other users of this forum. This is fantasy and a big lie...
Kabarebe approached Kinshasa with a batallion-size force, armed with light weapons. He encountered Zimbabwean forces and angolans tackled him from the rear, nevertheless he managed to crack through the enemy defences, moved deep into Angola, captured an airport, air-lifted his men back to Kigali. Then as usual Congolese raia mutomboki descended on defenceless Tutisi women and children who live in Kinshasa and started lynching them. So, never lie, a timid civilian cannot and can never dare confront a solider, never mind disarming a battle-hardened Kabarebe-led soliders.

congo man said...

@toko wa, josh mukalay
I think the UDPS needs to be very careful about It's actions, I know you want YA CHICHI to become president no matter what, but I am afraid this is starting to look like a suicide mission for the UDPS .the action of Colonel JOHN CHIBANGU are not going to result in any rebellion,but the consequences of this action will be very damaging to the people of KASAI for a very long time .I think the UDPS shall stop listening or inviting AZARIAS RUBERWA to their meetings if they need to survive as a political looks like KAGAME's influence in some opposition groups is becoming very strong but the consequences of that influence are going to be very toxic for those groups.the bad news for my UDPS friends is that no matter what ,The results of those elections will never be Changed,and do to his age and low popularity amongst most Congoles of non KASAI origin YA CHICHI will never become president I know that many of you see him as a MESSIAH and are ready to die for him (toko wa )but that's not the case for the rest 400 or more tribes that makes up the DRC. Following in the footsteps of Rwandophones and joining their suicide mission is another big mistake from CHISEKEDI supporters and the consequences of this action are going to be very catastrophic for the people of KASAI .

congo man said...

@ toko wa
So according to you ,KABILA has to resign and leave power for YA CHICHI, then ya Chichi has to nominate an unknown person from KATANGA to the vice presidency and his friend AZARIAS RUBERWA or another tutsi has to become speaker of the house ,and if the president dies that TUTSI has to become president. What about the people from BAS CONGO,EQUATEUR,BANDUNDU,KIVU ,ORIENTAL they also have the write to the presidency like the Kasaiens,Katangais and Tutis?

Unknown said...

I think Bismarck is right you are really prejudiced toward ET and Kasaien. Do you know all of them to speak so freely about them?

Have you read my entire post? Pls read it before associating me to James ideas and starting your long and futile ET rant.

In my post I went in details of why these elections are going to haunt you. PK did the same exercise in the past, and already at the time, he proposed a path that it seems Kabila just followed comsetically without addressing the core.

In this post I addressed some of the points you raised in this blog regarding May-May, willingness of foreign region to fight for Kivus, SADC mercenaries, etc. all position tHat you defended before and that whose underlying tribal and condescending theme I found totally dangerous and I explained why. I have been following this blog for a long time and I basically know what are your lines of thinking and I am against many of them and I told you why.

I also gave my position on tutsie situation and I don't think it is the same as James has....

In this blog you have been ranting for ever on your opinion and ideas. Let's be constructive. Read my post that I wrote for you and your like minded people and respond to me by argument.To be honest I also responded to MuanaCongo arguments. But in MunaCongo case I sensed a greater level of thoughtfulness in his answer.

I am not interested by rant for the sake of ranting. I laid my arguments, contradict me or explain me yours based on what I wrote and not based on what you think I wrote or what someone else wrote.

If your answer is too long to be put on comment write it on your blog and I will follow you there.

My goal is that even If i don't convince you, at least you thoroughlly get my point and I thoroughly get yours. And also to show that there are others way of understanding the situation.

I hope that there wont be just thin air beyond your argument. I am eager to read your thoughtfully written sentence from you my dear Congolese Brother or from any other brothers or friend or whatever you feel you are toward me.

Unknown said...

Just a clarification by PK, I mean the congosiasia blogger and not Paul Kagame the great lakes Hitler.

@Rich, blaise, PK, Muana Congo,Bismarck, I would also be interested to have your views on my blog post.

Toko Wa

congo man said...

@toko wa
I was referring to Josh Mukalay August 16,2012 6:42 AM @ blaise comment,but not you.I apologize for that mistake .

Unknown said...

Hi all,

I am confused. This week ICGLR defense ministers in Goma defined the composition and role of the so-called neutral force. But I don’t trust Kagame and Museveni to want to end this human tragedy in the Great Lakes. Because if all are really serious and sincere about this “neutral force”, it would take less than two months to eradicate M23, FDLR or any other negative force in the Great lakes. Pushed off the borders and with no external supply chain from Rwanda, Uganda or Burundi, no militia will survive. They can even be disarmed by civilians as Kabarebe's battle-hardened fighters were disarmed by civilians in Kinshasa.

So my question remains: since these two sneaky African snakes of Kagame and Museveni can’t be trusted and their every move aims to harm Congolese people, what do you think they might be scheming. On one hand you have reports of Ugandan and Rwandan troops reinforcing M23 ranks to invade Goma and Museveni rushing to Angola to dissuade Dos Santos who intends to support Congo militarily, and on the other hand you have this “neutral force” talks. Delaying tactic, distraction, hoodwinking , I just don’t get it!

@ Toko Wa
Thanks. I read your blog post with interest. I garner that you postulate that the genesis of all this mess is the “Nov. 2011 elections”. But I think that the M23-CNDP problem precedes those elections.

I have my own view on those elections. I am not here to defend JK. I am just calling for all Congolese to look at the bigger picture and stop crying over spilt milk.


Unknown said...

@ Muana Congo,

No genesis of this tragedy is not election, genesis has to be found from Mobutu era the election was the epitome of the tragedy and the tantalizing point. Im personally so critical of it because, it could have been a turning point of our curse and because until the end I believed in it.

Origine of M23/CNDP is our weakness, or I should stay or well maintained weakness by certain Congolese elite.

I agree with you that we cannot continue crying over spilled milk, But I am just stating why we have to have this election at the back of our mind when we want to devise solution and look at the bigger picture. Issues that election should have addressed and that it has not been able to address have to be addressed by the solution that we are all looking. We have to draw some lessons of what has happened.

My second strongest stance is that any solution has to start with Kabila by either is demise or his change of behaviour. And that is my biggest issue.

With Kabila in power and kind of sabotaging Congolese people how are we going to look at the bigger picture. With whom are we going to change the situation? Therefore my stance: if we cannot unite with Kabila, if Kabila cannot help us, let's unite against him and prevail over him.

Reality is starting to overrun us, while we are talking people in the ground are starting to make up their own mind and starting to act, the Tshibangu defection in Kasai is a response to FARDC weakness in Kivu, we are running over the cliff.

It does not mean that I support M23 in anyways but looking at the situation in the ground, so far the person who has tremendously helped M23 is Kabila by weakening our society...

My dream: Kabila wake up one morning, understand his mistakes, start political dialogue,supply army with amo, food and restore troops morale throw back M23 in Rwanda and after all of that call for true and fair elections. if he does that, sincerely i think that I might even vote for him....

congo man said...

That so called neutral force will come from regional Countries excluding RWANDA,UGANDA,BURUNDI and The DRC, I think excluding the DRC is just unacceptable ,and if this happen then I think the DRC shall push for this forces to be deployed on both sides of the boader but not only on the DRC side .I think 4000 soldiers from I don't know wich Countries are ready to deploy, now what will be the role of MONUSCO? I think it was better to change MONUSCO's mandate and to reinforce its troups .
I also read Mr toko wa's blog .like I said before,I think there is no need to Continue responding or debating people whose only motive is to Change the subject .the Country is under atack,millions of people have been killed and million more are being displaced,any Congoles who tries to ignore this is a trator and that's the end of story .the DRC is more important than CHISEKEDI and KABILA .I am repeating this again ,if KAGAME and his M23 terrorists were slaughtering those people in KANANGA or MBUJI MAYI I don't think this UDPS activists will have the same all the Rwandes KAGAMISTS have retreated and let our UDPS brothers do their dirty jobs .

Unknown said...

@ Toko Wa and others

Not just that the wannabe new kid on the now-more-than-enough-Congo-tragedy block, so-called Colonel Tshibangu’s adaventure in Kasai is doomed for obvious practical reasons. But more importantly for me, no other people have been more victimized collectively for the sin of one or two of their members than people that Tshibangu comes from. I mean do people know what the meaning and origin of the word “Mbuji Mayi” are? Do they know what caused the creation of that city in the 1960s in the first place? Half of me is from there and my father told me because he was a child refugee back then. When the self-proclaimed Mulopwe (Luba emperor) Albert Kalonji declared the secession of South-Kasai, our national hero Lumumba duly sent troops to counter it. They slaughtered people from my father’s tribe and committed a real inter-Congolese “genocide”. But A. Kalonji and his government who were feeding people with slogans fled to Katanga. Ask people like former mobutist minister Nzuzi wa Mbombo or former Kinshasa v-Governor Christophe Muzungu, they know more because their relatives were lynched.

Because of Kalonji, Kasai-Lubas were the public enemy under Lumumba. Because of ET and UDPS, they were the enemy under Mobutu. Because of ET and UDPS again, they are under Kabilas. They have only been safe fortunately because they have always behaved like the Jews by always occupying both sides of the fence with passion. I mean who could be more mobutist than Nzuzi wa Mbombo or Jonas Mukamba? The biggest Kabilists and JK propagandists happen to be Lubas Francis Kalombo or JM Kasamba.

People have to understand, and this goes for Tutsis as well, that the real power is economic and intellectual. Like Jews in the American system, you don’t have to be “President de la Republique” to run the system!

@ Congoman

I agree with you. However let us take ethnicity or parochialisms out of this. I deeply respect people on this blog whom I fundamentally disagree with, but yet they always debate issues. Personally I don’t care whether one is Tutsi, Hutu,any Congolese tribe, blue or yellow. It is what you think, say or do that matters. Bringing ethnicity into this only reinforces the arguments of those behind the Congolese genocide in the Kivus.


congo man said...

That CHIBANGU guy is just a coward trator whose only motive is to help the enemy .he is going to be arrested and persecuted. There are many Brave patriots from EQUATEUR,KATANGA,BANDUNDU ,KIVU,BAS CONGO ...who are bravely serving the Country,and do not care from wich ethnic group their Commander in Chief comes from,if this Coward trator thinks that he can only obei orders from his tribesmen then he has no place in the military.we will continue to support our brave man and women who are sacrificing their lives for the nation and also the brave freedom fighters like the RAIA MUTOMBOKI ...Mr CHIBANGU is just a coward trator and anyone who supports his coward action is also a trator.

blaise said...

interesting mapping of North kivu stale mate:
wondering were are the fardc

congo man said...

Colonel CHIBANGU and all the soldiers who are rebelling and attempting to join the M23 terrorists are all from the ethnic lubas of Kasai, many UDPS activists who are sometimes defending the actions of the M23 terrorists happen to be from that same ethnic group. and i think it will be wrong and hypocritical to just disregard their identity .

blaise said...

Unknown said...

@ Congoman

What’s up bro? Are you really from the Kivus as you hinted in previous posts or are you another “Kagame agent provocateur” who has been bamboozling us for a while and now is sowing division? Now I agree with people who said that somehow you harbour a prejucice against those Kasai-Lubas. What is it?

Can we be honest now? Talking about “traitors”. The real traitors are the many not Katangese, kasain or equatorian but “kivutian armed groups” who are raping and terrorizing our people in the Kivus. Where do LaFontaine and Nyamwisi come from? Read the UN GoE report, and most the so called Mai-Mai groups are just Kagame’s fabrications. Sometimes it defies how people decide, forget about to betray their country, but to participate in the demise of their own communities. Please read the last post by a congosiasa commentator Max Planck who showed that the only reason Tusti people are winning is “organisationj and discipline”. Many Congolese armed groups in the Kivus fight more amongst themselves than against the enemy. The armed groups were agitating when FARDC were in Rutshuru, were are they now that M23 is there?

Look let us not blame others! Let us not fight amongst ourselves. Lets fight the enemy!


blaise said...

Interesting take by a Rwandan here:
Good for historical value and for the Congolese part of the equation.
I just disagree with the virginity given to the GoRwanda and the potency of the Fdlr.Even if we assume that the GoR doesn't support the M23 materially, in their speeches they obviously have a lot of sympathies for their supposed cause.How can we call it if not a support?If the GoDRC go like mr Hege and say that we should understand the Fdlr,will the GoR not consider Congo as supporting Fdlr?And how did the M23 got those new cars?From the Fardc to?We have to be honest,if you are not helping, you are supporting,that's the bottom line.

FrancoPepeKalle said...

Just today I found a video of Congolese and Rwandese who do not spupport Kanambe(JK) and Kagame. They were all together condemning what is going on in East Congo. It is interesting.

Really are you accusing most Balubas of supporting m23. I can tell you that most Balubas are against Kabila and m23 army. I don't recall President Tshisekedi saying that m23 folks are good. Yes there are balubas who are working with m23 folks but not many. Kabila and Kagame are the leaders of m23.

congo man said...

I have never tald you that I was from the KIVUS,PROVENCE ORIENTAL ,or BAS CONGO ...I don't care how many Ex CNDP defect from the FARDC, but any Congoles who tries to support their cause or further weaken the army by trying to create a rebelions within the army,is a trator no matter what part of the Country he comes from, unlike you I will never support a person just because he or she is from the same state with my father.if you think the actions of Colonel CHIBANGU are acceptable just because your father and him are from the same state I think you are very wrong.

congo man said...

I agree with you ,many so called MAI MAI groups are trators working for RWANDA in order to create confusion but many of them are also freedom fighters who are putting their lives on line to defend their villages and cities ...Yes just like Colonel CHIBANGU ,MBUSA NYAMWISI and LA FONTAIN...are also trators and anyone from the KIVUS who thinks that their actions are acceptable or shall be tolerated just because they'r from the same region or ethnic group,is also wrong like them. This people are committing acts of treason against the state and their actions shouldn't be tolerated.

congo man said...

Trying to create a rebellion in any other part of Congo(BAS CONGO,KASAI ,BANDUNDU,SOUTH KIVU ....) in order to divert attention away from NORTH KIVU ,is an attempt to farther weaken and disrupt the National army in order to divert attention away from NORTH KIVU and the Rwandan envision(m23 terrorists). The only person who will benefit from this is PAUL KAGAME and the enemies of CONGO. This acts of treason shall be condemned by all Congoles regardless of ethnicity or region of origin .

Unknown said...


Ref# ”unlike you I will never support a person just because he or she is from the same state with my father.if you think the actions of Colonel CHIBANGU are acceptable just because your father and him are from the same state I think you are very wrong.”. Amazing! I hope you read English and you can see in many my posts especially here “AUGUST 18, 2012 5:36 AM ” that I am condemning Tshibangu’s or anyone else’s agitations to weaken Congo. Because I defend our legally established institutions and my lumumbist-nationalist and “republicain” stance I have been called “kabilist” many times on this blog.

Look bro, you might be barking up the wrong tree and you can be hurt. Lets accept that you are wrong, having prejudice against anyone in Congo is petty and totally reprehensible. Let us not fight amongst ourselves, lets fight the enemy.
I suggest we move on!


congo man said...

I just read your AUGUST 18, 2012 5:36 AM condemning the actions of colonel CHIBANGU, I do not have any Prejudices against anyone from our Country, I might reject many tactics of the UDPS and It's activists wich I think some times put their leader above the Country,but i admire many leaders from Kasai ,like DR KASHALA and many more who I think have a better vision of the Country and put the Country first. I strongly reject those activists who are praising the actions of Colonel CHIBANGU and are also trying to portray this RWANDAN INVASION as just a domestic problem .I usually agree with you 99%of the time and i also think that we shall move on from this discussion that only serve the interest of the enemy .this is yet another act of aggression by PAUL KAGAME against the Congoles people,and I will consider any Congoles who attempt to portray this as just a election or a domestic problem to be a trator.all Congoles shall stand up against this act of aggression regardless of political affiliation or region of origin . The KiVUS and It's riches belongs to all Congoles but not just the Kivutiens and we shall all together fight to keep KAGAME and his terrorists out of our land. said...

blaise said...August 16, 2012 7:01 AM
'A slight correction, Ecowas is ready 2 intervene but UNSC is delaying.Beside Mali asked for logistical support not troops for now'.

A major correction. It is not the UNSC that stalls. ECOWAS offers 3.300 troops but it simply did not answer the repeated question from UNSC what they want to achieve, why, how, and by what means.

The problem is that ECOWAS has no idea how to answer the question, but they hope that to trigger an operation is good enough to have done something, and then to export the costs to the UN…i.e. mission creep to all of us.

Although the Malian military had agreed to accept civilian political leadership they deny foreign troops to be deployed close to the capital…All forces, which should be limited to 600 troops, should stay in the North.

Tell me, what the heck shall 600 troops achieve in Northern Mali? What can ECOWAS soldiers achieve in the Mali desert? The only forces capable to fight in Northern Mali are from Chad…forces that can fight days and nights under hardest conditions without eating and drinking…and they are ECCAS forces, not ECOWAS. However, ECOWAS will have to rely on Chadians if they are seriously seeking a military solution.

In a nutshell, the Malian military stalls…the Malian government has no clue what to do…ECOWAS spits big words but has no plan….

Who stalls the depoyment...…the UNSC? Not really I suppose

blaise said...

ty for the precision. I had a bad lecture of the situation. I appreciate.

Unknown said...

An African “strong man” Meles Zenawi bites the dust ironically from a “mild” infection. One would implore Mother Nature to rid Africa of all these curses as soon as possible. Africa so needs “visionary leaders” who understand that they should create stable and integrated bigger markets that lead to economies of scale, instead of relying on perpetual foreign aid and chaos in their regions as a strategy in their Int’l relations. Donors are tired!

But also, int’l powers need no more proof now on how their national interest are better and durably served by democratic systems and not mortal individuals. Compare how when J. Atta Mills died, foreign investors had no worry at all about continuity and predictability in the democratic Ghana. But with Meles Zenawi, no one knows what instability lies ahead for Ethiopia. We only hope for the best for Ethiopian people.

Bismark said...

Well said Muanacongo, there is wisdom in your comment especially when you say - “But also, int’l powers need no more proof now on how their national interest are better and durably served by democratic systems and not mortal individuals”. My wish is that this truth can take a hold in the mind of the people who are pulling the strings in the DRC’s tragedy.
These people have been betting on the wrong horse for over a decade now, in my opinion.

I could not help myself with what follows, since the word traitor has been so much used recently to label a particular DRC politician, his party and the entire population of two provinces in the central part of the DRC, I decided to look at the meaning of the word traitor in a dictionary and see if the use of this word is relevant when describing these entities.

A traitor is:

- A person who is guilty of treason or treachery, in betraying friends, country, a cause or trust, etc. [from Old French traitour, from Latin trāditor .

- A person who changes to the enemy's side or gives away information to the enemy He was a traitor to his country.

- One who betrays one's country, a cause, or a trust, especially one who commits treason

These words in the definition stuck in my mind, “treason”, “treachery”, “betraying” and “gives away information to the enemy”, these are very powerful words and actions.

Going by these definitions, in today’s the DR Congo, who is the traitor, given what we know about the destination of the FARDC soldiers pay, the mixage( Rwanda officers who become officers in the army of the DRC), the brassage, the 5 days truce as the FARDC had the upper hand at the onset of the M23 adventure in the East, the Kahemba land grab and many more violations of the constitution of the DRC by the ones in power.

“Qui Est Perfidus”


Anonymous said...

Hi all,
This is me finally posting a comment on this blog that I have been reading for almost two years. I cannot help but notice that a lot is done in a sense of tackling the problem in the Kivu provinces but it seems to me that all that is said here have been already said a million times and yet nothing has changed.
We (I am Congolese too)tend to always say the same thing over and over again as if saying it many times will make it right! I am referring to the general idea that the average Congolese has now that all the suffering in the Congo are to be blamed on Kagame. I find that pathetic (no offence) because it is a psychological mechanism aiming at justifying our own failure to put an end to our suffering. Now, listen to me clearly:
I am of the opinion that the involvement of Rwanda in DRC eastern region is very plausible and there might be very twisted agendas aiming at destabilizing the region.
However, I also know that making it a clear policy on the part of Rwanda would be a really immature move for such a warned government.
The most discouraging thing though, is that a big number of Congolese truly believe that the solution for Congolese problem will come from Kagame. A lot of people say that as long as Kagame still holds power Congo will not be peaceful. I say as long as we'll not think outside of that box nothing will ever change. I think Congolese are their own problem. Now we have these so called patriotic who claim that the 'Kivu belongs to Congolese and we should fight to keep Kagame and his terrorists out'...I am really perplex about how much trust we can give to such opinions when REALLY fighting for peace in the region.
Picture this: The Congolese government asserting its legitimacy in the eastern provinces by doing what it is supposed to do: organizing its army, paying state employees,etc. If such things happen and it is clear that no one has any reason to defect the army, then the implication of Rwanda and all the others that allegedly support the rebellion in the East would be exposed. So I say, the primary responsibility is that of the congolese government to get involved into finding solutions to the eastern provinces problems. Otherwise it might really lose them...

blaise said...

@ Bismark
I won't necessary call him a traitor. I think he is more an opportunist than anything else :
-he kept the army weak to ensure his stay in power
-he started this war to divert attention and doesn't seems to want it end
-he keep taking decisions out of the institutions of the republic.
-he is moving more troops to the front without proper logistics and contingency plans.
We have to realize that the longer the conflict goes, the longer ex rebels will try to emulate m23. I'm worry abt the Fardc,boredom is the worst enemy of the soldier on the front.
here the latest of col John and his stupid move.He is on the run.

blaise said...

@ spetionalibus
i totally agree with you. Rwanda may be part of the problems but the fundamental question is what are we doing about it?
I don't know(and don't think) that the government want to genuinely put a end of this conflict.I've being thinking for the start that it was a diversion.
If the government wanted to end this:
- it will not only call for unity but work toward it(engage with dialogues,stop oppressing people,etc)
- it will act with a sense of urgency
-it will track the spy,traitors and corrupts
- it will provide for soldiers and beef up the military presence.
For now, it seems that they are moving some troops from the Equator. I don't know if that will work.
counter insurgency call for boots on the ground not leaving space for other groups to outflank you. We need to finish up with those fdlr/fln and co.They should go village by village, use the genie to open new road,establish peace,protect trade. We need a massive surge, 40,000 troops for both kivus with the logistics to support them.
I don't see that happening soon unless pressure is apply to the gov.
I believe that it's up to the people of Kivu to take ownership of the problem and organize the resistance.They have skin in the game,they should find concrete and permanent solutions to this 15 years mess.

blaise said...

other secrets are emerging

Unknown said...


I dont really think Alex Engwete is the best source of information. In his blog I often find the underlying tribal stereotype that our friend Congoman is so fond of. I have heard the same story from radio okapi and I have not heard most of the non sense that Engwete wrote in his blog. Use of term like tribal militias and so on, just because he is muluba like ET, I think that it is crossing some bridges.

Rfi gives a lot more objective image of the man:

RDC: un colonel déserteur crée le Mouvement pour revendiquer la vérité des urnes

John Tshibangu, un colonel déserteur, a annoncé jeudi 16 août la création du «Mouvement pour la revendication de la vérité des urnes». Dimanche dernier, dans le Kasaï-Occidental, et en compagnie d’une vingtaine de soldats, il avait quitté les rangs des Forces armées de la RDC (FARDC) sans la moindre explication.

C’est un ancien de la rébellion du RCD-KML, intégré dans les FARDC. Il avait été affecté dans le Rutshuru.

C’est lui, le colonel John Tshibangu qui, en 2008, avait livré une guerre mortelle contre Laurent Nkunda, alors chef du CNDP. Il dit avoir été gêné dans son élan par l’ordre venu de la hiérarchie pour arrêter les combats. Depuis, cet officier n’a pas bien digéré son affectation dans le Kasaï- Occidental, loin des zones de combat.

Une nuit, le colonel Tshibangu, en compagnie d’une vingtaine de militaires seulement, ont quitté le camp militaire de Kananga sans aucune explication.

Et voilà que John Tshibangu réapparaît une semaine après, pour annoncer la création d’un nouveau mouvement insurrectionnel, le Mouvement pour revendiquer la vérité des urnes. Une façon pour lui de dénoncer les fraudes au cours de la présidentielle et des législatives de 2011.

On se pose alors la question de savoir quel pourra être l’avenir de ce mouvement."

RFI did not use word like tribal militia, etc. Also viewed his background of fighting Nkunda to death in the past, I dont think that he is the natural ally of M23.

I think that the real tribal militia is the GR ex GSSP.

Let's be more mindful in the word we use when we address someone's deeds. Let's start by addressing him directly instead of making him the spoke person of his community, tribe, region or country and starting building tribal allusion. The last comment was more for Engwete's blog and his like minded people.

blaise said...

u right,I think he was more satirical than tribalism but you right that he crossed some red tapes.
I was more interested by the fate of his mvmt.

Bismark said...

@ Blaise

An opportunist can be defined as:

- As one who does things only for his own benefit and with little regard for what is right and what is wrong

- As one who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end with no regards for principles or consequences for the DRC.

- As one who profits from the misfortunes of others(DRC citizens)

- As one who is willing to damage the country to support his ambitions(staying in power by all means), he must be unscrupulous, deceitful, devious,

You list the following actions by JK.

- he kept the army weak to ensure his stay in power
- he started this war to divert attention and doesn't seems to want it end
- he keep taking decisions out of the institutions of the republic.
- he is moving more troops to the front without proper logistics and contingency plans

These actions are taken by the Head of states, commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the DR Congo and “Garant de la Nation”. These actions are treasonous in my book. The opportunist whose sole goal is to stay in power has taken actions that are simply a betrayal of the trust that the citizens of the DRC and its Armed Forces have in the institution of the Presidency of
the Republic.

@ spetionalibus

“ So I say, the primary responsibility is that of the Congolese government to get involved into finding solutions to the eastern provinces problems”

Others will do what is best for their interests, for ex: pillaging the DRC, destabilizing the DRC, stealing its wealth, killing its citizens with the help of a Congolese mafia.

It is indeed up to the ones who claim to have a mandate from the citizens of the DRC to be where they are, to do what is in the best interest of the DRC nation and its citizens.

They should stop compromising, stop lying, stop selling out the DRC; they should stop crying and blaming others who are taking advantage of the weakness and the enabling environment created by their cluelessness, greed and incompetence.

They should use the bounties, the wealth given to the DRC by nature in terms of people, natural resources and Land to organize and create the enabling environment that will usher in a true renaissance of the DR Congo build on the truth, hard work and in communion with its citizens.


Unknown said...

@ Bismark and Blaise

Strange. I agree with both of you. As Blaise says, Alex Engwete is a smart satirical man. Don’t take what he says at face value, he is one of the few true smart Congolese writers on the internet, I like him personally.

But Bismark is also right. Many FARDC officers have defected and many Congolese have rebelled. No one mentions their tribe. How about Gen. Munene in Bandundu, Col. Matata in Ituri, Tsheka, LaFontaine or Nyamwisi in N. kivu, Yakutumba in S. Kivu and many more everywhere else. But why when just one muluba Tshibangu makes an unwise move, all Balubas are singled out? Yet on the ground JK knows that his most zealous supporters happen to be those same Kasai-lubas like Gov. Ngoy Kasanji, Hon. Francis Kalombo or music star Tshala Muana.
Look, elite people take decisions alone for their own ambitions. They don’t consult the ordinary masses in their communities who just want ordinary things.

Unknown said...

@ spetionalibus

I agree with you. But some perspective is in order here. The solution to the Congolese nightmare in the Kivus is twofold: (1) medium and longer term, what Congo should do to protect its people against any threat? (2) Given the current immediate reality, what can we all do to stop the ongoing human tragedy in the Kivus? Your post addresses nicely the first question but says nothing about the second. Maybe we should stop all platitudes and join people like Katanga Gov. Moise katumbi who dedicated his soccer team TP Mazembe’s away crucial win to Egypt’s Zamalek to the suffering Congolese people in the kivus. Or Kinshasa Cardinal Monsengwo calls on all Congolese to help end the suffering of the innocent Kivutians and defeat any Congo’s balkanization dream.

Now, talking about “Congolese opinions” on this blog, what you are saying has been repeated “at nauseam” many times on this blog. We need to understand that one’s message ought to be tailed to the targeted audience. What is Congosiasa’s audience? Surely not French speaking Congolese. I would want know that Congo’s deciders read it. So we should not underestimate Congosiasa for its consumers. This is the only medium, more than CNN or Reuters that lets Congolese and Anti-Congolese make their cases. Check old posts on this blog you will see how anti-Congolese were having fun coinciding with Nkunda expedition. Now, the inconvenient but truthful Congolese voice is here and the world’s citizens’ opinion on this war is changing!

Unknown said...

Another story regarding Tshibangu.

John Tshibangu, l’homme qui veut chasser «Joseph Kabila» du pouvoir

Le colonel John Tshibangu.
Agé de 42 ans, chef d’état-major en second de la 4ème Région militaire (les deux Kasaï), le colonel John Tshibangu - qui revendique le grade de lieutenant général - a annoncé, le jeudi 16 août 2012, sa défection des Forces armées de la RD Congo. Né à Kananga (Kasaï Occidental), ancien des Forces armées zaïroises, Tshibangu que la rédaction de Congo Indépendant a joint au téléphone au début de la soirée du samedi 18 août se présente comme un «commando» formé, en Israël, dans la lutte contre le terrorisme. Antiterrorisme. Il assure avoir pris la résolution de rompre les bans avec les FARDC après avoir pris conscience de l’implication des plus hautes autorités civiles et militaires dans un «projet de balkanisation» du Congo. Après avoir parlé du "Mouvement pour la revendication de la vérité des urnes", «John» se dit maintenant à la tête d’une «Armée du peuple congolais pour le changement et la démocratie». Objectif : Chasser «Joseph Kabila» du pouvoir et installer «le Président élu» Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba.

Le «Mouvement du 23 mars» initié par des ex-combattants étiquetés CNDP a fait des émules. Quatre mois après le lancement de la mutinerie du CNDP-M23, un nouveau mouvement insurrectionnel a vu le jour. Cette fois, l’initiative émane d’un officier congolais. Comme au début de toute organisation, il se constate un certain tatonnement. La dénomination définitive n’est pas encore trouvée. Dans un premier temps, il a été question du «Mouvement de revendication de la vérité des urnes». Dans un second, on parle de l’«Armée du peuple congolais pour le changement et la démocratie». Un «aventurier» de plus? Toute conclusion à ce stade ne serait que hâtive. Wait and see!

"Commando antiterroriste"

Qui est John Tshibangu ? Enrôlé dans les FAZ (Forces armées zaïroises) en 1988, "John" a suivi par la suite une formation à l’EFO (Ecole de formation des officiers) à Kananga avant d’être affecté dans le Service d’action et des renseignements militaires (SARM). Lorsque l’AFDL prend le pouvoir le 17 mai 1997 à Kinshasa, il se trouvait en poste à Uvira (Sud Kivu). En 1998, il refuse de rejoindre la nouvelle rébellion «congolaise» pro-rwandaise dénommée «Rassemblement congolais pour la démocratie». Tshibangu aurait été emprisonné à Munzenze, au Rwanda, pour avoir tenté de détourner un avion rwandais. Il se serait évadé du pénitencier avant de rejoindre le RCD K-ML de Mbusa Nyamwisi. A l’époque, ce dernier avait déjà engagé des pourparlers avec le gouvernement de Kinshasa. La suite est connue. L’officier connaîtra plusieurs affectations à l’Est du pays. Baroudeur, disent ses proches, l’art de guerre n’aurait plus de secret pour lui. Il a affronté les combattants du CNDP à Mushaki avant la débâcle de la fin de l’année 2008. Il a participé à des combats à Kanyabayonga (Nord Kivu). Dernier poste d’attache : Commandant en second de la 4ème Région militaire à Kananga.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that more and more people start to realize that the solution will be coming from ourselves, not from the international community's sanctions against Kagame or Rwanda.
@JK, I bought your book 'Dancing on the glory of monsters' months ago and I did like the analysis although I am of the opinion that you sometimes miss some points. I respect the work you do and your blogs have really been instructive for me. I have this feeling that we can develop constructive ideas together.

@everyone: Since you like very much this discussion, I would recommend you to check out my blog

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